CHANGELOG Fixed the bug that made the game crash after a Blood Wizard has died (thanks to Havvoric) Town Portals cannot be opened in town anymore (thanks to Havvoric) Fixed that bug that required you to go to Hell Level 1 before killing Diablo in order to complete the difficulty (thanks to Havvoric) Globally increased monster HP, damage, resistances on Nightmare Added 8 missing runewords More monster variations in many levels Added a waypoint in Caves Level 4 and removed the Cathedral waypoint Added recipes for Warrior crafting for level 20+ Added different ambient lighting on levels Added new boss - Nightwing the Cold Act 2 vendors will sell stamina and thawing potions Warcy has constant mana cost Reduced Sweep mana cost Burning crosses will now glow and damage nearby players Lightning Demons were made more aggressive Increased monster density in Catacombs Reduced monster density in Worldstone Keep Removed negative min-damage affixes ...And more

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