This version is for everyone that has a previous version of the game. CHANGES SINCE VERSION 1.0 ---------------------------- GENERAL FIXES: * New naval yards for the GLA and China. * Introduced a small Beta-AI. * Added ability to desarm mines for all GLA mine layers * Added a littlebird to USA Commander in Chief and USA air force general. * Having many factories will now increase the buildspeed of units in those factories * Low power can now severly impact on your manufacturing capabilities with as much as a maximum of 70% drop in producivity. * When selling one of your buildings you will now only get 35% of it's value back. * Made infantry (non missile) lesser resistant to tank fire. * Made small arms fire less effective against tanks and buildings * Lots of bugfixing and smaller tweaks. USA Tech&Naval general: ----------------------- * Added a radar defence structure that will destroy any incoming ballistics. It has a failprobability of around 5%. That means that of 20 incoming...

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