Dragon’s Crown Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Ancient Temple Ruins
  • Old Capital
  • Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth
  • Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress
  • Castle of the Dead: Catacombs
  • Ghost Ship Cove
  • Forgotten Sanctuary
  • Mage’s Tower
  • Lost Woods
  • Lost Woods – Black Talisman
  • Ancient Temple Ruins – Green Talisman
  • Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth – Aqua Talisman
  • Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress – Orange Talisman
  • Castle of the Dead: Catacombs – Yellow Talisman
  • Ghost Ship Cove – Red Talisman
  • Mage’s Tower – White Talisman
  • Forgotten Sanctuary – Blue Talisman
  • Old Capital – Purple Talisman
  • Ancient Dragon
  • Mage’s Tower

    1. After you return the tablet, you’ll be able to purchase Rune magic to help you on future quests. Next, head to the Temple to resurrect some adventurers. When you leave this time, the old man who pesters you for money will this time inform you about his story if you offer him money.
    2. Once you learn he is the magician Wallace, go and tell Lucain, who will then instruct you to travel to Mage’s Tower. Take out the attacking enemies and get the gold in the chest before advancing to the next area. Also, you can use your cursor to click on the “L” and “O” inscribed in the wall to the left of the steps. Then click on the green “S” icon that appears by you and you’ll earn the Salve of Life power.
    3. In the next area, grab the two piles of bones and kill the sorcerers. Head upstairs to the next area. After you clear the room of enemies, have Rannie open the chest in the corner for some gold, then advance.
    4. Clear the room of sorcerers again (watch out for the potion inside of the large glass balls) and advance to the next area. Pick up the bones, then hit swipe the lever near the bottom part of the screen to lower the lift and fight off the attacking enemies. When you reach the bottom, head through the doorway to the next area.
    5. There will be one chest to open on this long path and a ton of bats to kill. In the next area, use your cursor to click on the letters in the following order: C, S (the green icon that appears near you) and R. This will generate a flying carpet to get you across the lava.
    6. You’ll then have to guide the carpet up and down while the lava hands chase you. Also, you’ll have to move yourself when the lava hands fling themselves onto the carpet. Jump off when you arrive safely to the other side and have Rannie open up the chest. Next, click on the C and then the J chiseled in the pointy blue column to the right of the stairs, then click on the “chicken foot” red icon that appears near you to get you a ton of coins. Jump off the ledge down to the next area.
    7. Open the box for some food, then prepare to face off with the Warlock. This will be the toughest boss yet, so hopefully you have plenty of lives saved up for you and your entire group (you could also use the Salve of Life power you picked up earlier in the level.
    8. The Warlock will unleash fire on you and your team in a number of ways. Blocking won’t do you much good on these attacks; just try to double-jump over them. Depending on your character, it’s going to be hard to get hand-to-hand combo attacks in on this guy, so do your best if your not a sorcerer or magician. After you defeat him, take the black rune stones back to Lucain.

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