Overall Changes: All Tiberium Refineries / Extractors will give you $500 every 12 seconds. The build radius of all Cranes and Construction Yards has been increased. Cranes are able to construct base defenses and more Cranes. All factions can construct Walls. The EA logo has been replaced. A faction known as the “Unholy Alliance” has been added. The Unholy Alliance begins will all MCVs. Each faction now begins the game with starting units. The music in the game menus has been changed. All mini-MCVs (Emissary, Explorer, and Surveyor) deploy in half the normal time. The Mutants Marauders have been buffed. Tiberium Spikes now give the player $69 a second. All MCVs when undeployed have build radius. GDI and Nod Construction Yards no longer provide radar to the player. Command Posts and Operation Centers now supply the player's radar. Nod and GDI Engineers now come with three repair drones. The player can now construct buildings on his/her Allies' Mini-MCV and Crane. A Tribute...

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