This is the BFME 2 Deluxe Edition 0.50 It has these features (and only these) - All structures are now a lot stronger. No more rush rush rush strategies. - Walls and the fortress now only take SIEGE and STRUCTURAL damage - Especially for High Elven Lord ;) Fortress Wall Hub Expansion now have the right wall armor - Wall cliff caps now have wall armor - Wall upgrades (towers) have wall armor - Walls take longer (40s from 20s) to build - A wall segment costs 40 - Fortresses now cost 3000 - Builders now cost 200 - Lorien units have been renamed to Galadhrim - Haldir cost changed to 800 - Venom sacks cost greatly lowered - Create-A-Hero costs 4000, 2000 to revive - A new image has been added for the 'back to previous commandset' button - The mirror of galadriel has been replaced by a normal well - The range from the fortress in which you can build walls has been lowered (from 1500ft to 750ft) - Mordor can build Isengard walls. Completely new Mordor walls will be created later - Theoden,...

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