Legacy of War SSD V2. This Mod is the next step from the original LoW SSD Mod. It fixes a number of Bugs and missing things from the original mod such as SSD Engine Glows... Units: Rebel: B-Wing Fighter/Bomber Rebel: Dreadnaught Empire: TIE-Interceptor Empire: Executor Class Super Star Destroyer Empire: Naval Troopers Heroes: Empire: Captian Needa w/The Avenger Empire: Mara Jade Empire: Baron Soontir Fel w/181st TIE Squadron Rebel: Gen. Jan Dodonna Rebel: Kyle Katarn Rebel: Leia Organa w/Tantive IV Misc: The Maw System added into Stock GC with Custom Maw Space Map Kamino added into Stock GC All Stock maps re-created for better visual and playability. Custom SFX added in for the TIE Interceptors and Princess Leia Space Battle Unit Cap changed to 35 for Rebels 30 for Empire. Custom Icons for all new units Custom Death Animation for the SSD added Hero Start Locations changed. ALL Ships Scaled to correct sizes. Based off of the ISD. ISD was scaled up a bit Engine Glows added to SSD Dreadnaught...

Legacy of War SSD V2.

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