ET Pro 3.2.0 Release Notes New features, changes: ET 2.60 support (in fact, 2.60 only) Mac OSX support hitsounds are now generated for hitscan weapons only /guids now outputs a header/footer for easier script parsing /freecamSetPos now supports two syntaxes: /freecamSetPos x y z /freecamSetPos x y z pitch yaw roll cvar backup files now include information about the server and the reason for the cvar changes. /show_framecount (demo playback only) 0 = no framecounter 1 = show framecounter 2 = snapshot current frame number /exec_at_time (demo playback only) Allows scripts to be executed exactly at a specified frame number. server console can now send private messages shuffleteamsxp_norestart to shuffle teams without restarting the map 'fireteam inviteall' to invite all players on your team who arent already on a fireteam fireteam invite can now match on partial names altweapon while holding grenade will vsay_team FireInTheHole builtin spawntimer: /timerSet to set it (eg...

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