This is a first time effort. Just started out seeing what MaxEd was about. Who would've thought making one of these games would be as much of a blast as playing. You'll probably spot about a bazillion mistakes in addition to the bazillion I've spotted since compiling it. Still lots of fun to make. Thanks to all the people who took the time to make tutorials and put all the info and textures and other such stuff concerning Max Ed on the web. Thanks to Remedy for Max Ed in the first place and the plentiful texture pack. Also for the pre-fab bottles and cans and fire extinguishers. This level was built and tested with a Pentium III 700, 512 mb ram, 64 mb GF2 video card. It is only a two-pass render in the interest of saving time. Look for the next installment of "The Facility" soon.........

the Facility

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