- Garden, Tavern allow 1 Artist - Light Cav gets bonus vs Archers - Remove SKI promotion from Heavy - Add SKI promotion Archers - Sapper Ntl Unit (1), 35% bombard dmg? - Ram more 20% bombard dmg - Siege Tower Heal 1+2 - Reduce Late Game Wonder Cost - Forum also -10% distance maintenance - Siege gets Barrage 1 promottion - Sappers do more Collateral DMG, National Unit (1) - Sappers are invisible - Explorers can do CounterSpy to detect Sappers - Heroes no longer give Golden Age - Heroes gain XP faster, the later the hero comes, the quicker the XP - Fixed Vineyard & Caravan House Gold Yield - Plutocracy: +20% gold from commerce - Changed Barbarian city names - Fixed various text bugs - Fixed all Tech Quotes - Checked and modified all mounted units to have UNITAI_PILLAGE - Horseback Riding now gives +1 Road Movement - Road Building now gives +2 Road Movement (instead of +4) - Horseman has +1 Visibility Range - Map modifications, such as removing floodplains in grassland, etc? - Removed Charcoal...

The Ancient Mediterranean v1.951

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