STALKER_CS_Reality 1.5 from LordPaladin "Stalker Clear Sky" Version 1.5.05 Enemy bleeding is enabled — now damage looks more realistic. With these settings head shots from all weapons are lethal. Increased accuracy and power for all firearms. Decreased detonation time for grenades. Raised accuracy of PKM, decreased feedback, changed cooldown time. Returned iron sights for all pistols, as it was in Shadow of Chernobyl. Fixed iron sights on all guns in which bullets flew too high: LR300, VAL, and Sig-550. Enabled moving iron sights. Sight bar size has been reduced. Slightly tuned settings on the machine gunner on Cordone, since his sniper accuracy really got to me. Fixed tracers. Disabled tracers for SVD, SVU, VAL, Vintorez, pistol rounds, and 12-caliber. Now only 5.45x39, 5.56x45, and machine gun bullets have tracers. Disabled flash for Vintorez, VAL, and PB (pistol with the integrated suppressor). Now only slight smoke appears after shooting, like for shots with a suppressor.

STALKER_CS_Reality 1.5 from LordPaladin

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