INSTRUCTIONS 1 In order to play as Neo, Morpheus , Trinity, or seraph. Make a shortcut to the maxpayne.exe , right click on properties and add -developerkeys to the command line of maxpayne 2 Run the shortcut to maxpayne 3 While ingame, Press pageup/pagedown to change character models and play as either Neo, Morpheus , Trinity, or seraph. New Features New levels 1. The Roof from The movie "The Matrix" 2. New improved Industrial corridor from "The Matrix reloaded" 3 New improved super brawl from "The Matrix Revolutions" New models Twins New skins Seraph Trinity New kick animation - morpheus forward somersault kick Full FEATURES Neo , morpheus and trinity have different sets of kungfu movesets . Neo has kungfu 3.0 and TMR beta movelist Trinity has the famous trinity kick and kungfu 2 moves Morpheus has a new kick the forward back somersault kick , a mixture of kungfu 1.0 moves and kungfu 3.0 moves Seraph has basic kungfu 3.0 move list

Matrix United

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