Dragon’s Crown Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Ancient Temple Ruins
  • Old Capital
  • Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth
  • Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress
  • Castle of the Dead: Catacombs
  • Ghost Ship Cove
  • Forgotten Sanctuary
  • Mage’s Tower
  • Lost Woods
  • Lost Woods – Black Talisman
  • Ancient Temple Ruins – Green Talisman
  • Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth – Aqua Talisman
  • Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress – Orange Talisman
  • Castle of the Dead: Catacombs – Yellow Talisman
  • Ghost Ship Cove – Red Talisman
  • Mage’s Tower – White Talisman
  • Forgotten Sanctuary – Blue Talisman
  • Old Capital – Purple Talisman
  • Ancient Dragon
  • Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth

    1. After you arrive at the Castle, some punk will demand the scepter from you. You can either choose to fight him or hand it over. Even if you choose A, the Prime Minister will then enter and order the guards to stand down.
    2. After you exit the castle, follow the fairy you saved earlier up the stairs to the old Tower. After you accept the job, exit the Tower. Head to Morgan’s shop to upgrade your items and go the the Canaan Temple to convert the bones you found on the last quest to another team member. Head to the Inn to choose your allies, then click on the Underground Labyrinth on your map to begin the nest quest.
    3. Advance and take out the two sorcerers. Take out the next duo of sorcerers and have Rannie open the door at the top of the screen (don’t open the nearby chest—it’s a bomb trap!). Open the chest in here to get some gold, but the door will lock shut. Kill the slime creatures that drop from the ceiling. One of them will have a key inside them. Grab it and use it to unlock the door.
    4. After you exit the room (you don’t have to kill all of the slime creatures), advance to the next area. After meeting the creepy rat apprentice, open the chest for some gold, grab the bones and head through the door.
    5. Break the box at the bottom of the screen for some food and take out the sorcerers that appear (make sure you keep using that cursor to click on the shiny areas to earn more treasure to help with upgrades and whatnot. Have Rannie open the door at the top of the screen and head through.
    6. Wipe out the skeleton warrior ambush, then complete the mini-puzzle by stepping on the colored squares in the right order (red, yellow, dark blue, purple). Get the gold from the chest and exit. Have Rannie open the next door and advance.
    7. Destroy the mushroom mutation thing and the tiny spawns it creates. Perform an aerial smash attack near the pile of left of left over fungus and pick up the torch that falls to the ground. Use it to burn off the remaining fungus, then have Rannie open the door behind it. Get the gold in the chest after you fight off more mushroom creatures, then exit the room.
    8. Have Rannie open the next door and proceed. Take out the two crazy-looking creatures followed by the large hornets. As you advance to the right, destroy the box for the food and perform aerial attacks to destroy the large hornets next above it. Get the gold and flamethrower in the chest just up ahead before proceeding to the next area.
    9. Mushrooms galore here and a box with some food. After entering the next area, it’s time to do battle with Doom Beetle! His most dangers weapon is the cocoons he hatches, which will create more Doom Beetles if you don’t destroy them quick enough. Let you allies focus on him and you worry about the cocoons and get in some attacks on him whenever you can. Other than that, he’s a fairly simple boss.
    10. Acquire the treasure from the Doom Beetle, then head back to the Tower to break the unfortunate news to the fairy that Lucain is dead.

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