Dragon’s Dogma Walkthrough

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Seeking Salvation

  1. Make sure you get your rest and do your shopping and ability setting before starting on this next part of the game.
  2. Talk to Meridith, who will tell you that Mason spends his day in the slums. Right, now to locate the slums..
  3. The slums are located past the barbershop and next to the aqueduct. Talk to Mason, the man with the icon over his head, as soon as you hit the slums.
  4. Make two lefts to take your character around the corner and exit out the gate to Gransys.
  5. Head right along the shore until your allies observe a tower in the distance. Keep moving to the right and along the edge of the path and you will get a notice that the ground is uneven.. you will need to be careful and watch your footing.
  6. Keep moving along the path and through the enemies. Once you cross the bridge, you will hit Gran Soren.
  7. Head into the city and follow the red circle on your mini map to talk to Ser Sairus. The catacombs are northwest, and they are your next destination. You can consider entering the rift and getting a new pawn before you head off.
  8. Once you get outside the city, start heading northwest. You will have to fight a good amount of hostile enemies out here. With the soldier type enemies, counter attacking directly after they strike works well. Other than that, try to pay attention to what your allies are telling you, as they usually yell repetitive but useful hints.
  9. You will find a decrepit building called the Collapsed Meeting Room on your way. There’s a few small items you can pick up quickly so go inside and loot.
  10. Keep heading northwest until you hit the Deos Hills.
  11. Examine the stone to save your game. You will have an opportunity to change your pawn situation if need be. The journey over here should have been a good gauge of that.
  12. Once inside the catacombs, hit the lever to open the door. A bunch of enemies will come pouring out. You will need to equip your lantern for this segment and move slowly.
  13. Hit the switch at the end of the path and take the elevator platform down to hit a save point.
  14. Head past the locked door and use your best magic when you hit the group of ghosts.
  15. Keep following the path to the west and south towards the red circle. You will need to heavily rely on your allies in order to dispose of the undead enemies. Make sure your spacing is right and that your allies have a direct line of attack towards the enemies. Sometimes this means luring the enemies into more wide open spaces.
  16. Once you head down south far enough and the path begins to curve eastward, you will find a pretty good amount of treasure that’s yours for the taking.
  17. When you hear a voice beyond the door, head around the path and observe the gathering. How cultish and creepy..
  18. You will have a fight after the cutscene in which you can go all out since it is the last one of the quest. After your victory, another cutscene will come your way. Now, you will finally be able to finish off your quest. Once you have done so, exit the catacombs and backtrack southeast to Gran Soren.

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On June 4, 2012 at 10:36 pm

Just wanted to point out that this isn’t actually a main quest


On June 4, 2012 at 10:37 pm

*Nameless Terror that is, not a main quest