Dragon’s Crown Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Ancient Temple Ruins
  • Old Capital
  • Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth
  • Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress
  • Castle of the Dead: Catacombs
  • Ghost Ship Cove
  • Forgotten Sanctuary
  • Mage’s Tower
  • Lost Woods
  • Lost Woods – Black Talisman
  • Ancient Temple Ruins – Green Talisman
  • Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth – Aqua Talisman
  • Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress – Orange Talisman
  • Castle of the Dead: Catacombs – Yellow Talisman
  • Ghost Ship Cove – Red Talisman
  • Mage’s Tower – White Talisman
  • Forgotten Sanctuary – Blue Talisman
  • Old Capital – Purple Talisman
  • Ancient Dragon
  • Castle of the Dead

    1. Head over to the Guild to talk with Roland. You’ll need to find Samuel. Exit the Guild, then enter again (lame, I know), where Roland will tell you to try the Temple. Enter and click on “Pray” to find Sam. Before heading out on your next mission, you can ressurect some of the bones you found on your last quest, then form your team over at the Inn before heading to the Catacombs.
    2. Destroy the tombs as you advance, but keep in mind you’ll have to kill the skeleton creatures that appear. Pick up the two piles of bones in the next area and fight off the bats that appear. Have Rannie open the chest at the end of the path for the treasure, then head up the stairs.
    3. Pick up the torch at the top of the screen as use it to kill the ghosts. Open the chest up ahead, then kill the enemies that fall from the ceiling. Have Rammi unlock the door at the top of the screen and head inside. Get the gold from the chest, then save the village girl over to the right.
    4. Exit the room and advance, carefully making your way around the spikes. There will be another door to unlock at the top of the screen. Get the chest and save another village in this room before exiting and advancing.
    5. Destroy the box in the next area for the food, then kill the arachnoids that drop from the ceiling. Pick up the pile of bones, then advance. Unlock the door at the top of the screen, then get the bones and open the chest inside (obviously, don’t step on the circular buttons—those are traps!).
    6. Exit and advance. Have Rannie unlock the chest and then the door. Save the third girl inside, then exit and head on to the next area. The vampire chicks will be easy to defeat. Double-jump over the stream of bats they fire and just make sure you don’t let any of the girls lose all of their health or they will turn into a vampire. After you kill the last one, head to the Guild to see Samuel to obtain your reward.

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