A small update to CoP Remix. All of the old changes are included. * Fully automatic firing mode for AN-94 has been removed, rate of fire boosted to 1800 RPM like the real version's 2-round burst mode * AN-94 gunshot changed * Recoil lowered for AKS-74N, AKS-74U and AN-94 Abakan * Scope zooms modified - the PSO-1 and SUSAT scopes are now 4x like the real ones (except the close range versions) * VSS Vintorez, Dragunov SVD and Dragunov SVU scope zooms are now 4x like the real ones * H&K G36K's scope zoom is 3x like the real version * FN F2000 scope zoom is now 3.5x * A few armor and weapon parameters have been adjusted slightly

CoP Remix v1.2

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