As you can see this is the first patch for version 05. Only Russia is playable, but I made a lot of improvement to game play: - Russian CC starts with radar upgrade; - Radar Station starts with vision update. Every 4 min automatically reviews whole your enemy; - Gas refinery now cost 1200 but provides 15 energy; - AGDS and TOR defense structures are now with 250 HP more; - Conscript attack range is +10; - T-90 and T-95 now cost with 200 more but their fire power is increased with 25%; - Pchela drone cost now 300 but it is stealth; - PAk-FA now starts with 2 AA and 2 AG long rang missiles. After ammo upgrade it receives 2 medium ranged missiles. Now it is for more tactical use; - SU-25 missile weapon improved by 5%; - Missile speed of Tunguska and TOR increased; - Fixed missing Field commander for Tank system; - All jets and Helis with 10% speed reduced; - Topol M now act like an Super Weapon all map range but 5 min. countdown before fire. Health increased to 1000 HP and prize to 3500;

TEOD-05 Patch-01

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