Dragon Age 2 Demo Walkthrough

As the sequel to BioWare’s much-loved swords-and-sorcery RPG, Dragon Age 2 has a lot to recommend it. The new title will put you in control of Hawke, a human adventurer with a real voice actor and panoply of ass-kicking abilities. Players will be able to import decisions they made in Dragon Age Origins and Awakening, much as they did between Mass Effects 1 and 2. The “Mass Effect” on the game, from a design standpoint, is also represented by a new conversation wheel, which replaces the original game’s more traditional listed choices.

Find out what’s in store with our comprehensive text and video walkthrough! Starting today, one of our writers will be guiding you through the demo as meticulously as possible. We also lists of Xbox 360 Achievements, Playstation 3 Trophies, and Cheats page, which collects useful Dragon Age 2 information. If you liked this walkthrough, check out our walkthrough for the full game!

Table of Contents

Note: This playthrough was conducted with the male warrior. Different gender/class combinations may yield different gameplay experiences.


  • After an introductory cinematic, you’re thrown into a combat tutorial. Defeat the waves of enemies while learning your various abilities, present on the hotbar.
  • You will not need to venture away from this area; the enemies will come to you.
  • Right-click on enemies to attack them. For hotbar abilities, either click the hotbar or press the corresponding hotkey number. Some powers require you to left-click on a target to attack it. If you’re already engaging the target, it will auto-attack.
  • Press R to engage the closest enemy.
  • Use area of effect attacks when dealing with groups of enemies, and use stunning and heavy-hitting attacks on single enemies, like the giant ogre.
  • When the ogre enters battle, he will charge. Side-step to avoid being knocked prone.

Chapter 1

  1. The game opens with an interactive cutscene that offers you conversation paths.
  2. Once the cutscene ends, click on the dead refugee a few feet ahead. If you are a warrior, you may switch from your two-handed sword to a sword and shield.
  3. Move down the path, following the minimap in the top-right corner westward.
  4. Fight the gang of Hurlocks ahead. More will come at you from behind. During battle, you may switch between your character, the mage, and the warrior, to use their abilities.
  5. After your first battle, your main character will level up. Distribute attribute points as you see fit; in general, a warrior will want strength and constitution, a mage will want magic and willpower, and a rogue will want dexterity and cunning. Select whatever ability fits your play style.
  6. Loot dead bodies. The inventory menu is locked in the demo, but you can still use the potions you find, as they are added to the right side of your hotbar.
  7. Continue west. After another cutscene, there will immediately be battle ahead.
  8. This battle will lead into another cutscene, where two warriors will join your party. One is wounded and will not help in battle.
  9. As the cutscene ends, you will enter combat once more. After this battle, some of your characters may level up.
  10. Another interactive cutscene will start, in which the wounded man threatens your character’s sister. If you defend her in the conversation option, you’ll gain 15 friendship points with her.
  11. Continue along the path, south-east, until you run into the next fight. During the fight, enemies will approach from behind.
  12. Continue south-east, into the next group of enemies. There will be a pair of archers on a ledge; you’ll need to move beyond them, make a U-turn to the left and double back to reach them.
  13. Continue down the path. Around the bend, a tough battle awaits, including an enemy mage. Drink potions when you need them, and protect your mage.
  14. Explore the alcove to the south-west and loot the chest.
  15. Continue West until the cutscene. An ogre attacks and kills your brother (or sister, if you are playing a mage). You’re in for your most difficult battle yet. Remember to select injured characters and make them drink potions.
  16. A cutscene will lead into another battle. You’ll be rapidly overrun, but don’t worry–a titular dragon is about to save you.
  17. A final interactive cutscene will end this chapter.

Chapter 2

  1. A cutscene will lead right into a battle. Pause immediately and level up two of your secondary characters. Each will have 12 attribute points and 3 ability points to spend.
  2. Your characters are higher level than in Chapter 1, so you have many more abilities at your disposal. If you need to, pause the game during the battle to examine what your new powers do.
  3. After the battle, follow Isabela. If you lose sight of her, check your minimap. She will head westward into another battle.
  4. Once the enemies are defeated, continue following Isabela West, up the steps.
  5. Click on the Chantry to enter it. You will enter an interactive cutscene that will lead into the final battle of the demo.

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19 Comments on Dragon Age 2 Demo Walkthrough


On February 23, 2011 at 10:41 am

I played a male Hawke, and my sister died instead of my brother. (15. “… An ogre attacks and kills your brother…”)

CJ Miozzi

On February 23, 2011 at 1:16 pm

@Neluril Thanks for the info! Were you a mage, a rogue, or a warrior? I’ll update the walkthrough accordingly.


On February 23, 2011 at 1:31 pm

How do I make my characters drink a potion? I tried clicking on the icons on the bottom right of the screen, but nothing happened… (I had picked up several potions on the way, so it should have worked…) Thanks for any hint!

CJ Miozzi

On February 23, 2011 at 1:53 pm

@Deira During combat, select the character who needs to drink a potion, then click on the appropriate icon on the bottom right. Red potions will refill the life bar; blue potions will refill the spell/mana bar for mages, and yellow potions will refill the stamina/attack power bar for warriors and rogues.

Is it possible you clicked on a potion that the character didn’t need? Or that you ran out of potions? (Beside the potion icon, there should be a number showing how many you have).


On February 23, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Neluril was probably a mage because it seems like your bother dies if you are a rogue or warrior and you sister if you are a mage (Because you don’t need two mages in your beginning party, it’d be too hard for combat).


On February 24, 2011 at 5:32 am

I can confirm that playing mage dies sister and for rogue and warrior dies brother (played through once for each class).

CJ Miozzi

On February 24, 2011 at 9:03 am

@scottwo & anon; thanks for the clarification! I’ll edit the walkthrough accordingly.


On February 25, 2011 at 4:19 pm

I played it on PC
You know the second time you fight the big ogre dude? I really cant do it
I did it the first time but it doesnt really time, the second time you fight it though I am really struggling lol. I tried about 10 times, used up all the potions on each character… kept toggling the characters using all the abilities and stuff but yeah I Just cant get past it! I ended up deleting the game in a mood :P
Maybe Dragon Age is to hard for me lol :(

Dis Appointed

On February 26, 2011 at 2:19 pm

Wow. PC but feels like XBOX game, bad xbox game.
Thans for ruining a good game.

Huge cleavage stained with blood ?
Interesting fetish.

Thx but no thnx bioware.
Hope u dont f.ck up ME3 the same way.


On February 26, 2011 at 3:58 pm

Any advice for me? My comment was meant to be more of a question asking for help, not a statement :D

CJ Miozzi

On February 26, 2011 at 6:21 pm


Hey man, did you watch the video walkthrough?

I’m sure you can do this. Try picking the warrior as your main character–he’s probably the easiest to handle.

For the most part, you can let the AI handle your team mates. Just take over if they are low on health–then pull them away from the fight and make them drink a potion.

Protect your mage; priority targets are those attacking your mage.

Let me know how it goes mate!


On February 27, 2011 at 6:23 am

Thanks mate Ill try again as warrior then, I was mage for my main


On February 27, 2011 at 7:15 pm

I couldn’t get past the ogre the first three times either…the fourth time, all my party members died except me so I took off running down the path. I then realized I had not picked up any of the extra health potions. It was so amusing to see myself on the semi-transparent map running with all these red dots (enemies) following me. Ha Ha

I found the extra potions I had missed and then fought off the enemies one by one. Then all my party members came back to life to join me and we ran back up the hill to where the ogre was (he never followed, just his minions) and my team finished him off. So if you are having trouble…run! Get off the battlefield and then pick them off one by one on the path.

And make sure you pick up all the loot possible on your journey.


On February 28, 2011 at 8:58 pm

I also had a hard time with the Ogre the 2nd time as a rogue. Died 5 times. Switched to Warrior and much easier beat it first time. Kinda sux cause I like the 2 swords look. The original DA was super unbalanced I thought. You could play on normal and be fine but then one guy would be impossible. So I would switch to easy but then the game is laughably easy 99% of the time so I found myself switching difficulties all the time which shouldn’t be necessary. The combat seems a lot better in this one especially for XB360.


On February 28, 2011 at 9:14 pm

Seriously Bioware? What were you trying to fix? gratuitous blood is fine but this is ridiculous. Maybe if you were able to cut an enemy in half once in awhile that’d be great, but this is just silly. Saw some other video where Hawke and co are fighting rock spirits and they are still covered in blood afterward.. And this Ogre battle; what tactics? Just stand there and beat on the thing. There is no finesse here just button mashing. I hope they detuned the game for the demo I am really not impressed and I played through DA:0 like 4 times on hard.


On March 1, 2011 at 2:35 pm

I played all three classes as a female. My sister died when I was a mage and my brother died when I was a rogue and a warrior. I’m pretty sure which one dies depends on your class not your gender.

I had no problems beating the Ogre with the warrior or rogue and I died only once as a mage. With the mage all of my companions died and I had 4 Hurlocks and the Ogre left. I just ran around until my fireball recharged I would stop, unleash the fireball, then run until it recharged again. Eventually everything died but me.

I liked the big difference from Origins with the mage class and the 2-handed weapon warrior while doing battle. I found it much more effective and fun. I was however, a little disappointed with the rogue. It appeared to take much longer, way to long in some cases, to kill something then the rogue in Origins. The moves looked good but were not very effective.

I really disliked the potions use. I did not like having to stop my game play to furiously click on the bottom right symbol (1 click was never enough) and I was continuously frustrated with the fact that my characters (all of them) would not always drink when “told”. Most of the time they would automatically switch back to attack and then die because they would not use a healing potion. I also had a problem with more then one character drinking at the same time. Almost everytime one of the characters would just go right back to attack.


On March 3, 2011 at 7:00 pm

duz any1 here play origins cuz i very rarely find a person who played dragon age 2 and dragon age origins :P ( i got a dalish warrior beserker in origins and awakening =D) btw if any1 needs help ill give u advice


On March 15, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Does anyone know where\if there is another potion for the arcane,mortal vessell, and physical? I got one of each from the black empoirum, but didn’t find anymore.

Michael Wallace

On December 3, 2011 at 3:53 pm

Do you mind if I post your article on my Information Blog? I would think this article suits my topic perfectly. Well, thanks for writing this.