Ages of Star Wars Jedi Civil War Empire at War Version 2.0 June 7th, 2007 UNIT LIST Republic: Aurek Mk1 Aurek Mk2 Republic Bomber Republic Transport Paladin Destroyer Reliance Command Ship Hammerhead class frigate G10 Republic Corvette Jedi Courier Republic Attack Cruiser Republic Soldier Telos Officer Republic Ground Commander Republic Combat Speeder Republic Tank Droid Bastila Shan Carth Onasi Admiral Dodonna Sith: Sith Interdictor Ravager Destroyer Swift Gunboat Sith Military Frigate Gauntlet Class Frigate Sith Fighter Sith Dropship Sith Soldier Sith Melee Trooper Sith Elite Soldier Sith Elite Melee Trooper Sith Ground Commander Sith Assault Droid MkIV Darth Revan Darth Malak Darth Nihilus HK-47 AND MUCH MORE! MOD TEAM MSEagle2 Dr. Nick Darth Arbiter Wildcat DragonShadow Lord Vader Alcia At-At Controller Usul DeDe_Frost Mr_Tricorder MYNA Ijtzoi Droid Logan Felipe Halo Prince Utra FleshKnight HK-48 Lord Centaurus HK-47 Thanks to: Jedi_Consulor

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