Dragon Age 3 Likely Out For Next Gen Consoles Only

When it comes to the accuracy of gaming industry gossip and rumor, there is no one whose track record is less impeachable than the mysterious Superannuation. His (or her) twitter feed is a reliable source for early news that regularly turns out to be true. Which is why their ongoing Kotaku column ought to be required reading. In the latest installment, we learn that Dragon Age 3 is almost certainly due exclusively for next gen consoles, and that it’s likely not to drop until 2014. Here’s the scoop:

An EA Shanghai level designer who worked on a vertical slice of Dragon Age III earlier in the year states on his LinkedIn page that the “Scope of the DAIII has been chaged [sic], which will target next gen platform [sic] and will be postpone [sic] to 2014.” The claim of the delay is probably a misinterpretation of the rumors of the RPG sequel’s delays from fiscal 2013 (before March 31, 2013) to fiscal 2014 (after that date), which was pegged to EA wanting to avoid the rushed development criticisms that dogged Dragon Age II. However, those “development cycle” posits are seemingly not entirely accurate, as the designer says that EA wanted to refocus Dragon Age III from a current-generation title to a marquee next-generation RPG.

Dragon Age III coming to next-generation platforms should not be a surprise to anyone, as EA tellingly excluded any specifics on platforms in the game’s September announcement—a way of saying that the intended platforms have not yet been announced.

I’m not shocked by this. Everything we’ve heard – some of which I am not at liberty report at this time – suggests serious behind-the-scenes soul searching by EA and Bioware. Making damn sure they don’t rush Dragon Age 3 out is an important part of that. Then again, recent things produced after the soul searching began don’t give us tremendous hope…

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4 Comments on Dragon Age 3 Likely Out For Next Gen Consoles Only


On November 28, 2012 at 4:32 pm

So does it mean no save transfer from Dragon Age 1 and 2? If yes i’m disapointed!


On November 28, 2012 at 8:05 pm

Well it may have been BioWare’s chance to come back if this person hadn’t leaked the next gen thing.

Now there is a chance that the console companies may pull publishing rights from EA over this.

I’m expecting a serious witch hunt at the BioWare offices now; good job dingus.


On November 28, 2012 at 9:07 pm

As Wesker correctly brings up, this makes the prospect of a save file transfer unlikely if it is true that DA3 will be on the next batch of consoles. It is disappointing to think about, but the importance of the feature is limited by the fact that the protagonist changes for each game, so the differences were largely superficial in DA2. Plus, there were various import bugs and flat-out retcons of certain player actions, such as the fate of Leliana, so I have to wonder if transferring saves is even that big of a deal to Bioware. The fate of the DA world at large is the same no matter what you do in DA2, so there is a decent chance Bioware opted to do away with the feature. Even so, it is still disappointing to think about. Though one positive way to look at it is that maybe DA3′s choices will be self-contained so they actually have a large impact on the game. Carrying decisions from one game to another hasn’t exactly paid off the way that Bioware claimed it would, so maybe keeping each game secluded can make the choices from that particular game pay off.


On November 28, 2012 at 11:28 pm

Mike Laidlaw has stated that the game will have the Dragon Age Origins/2 save file import feature. As this has been stated by the lead designer it is credible. Being on the next generation consoles invalidates that statement though. Mark Darrah has stated that Dragon Age 3 is being developed on the Frostbite 2 engine (Battlefield 3), which is quite functional on the current generation systems and does not require next generation technology. All that indicates current generation.

Dragon Age was postponed till 2014, the year the next generation consoles are supposed to be released, so assuming that it will be released on them is not a bad guess. I would assume it is because Bioware/EA wants to do their usual dodgy moves and sell tons of overpriced DLC. Something they would not be able to capitalize on fully if a new console was released shortly after their game.

If it is a next generation game it is strictly for monetary reasons, not because the game requires the technology, I would not be supprised in the slightest if it was.

Regardless, I am a PC player so what console used to develop it does not affect me much. Not that it matters at all since Bioware are not getting a penny from me, Dragon Age 2 was horrendous and Mass Effect 3 was overwhelmingly dissapointing. Bethesda and other better developers get my money these days.

Yes, I am still bitter. :P