and others and it is mostly centralised on WW2 treaties that were weird like Germany got all of Africa , so now it is gonna be divided between Bulgaria Romania,Hungary Germany and Italy and when Russia and the USA surrender it is split between Japan ,Germany , Some German puppets and Finland and Romania. so it looks like the Man in the High Castle. It also fixes somethings in 1870 and adds decisions for Anschluss and Operation Tannenbaum (invade Switzerland during WW2) it also needs to be fixed if Germany loses WW2 like Poland like gets little USSR holes with the one i made. If Japan loses WW2 the Chinese civil war will start and i added the Ili rebbelion which will also start. I fixed the Cold war things like Italy still had Libya and Eritrea . But i forgot to make Mongolia Soviet Union's puppet on the Cold war. I've also fixed the Vietnam war and the Colonies in Africa .I've added Hungary,Romania,Bulgaria,Norway and Denmark to the war.

Ultimate sumod : more timelines beta 2.0

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