Dragon’s Crown Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Ancient Temple Ruins
  • Old Capital
  • Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth
  • Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress
  • Castle of the Dead: Catacombs
  • Ghost Ship Cove
  • Forgotten Sanctuary
  • Mage’s Tower
  • Lost Woods
  • Lost Woods – Black Talisman
  • Ancient Temple Ruins – Green Talisman
  • Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth – Aqua Talisman
  • Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress – Orange Talisman
  • Castle of the Dead: Catacombs – Yellow Talisman
  • Ghost Ship Cove – Red Talisman
  • Mage’s Tower – White Talisman
  • Forgotten Sanctuary – Blue Talisman
  • Old Capital – Purple Talisman
  • Ancient Dragon
  • Bilbaron Subterranean Fortess

    1. Follow the fairy to the Canaan Temple. After you convert resurrect Lucain, follow the fairy back to the Tower to talk to Lucain. You will then have the option to ask about Wallace or rune magic (I chose the former).
    2. After you learn that the fairy will be accompanying you henceforth, go upgrade your items before visiting the Guild Master. Take the letter and go to the Castle to talk with the Prime Minister. You will now have to help Count Dean by completing a quest. Exit the Castle and proceed to Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress.
    3. Use the cursor and click repeatedly on the fallen enemy to pick up a ton of treasure. Take out the enemies as you cross the drawbridge to the next area. Open the chest in the corner and take out the group of enemies before proceeding forward.
    4. After exiting the kitchen, kill the ork and other enemies coming down the stairs. Grab the two different piles of bones up the stairs and clear out the rest of the enemies. You’ll have to repeatedly hack the blockade to get through.
    5. Protect Rannie while he opens the chest from attacking enemies. Pick up the bones and continue up the steps. Destroy the next blockade and continue to the next area. Have Rannie open the chest while you take out the lizards. Kill the two orks up ahead and unlock the door to the next area.
    6. Two piles of bones in this room and a chest. After you gather those and clear the room, have Rannie unlock the door at the top of the screen. Ha! Sleeping orks in here. You can get the bones without waking them, but if you destroy the box in the bottom right corner, you’ll wake at least one of them up.
    7. After you exit, destroy the cage to the left and hop on Dragonlisk. Use his fireballs to destroy the sorcerers that will appear just up ahead. Advance through the door and into the next area. Burn the attacking enemies as you advance. Have Rannie open the chest and kill the attacking enemies that will ambush you from both sides.
    8. Be careful advancing because you’ll have to double-jump over the fire that was created as a result of the kerosene in the barrels. Head down the stairs once you reach the next area. Get the food in the box and head through the door.
    9. Minotaur time! He moves slow with his axe slashes and ground-pounds with his axe, so just double-jump over them when you see him raise his hand (same goes for his charges). Hack and slash away and hopefully you have a sorcerer/sorceress to use magic to inflict damage on him from afar. Head back to Count Dean to complete the quest.

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