This is pretty significant mod. The mod reorders alot of Assignment Ada which means some of the Las Plagas samples have been moved around, It also significantly increases the amount of enemy's in the levels, and with a mix of these two, you might just find yourself saying RE4 is hard to you again. Some of the enemy's will be right in your face when you go through a door, so be sure you keep your TMP handy wink.gif On top of all of that, You can now save your progress in Assignment Ada, and load it up without any loading issues. However, there is 2 minor bugs with the typer writer, 1 is that it saves at "1-1 Chapter" (No way this can be fixed) 2ndly, once you save your progress, then load your game, you'll be in her pl0b (MERC) outfit. Last but no last, All the levels will be darkened to give it a even more of a new feel, and a bit more creep. (Darkness is SIGNIFICANTLY increased using a Patched game)

Assignment Ada - Hardcore [Easy Mode]

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