New in Beta3 for FoC -better graphics -a lot of bugfixes -adjustment of the ship sizes -4 new,selfmade shaders to have a better look -new maps -Colonel Pendergast with the Prometheus -Selmak of the Tokra with captured Alkesh -new sounds for Mitchell -Baal with Anubisglider -Ashrak with needleglider(gateglider) -first-class supergate -deathmodels to some ships -almost all ground units and buildings for the Ta'uri Important: the supergate is only fully presentable with a NVidia card and Pixel- shader 3.0. Unforunately ATI cards have a problem to translate the .shader Ground units and buildings for the factions: Ta'uri: units: -SG Teams(4 soldiers with MP5 and special ability "coverage") -SG Snipers(2 soldiers with SR-25) -SG Support(1 Medic,1 soldier with M60,2 soldiers with M136 rocket launchers) -Major Davis(Fieldcommander),garded by 4 soldiers with M16(not yet ingame!) -UAV as scout drone(not yet ingame!) -MALP with cal 50 as light vehicel(not yet ingame!) -F302 groundfighter...

Stargate Beta 3 For Forces of Corruption

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