R E A L I S T I C weapons patch Ever noticed how pathetically unrealistic are the in-game weapons in Wolfenstein 3D? Well here you have a patch that fixes it all smooth as it should be - replaced weapons with real WW2 stuff: Pistol = Luger "Parabellum" Chaingun = "Schmeisser" MP40 Machine gun = Browning M1917 .30 Cal. How to install: First of all, it's for shareware version of Wolfenstein 3D. You can get it here: Unzip VSWAP.WL1 from the package and put it in your WOLF3D folder. You will be asked to overwrite the old one. Select "Yes". Run the game and enjoy the feeling or reality brought to you by the modding community! Note: Yes, you MAY use this patch in with any other TC of yours, if you credit the whole Wolfer/modding community. It is very important that you do so, because expect some large changes in your life otherwise..

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