Diablo2: Lord of Destruction Modification - d2:elements v1.0 d2:elements is a mod that tries to enhance the gameplay of Diablo2 while staying quite close to the basics of Diablo2 (after all, we all love this game...). However, some changes in the game mechanics will change the gameplay a lot, as well as the brand new elemental weapons that gave this mod its name. Features of the mod: - elemental weapons added as a new item class - modified skill system that allows more different builds (skill costs raise with skill level) - random immunities for all monsters to force players to use more than 1 element in their attacks - spellpower (former energy) as a synergy for lots of skills - more class-specific items - reworked magic affixes, set items, unique items, runewords, runes, gems, cube recipes, drops, ... - map changes to several levels (including all towns) Be sure to grab yourself a copy here , check the website here and the forum here and participate in the contest to kill Baal first!...

d2:elements v1.0

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