-Please note this modification has no official connection with the Battlefield: Apocalypse Total Conversion and should not be used as a guide or indication to the quality of the official version of Battlefield: Apocalypse- "For a while now, our team had been working on getting some new custom soldiers in game, and from the start, we chose to use our skeleton static object as the soldier model for our testing purposes. No sooner did we finish this task, that a tutorial on how to get custom soldiers in game materialized. Thanks, but a little late. We had also been working on a blood patch at the time as well. Custom soldiers and blood will both make an appearance in Battlefield: Apocalypse, so this little project will ultimately impact our total conversion directly. The soldiers aren't perfect and are pretty low res, and the blood is only our first attempt. Our blood technique will be refined moving forward and higher res soldier models will be used before both going into BF:A....

Battlefield: Apocalypse Team's 'Skeleton and Blood Mini-Mod'

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