Driver: San Francisco Walkthrough

The weary Driver franchise skids back into first-place with a dynamic entry. After Detective Tanner takes in a violent crash, he’s put into a coma. For most detectives, that would end his quest to jail a notorious crime-lord, but our man Tanner develops a unique gift. Called “shifting”, the power lets players jump from car to car at will, with a press of a button. Instead of just racing, you’ll be able to drive all around ‘Frisco, completing side-jobs and other activities — racing included. Shift gears and try something a little different with Driver: San Francisco.

Race into first with our walkthrough, but if you’re looking for more luminous lists, check out Game Front’s achievements, trophies, and cheats for Driver: San Francisco.

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Table of Contents

  • Story Missions
  • City Missions
  • Challenges
  • Story Missions


    1. Follow the yellow markers to the freeway to activate the cut scene. Afterwards, chase after the transport that Jericho’s driving to enter the loading area of a warehouse. Stay at a medium distance from the truck so that Jericho doesn’t evade you with sudden turns or the other vehicles that he plows into your pathway.
    2. Continue pursuing Jericho towards the alleyway at the rear of the loading dock to activate the cut scene. Afterwards, you will enter first person POV behind the wheel of your car. Try to keep the car pointed straight ahead until another cut scene activates.
    3. After the cut scene, drive through the fence and take a right along the dirt road. Follow the red marker towards Jericho until you hear the shock paddles, then continue towards the yellow map icon to find the deserted transport by the freeway and activate the cut scene.
    4. Afterwards, you will have control of the ambulance. Drive as quickly but carefully as you can towards the yellow map marker to reach the hospital before John’s heart rate drops below 20. Stay on the right side of the road and slow before the turns to avoid unnecessary delays. As you approach the hospital, be prepared to swing the ambulance around the front sign and into the drop-off area to activate the cut scene.
    5. After the cut scene, you will resume control of your original vehicle. Follow the yellow map icon to the chop shop to activate the cut scene. Afterwards, you will have control of the Dodge Neon.
    6. Shift between a couple of vehicles to get a handle on the ability, then shift into a taxi to interact with a passenger. Taxis will be marked with a yellow exclamation point icon above them.
    7. After a few moments of driving, you will be prompted with your first city mission. Shift into the car with the lightning icon above it to complete the prologue.
    8. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Drivers Ed.(Bronze): Complete the Prologue.

    Chapter 1: With Great Power

    Mission 1: Prove It

    1. After the cut scene, follow the jackass in the car and shift into his body. Look for the transport trucks, indicated by white icons above them, and tail one of them. Get as much speed as you require to ramp up the back of the truck and land on the other side to shift back to your body.
    2. After your conversation with Jones, shift back to the jackass and locate a cop car, indicated by the red icon above them. Ram into the first one you come across, then use the car’s speed to evade and lose them without taking on too much damage.
    3. Once you’ve escaped pursuit, you’ll shift back to Tanner for another brief conversation before you’ll have to shift to the jackass again. This time you’ll need to locate a tow truck, which are indicated by the yellow icon hanging above them.
    4. Once you spot a tow truck, drive around behind it and tap the rear bumper to hook your car onto the back and complete the mission.

    Mission 2: Kidnapped

    1. After the cut scene, drive towards each of the yellow map icons on the map as you receive clues from Sarah as to her location. After passing through a marker, continue forward on the road you’re driving down until the next yellow icon appears.
    2. At the last yellow marker, you will shift to take Sarah’s place in the kidnapper’s car. Tap the indicated button repeatedly to open the trunk and shift back to Tanner’s body. As soon as you have control of the car, boost in the direction of the yellow icon to reach it before time runs out.
    3. After passing through the yellow marker, you’ll shift back and forth again to find the next location. Reach the next marker before times runs out to induce another locator shift, then drive towards the red icon and approach the pink sign by the cafe to activate a cut scene.
    4. Afterwards, shift out of your body and enter the marked vehicle down the road from the kidnapper’s car. Once you have control, drive towards the red dot icon ahead and move into the oncoming traffic when you’re a few feet away from the target.
    5. When there’s a clear path between you and the kidnapper’s car, enter the lane they’re in and boost forward to cause a head-on collision. After you shift, move into another vehicle that’s at least two blocks away from the enemy and execute an identical front-end strike to complete the mission.
    6. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Back on the Road (Bronze): Complete Chapter 1.

    Chapter 2: Good Samaritan

    Mission 1: Real Police Work

    1. At the start of the mission, drive towards the yellow map marker and enter the blue light in the back alley to activate the cut scene. Afterwards, tail the suspect across the city by staying near the outer edge of the blue zone on your map to avoid drawing the driver’s suspicion.
    2. By tailing too close to the suspect, the circular zone will turn red and you will have a few seconds to either come to a stop so that she get move away or reverse in the opposite direction to be safe. If you drift too far away from the suspect, you will have 10 seconds to re-enter the blue zone, so make the best of your boost and avoid collisions.
    3. Make sure to let off on the gas whenever the suspect makes a turn, as it will slow her down momentarily and cause you to approach at a greater rate than intended.
    4. If you are able to keep a satisfactory distance from the car you’re tailing, eventually you will be lead onto the Golden Gate Bridge. Increase your speed with the suspect, once she starts driving across the actual bridge, then chase her car into the red light barrier at the halfway point to complete the mission.

    Mission 2: Eyes on the City

    1. After Tanner shifts into the helicopter viewpoint at the start of the mission, you can move the scanning icon over various incidents on the ground below to give them a closer inspection. This will more or less help the time pass until you find the vehicle you’re looking for.
    2. When you see the congregation of circling vultures, use your scanner to analyze the red SUV below the activity in the sky. When you’re finished, Tanner will shift into the vehicle of interest and you’ll have less than a minute to find the semi that’s sitting in the middle of a narrow access road.
    3. Drive the SUV into the back of the semi and Tanner will shift behind the wheel of the truck. Driver forward down the steep hill to pass through the first yellow markers and continue to the next one around the corner. Feel free to plow through any of the smaller cars that get in your way without being slowed down by any significant means.
    4. After entering the second yellow marker, enemy vehicles will arrive at your location. Try your best to evade the ones coming at you head-on as they will explode on impact, causing the truck noticeable damage.
    5. Regardless of how many adversaries push and ram into you, keep the semi in constant state of momentum with frequent boosts and the cab always pointed towards the next yellow marker.
    6. Make your turns without pressing down the gas and from the outermost lane to keep them wide and controllable. Do your best to weave in out and out of traffic to keep enemies off your tail and keep an eye on red icons coming down the road towards so that you can boost past the exploding vehicles.
    7. Pass through all of the checkpoints, without wrecking the semi, to reach the area behind the police station and complete the chapter.
    8. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Eyes on the City (Bronze): Complete Chapter 2.

    Chapter 3: Detective Work

    Mission 1: Shakedown

    1. When the mission begins, head towards the yellow map indicator to reach a dirt road by the freeway. After the cut scene, you’ll use control of the ford to scare information out of Dennis by performing high-risk driving maneuvers.
    2. Drive back and forth up the ramps on the median in front of you to score maximum points early on. When the repetition begins to lower the high value of the stunt, resolve to near-misses and drifting u-turns along the free-way until Dennis’ bpm reaches 180.
    3. After the cut scene, you will need to lose the pursuing vehicles. As soon as you reach the main road, slam on your brakes to let the enemies fly right past you, then boost in an alternative direction.
    4. Weave through oncoming traffic to continue evading the enemies, but slide back onto the right side of the road when you need to boost. Make frequent turns at the intersections to further throw off the pursuing thug’s tailing techniques.
    5. Your opposition excels at acceleration and with theta target, so evasion tactics alone might not get rid of them. If your vehicle is taking a dangerous amount of abuse and the number of pursuers is still at 3, it’s time to shift out of your body at the next straight away.
    6. To make this a quick process, find a group of three or more on-coming civilian vehicles at least three or four blocks down the road. Shift into each one of these transports and use them cause a head-on collision with every member of the pursuing enemies in quick succession.
    7. After all three of the pursuing vehicles have been struck head-on, shift back into the Ford that’s carrying Dennis and boost forward until you lose Jericho’s associates to complete the mission.

    Mission 2: Freeway Inferno

    1. Drive to the yellow map marker at the beginning of the mission, then chase after the tanker that passes in front of you. Shift out of your body and move up the road ahead to take control of larger vehicles such as buses, fire trucks and semis.
    2. Steer the vehicles you inhabit into head on collision with the tank truck, then return to Tanner’s car and use the ramming ability to continue the damage. Repeat this cycle of attacks until the tanker is destroyed, then drive through the next yellow marker ahead.
    3. As soon as you have a location on the two tankers, shift out of your body and begin your search for another series of large vehicles. Choose from areas on the freeway where the divider is separated, so that you can enter oncoming traffic immediately, then place the first few transports sideways to slow the first tanker’s momentum and allow you more time to prepare assaults.
    4. When the tanker is at half strength, return to head-on collisions and finish the truck off with a smaller vehicle for the sake of speed and convenience. You will now have to duplicate this same attack on the remaining tanker, but with less time and room for error.
    5. For the long stretches of freeway where the divider is not separated, use the vehicles on the tanker’s side of the road and spin them around with u-turns to set up the head-on collisions. Once you make contact that brings the enemy truck to a momentary halt, shift into the vehicles that are following behind the tanker and use the ramming ability to further the damage.
    6. Continue in this way until the second tanker is destroyed, then shift back into Tanner’s car to complete the chapter.
    7. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Against the Odds (Bronze): Complete Chapter 3.

    Chapter 4: Manhunt

    Mission 1: The Conversation

    1. In this half of the chapter, you’ll need to tail Krug’s car at a close enough distance to pick up the signal of a bug you’ve planted, but not so close that he gets suspicious. You’ll also have to save him from immediate danger when indicated.
    2. When the mission begins, drive towards the yellow marker ahead to activate the cut scene. Afterwards, follow behind Krug so that you can listen in on his phone calls without being spotted. Use your boost and handbrake to dramatically adjust your proximity to him, in the the event of unexpected movements.
    3. After Krug finishes his conversation with Ramon, various enemy vehicles will appear ahead. Use your shifting ability to eliminate the threats coming after Krug. Cause head-on collisions between Ramon’s thugs and other civilians to disable their vehicles for good.
    4. Use larger vehicles as horizontal barricade across the traffic lanes, after Krug has driven by, to eliminate the most enemies at once. When all threats have been dealt with, return to Tanner’s car and continue your pursuit of Krug from a safe listening distance until the cut scene activates to complete the mission.

    Mission 2: Collateral Damage

    1. During this mission, it is your primary objective to disable a car that Jericho is supposedly driving.
    2. Use the two lane road that you initially chase Jericho down as the perfect opportunity to take him out with a head-on collision via shifting into a pedestrian up the street. Once the vehicle is disabled, a cut scene will activate.
    3. Afterwards, drive straight at the enemy car ahead and veer out of the way before a collision occurs, then turn onto the main road and head towards the yellow map marker. As you travel to your destination, Jericho will appear frequently through civilian vehicles that glow red from his presence.
    4. As you drive, be on the lookout for lightning strikes in the distance as they pertain to Jericho’s sudden appearance ahead. Once he materializes, Jericho will use different types of collision maneuvers for disabling your car, depending on his location. He will either appear in on-coming traffic or in the lanes you’re currently using.
    5. If Jericho appears in on-coming traffic, wait for him to fully turn his vehicle in your direction before boosting slightly to the right, thereby evading the head-on collision. If he appears in the lanes ahead of you, veer sharply to the side as soon as you see the lightning strike or he’ll drive into your path. You can also weave through traffic to make it harder for Jericho to aim his strikes.
    6. As you move closer to the yellow marker, Jericho’s vehicles of choice will increase in size and number, but your evasion tactics should not. Make frequent turns at intersections to further throw off your enemy’s strategy and avoid lingering within the confined space of two lane roads for as long as you can.
    7. Another good evasion technique is to ramp off of the car transporters at top speed so that you fly over and past any of Jericho’s vehicles that were heading in your direction. You can also use the sidewalk as a place to boost effectively and without fear of outside collisions, but the problem is that it gives Jericho the opportunity to sandwich you against the wall for excess damage.
    8. The sun will suddenly emerge from behind the clouds as you approach the map icon in the alleyway. Pass through the yellow marker without Jericho wrecking your vehicle to complete the chapter.
    9. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Now You See Me… (Bronze): Complete Chapter 4.

    Chapter 5: Deep Undercover

    Mission 1: Test Drive

    1. When the mission begins, drive towards the yellow map marker by the slanted house neighborhood to shift into Ordell’s body and take the test issued by Leila.
    2. Use drifting turns punctuated with momentary boosts to maneuver through the narrow alleyways and side streets as quickly and accurately as possible. Save your extended boosts for the uphill sections of the test and the final straightaway.
    3. Pass through all 15 checkpoints before time runs out to complete this mission.

    Mission 2: Frozen

    1. When you gain control of Tanner’s car, drive forward and explore your dream-like surroundings to activate a cut scene. Afterwards, follow the ambulance that is able to move at normal speeds and keep a close tail within its jet streams to improve your bpm. Try to mimic its swerving motion as you keep up or else you may collide with the frozen traffic.
    2. When the ambulance is improving your health you will both emit a yellow glow for a short period of time before he speeds away from you. Continue chasing the ambulance and absorbing the health from the streams without letting him escape past the heat zone.
    3. If you keep consistent contact with the jet streams, eventually the ambulance will disappear and you will need to continue the process to lower your heart rate even further. At this point in the mission, any frozen vehicle you approach will disappear in front of you so drive without fear of collision.
    4. Keep persistent contact with the ambulance’s jet streams unti your heart rate reaches 85 to complete the chapter.
    5. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Deep Cover (Bronze): Complete Chapter 5.

    Chapter 6: Hunted

    Mission 1: Escapist

    1. Follow the yellow marker to an alleyway so that Tanner shifts into Odell, then take control of the new car and enter the main road. When the police begin their pursuit, use evasive tactics such as navigating oncoming traffic and backroads to dwindle their numbers down to one or two cruisers.
    2. Once there are a minimal amount of cruisers tailing you, shift into civilian vehicles to take the remaining police out with collisions. When you have lost the cops, follow the map marker to the industrial zone to activate a cut scene.
    3. Afterwards, boost through the back road ahead to reach the main road and use the same tactics as before to lose the cops. You’re car’s health at this point may be significantly lower so avoid the risker evasion methods, such hiding in oncoming traffic, and rely more on quickly changing directions at an intersection or shifting to cause collisions.
    4. After you’ve lost the second wave of police, drive towards the yellow marker up in the hills of the city to activate the cut scene and complete the mission.

    Mission 2: The Target

    1. After shifting into Ordell, drive to the yellow marker to activate a cut scene and begin your mission.
    2. You will now have to control Tanner’s car while sitting in the vehicle that’s tailing him. The point of view will make it more difficult to steer, especially on the winding dirt roads, but ultimately this section of the mission is short and you’ll run into few obstacles.
    3. Keep Tanner’s car somewhere near the middle of the windshield you’re looking out of to as a rule of thumb for keeping a handle on the vehicle. Make your turns earlier than usual since your perspective on approaching changes in the road will be delayed.
    4. While you do need to keep a decent speed for reaching each checkpoint in time, tap the gas in extended bursts to maintain control as opposed to flooring it. After you have cleared all the checkpoints continue following behind Tanner’s car until you shift out to complete the mission.
    5. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Another Perspective (Bronze): Complete Chapter 6.

    Chapter 7: Anything Goes

    Mission 1: Entrapment

    1. Drive to the yellow marker to locate the car by the train yard and activate the cut scene. Afterwards, either weave into oncoming traffic or shifts for executing collisions to eliminate the enemies on your tail, but your first priority is getting to each of the checkpoints before time runs out.
    2. After passing through the marker on the Golden Gate bridge, enter in pursuit of Leila’s vehicle, then use ramming maneuvers and shifting head-on collisions to disable it and complete the mission.

    Mission 2: Deja Vu

    1. Drive towards the yellow marker to discover Jericho in the back alley and activate a cut scene. Afterwards you will be operating Tanner’s car from an overhead view. Keep the car moving straight down the highway to return to a normal perspective. You will continue alternating viewpoints throughout this mission, as long as you choose the correct course each time.
    2. The first time you return to a normal viewpoint, make a right to switch the perspective and make another right turn after that to drive through the flock of birds. Make your first right in the new area and then a left at the intersection to change the viewpoint.
    3. When the viewpoint changes again, take the narrow road ahead of you that leads uphill to activate a cut scene. Afterwards, drive as quickly as you can towards the yellow marker in the downtown area. As you go, make two consecutive turns every time you are bogged down with enemies, one turn to throw them off your trail and the other to get you back on course with the yellow marker.
    4. If an enemy is coming at you head-on, stay aligned with the collision until the last moment before veering away to avoid the impact. When you can see the yellow marker in the distance, boost towards it and move into the marked entranceway. Once you are in the loading dock from the prologue, drive towards the designated alleyway to activate the cut scene.
    5. Afterwards, hold down the gas and maintain control through the narrow alley to complete the chapter.
    6. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Truth (Bronze): Complete Chapter 7.

    Chapter 8

    Mission 1

    1. Use your ramming abilities to weaken Jericho and drive him into other cars if possible. When his life is nearly drained, shift into on-coming traffic and collide with his truck to move onto the next scene.
    2. Hold off on shifting until Jericho is ready to be finished off or the other cars he controls will either cause you to wreck or slow you down evil you’re out of your body. Drain Jericho’s health completely to complete this mission.

    Mission 2

    1. Chase Jericho along the freeway while weaving through traffic to avoid the other vehicles he controls. Once you pass through the tunnel, he will begin to lift and throw cars into your direct path. Whenever you see lightning strike the car in front of you, veer at least two lanes across in either direction and hit the boost to avoid the flying car.
    2. Focus on avoiding the thrown cars and staying within the heat zone, rather keeping up with Jericho’s truck. If you are struck by one of the flying vehicles, hold the boost down and keep moving forward so as not to lose him.
    3. Continue in this manner until the cut scene activates to complete the mission.

    Mission 3

    1. You will now have the ability to toss cars at Jericho by using the same method you would to shift. Choose vehicles that are at most two to three car lengths ahead of him and in the same lane then hit the shift button to throw them in Jericho’s direction.
    2. If you are able to halt Jericho’s truck with your new maneuver, shift back into Tanner’s car and use your ramming ability to increase the damage. The larger the vehicle you choose to throw the more damage it will cause, plus it will increase the odds of scoring a hit.
    3. After causing Jericho some damage, he will begin throwing some cars as well. Wait until you have successfully dodged one of the thrown vehicles, then retaliate with a throw of your own. Once Jericho has been eliminated, the mission will be complete.
    4. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Survivor (Silver): Complete Chapter 8.


    1. Stay moving at top speed down the freeway ahead of you, making sure to avoid any police cars in the way. When the gas cloud begins covering the area, stay to the right to make sure you find the off-ramp.
    2. Head towards the yellow marker to reach the prison and activate the cut scene. Afterwards you’ll need to chase and take down Jericho without the use of your special abilities. Ram your vehicle into him or drive him into walls to accomplish this.
    3. Watch for obstacles, such as explosions or police barricades, that appear ahead of Jericho to predict when he’s going to change directions. Strike him during these turns to cause the maximum amount of damage.
    4. Stay behind Jericho at all times to follow his path around traffic or through police barricades. When he takes you through a warehouse, keep in contact with his bumper to hit him hard when you both land after the jump ahead you’ll make ahead.
    5. Follow Jericho into an alley within the industrial zone to activate a cut scene and complete the game.
    6. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: End of the Road (Gold): Complete the Story.

    City Missions

    Joy Ride

    1. After shifting into the vehicle, you will find yourself in mid-conversation with a car salesman. Hold down the gas and stick to straight-aways on the right side of the road that will allow you to overtake 10 vehicles ahead of you.
    2. Avoiding turns and weaving between traffic, will get this accomplished the quickest. After passing ten cars, follow the yellow map icon to your next destination. You know you’ve arrived when the wall of blue light appears.
    3. Drive through the blue wall of light and keep the gas pressed all the way as you ramp up the next hill to clear the required 10 meter jump. Follow the directional arrow ahead to make a right down the narrow pathway.
    4. Tap your hand brake as you take each of the downhill path’s sharp corners through the indicated archways of light. After you cross the street, follow the directional arrows through the remaining of the 18 archways before time runs out to complete the mission.

    Getaway Takedown

    1. Shift into the police car that’s marked on your map to participate in a one-on-one chase scenario. As soon as the mission begins, swing your cruiser around the turn and move up behind the criminal to enter the “heat zone”.
    2. You can either ram the getaway car’s rear end or pull up along side it to deliver multiple blows by veering your cruiser back and forth. When more than half the enemy car’s energy is depleted, drop back to the edge of the “heat zone” and allow the criminal to gain a huge lead ahead of you.
    3. Just before, your car falls out of the “heat zone” hold down the gas to reach full acceleration. Do your best in evading all other obstacles to maintain your speed and catch back up to the criminal. Slam into the criminal with all of the momentum you have just gained to finish off the remainder of his health bar and complete the mission.

    College Fund

    1. You will need to finish in first or second place to complete this mission.
    2. The first part of this race is downhill on a six-lane highway, so use this time to get as far ahead of your opponents as possible without taking too many risks.
    3. When you reach the bottom of the hill, you will need to make a sharp left turn and it’s at this point that things get a little more tricky. The road will narrow, the traffic will thicken and your opponents will increase the aggressiveness of their driving.
    4. If a rival car manages to accelerate past you, use the sidewalk, grassy medians or opposite side of the road to regain your lead. Once you have overtaken the other racer, return to the right lanes as the aforementioned areas contain too many obstacles for maintaining a safe pace.
    5. Do not try to pass right along side one of your competitors as they are likely to ram you into wall or other vehicles. The finish line will be at the end of the second part of this race track.

    Meet the Heat

    1. In this mission, you will have to lose the pursuing cops and then rendezvous with the rest of the gang members in under 3 minutes.
    2. To first elude the cops, drive on the opposite side of the road to use other vehicles as blocking devices. This will only begin to slow them down, so the next part of your plan will need to involve speed and evasive maneuvers.
    3. Drift around every corner you come to and boost forward just as your vehicle begins to straighten out. You can also use alleyways and fenced off areas to further trip up your pursuers.
    4. If the cop cruisers manage to catch up with you, steer your vehicle in the opposite direction in which they push you to maintain control. When you can see them right on your rear end, drift into a full u-turn and boost in the opposite direction.
    5. Continue using your boost as you near the edge of the heat zone until the countdown begins, then maintain full speed without hitting any obstacles to eventually lose the police.
    6. Afterwards, drive to the yellow icon on your map before the time limit runs out to complete the mission. Heading in the direction of the meeting during the chase will save you time.

    Learn to Scream

    1. In this mission you will need to use speed, jumps and drifts to raise the driving instructor’s heart rate to 180 bpm.
    2. The fastest way to accomplish this challenge is by driving through areas of heavy traffic and weaving around other vehicles to gain overtake points. If the number of cars around you begins to thin out, make a wide drifting u-turn into the opposite lane for additional points.
    3. Use any opportunity to ramp off of tow trucks ahead of you or enter construction areas to ram through breakaway obstacles. Avoid running into sturdier obstacles though, such as walls or other vehicles, because the faster you take a drift or jump, the more points you will add to the instructor’s bpm.

    Breaking News

    1. In this mission you will need to perform a variety of stunts for the TV show by executing them within a blue-lit area.
    2. When the challenge begins, drive the news van to the yellow icon on your map to set it in place, then shift out of your body. Move a far enough distance along the road that intersects with the blue area so that you have enough time to accelerate up to 100 mph.
    3. Choose a car with at least half of its speed bars filled and that’s moving in the direction of the van. Hold down the accelerator and pass through the blue zone at 100 mph to complete the first challenge in this mission.
    4. Shift into a vehicle with at least half of its drift bars filled and drive back towards the blue area at full speed. Just as you reach the grassy area within the blue zone, enter a hard drift at 20 mph to complete the second challenge of the mission.
    5. Turn the car you’re currently operating towards one of the lanes with oncoming traffic, while staying within the blue zone. As soon as another car enters the area, drive into them at any speed to incite a head-on collision and complete the third part of the mission.
    6. Shift back into the news and drive towards the yellow map indicator to reach the next filming location. Once the van is in place, shift your body into a car that excels in speed and strength.
    7. Use your map to find a police cruiser, represented as red dot icons, then ram into them as gently as possible to maintain control after the collision. Once the cops are in pursuit, you’ll need to stay inside the heat zone without getting busted or wrecking your vehicle.
    8. Head towards the yellow indicator off the main road and smash through the fences in the alley. Pass through the blue area ahead with the cops behind you to jump off the top of the building and complete the mission.

    Big Break

    1. In this mission you’ll need to drive the obnoxious client to the club before time runs out. In order to add the necessary seconds to the clock, you’ll have to break through the marked objects along the route.
    2. When the challenge begins, guide the car towards the first pink object on the right, then continue driving on the sidewalk to avoid traffic until the directional arrow indicates your first turn. When you see a string of breakable objects ahead, use your boost to collect them as efficiently as possible.
    3. Upon entering the uphill section of the course, stick to the rightmost sidewalk to avoid unnecessary risk and focus primarily on maintaining top speed by boosting up the inclines. You can crash through the signs in the median if the coast is momentarily cleared, but only resort to picking up the ones on the opposite sidewalk if you’ve suffered a substantial delay.
    4. The longest period you’ll experience without breakable objects is while traveling down the narrow snaking road that runs downhill,. Try to have at least thirty-five seconds saved up by the time you reach this area and cut corners around the turns as closely as you can to save time.
    5. When you reach the bottom of the snaking hill, boost through every string of objects in the alleyway ahead before returning to the main road. They will be located primarily towards the center of the pathway so stick close to this area to avoid missing any.
    6. Returning to the main road means you have reached the route’s final leg and can either relax or make huge risks depending on how much time you’ve saved up. Boost in short spurts to overcome the extended gaps between each cluster of objects.
    7. If you have around ten seconds remaining and can see the marker in the distance, ignore the remaining objects and boost across this last straightway to enter the yellow light and complete the mission.

    Mission from God

    1. In this challenge, you and a fellow officer must utilize your police SUVs in subduing a criminal on the run.
    2. Use your quick-shift ability to switch back and forth between the two vehicles whenever your partner manages to get within striking distance of the criminal, the vehicle you are operating becomes steered off course or you are delayed by hitting an obstacle.
    3. Use the presence of a partner to create offensive teamwork strategies. If the other police vehicle is positioned directly in front of or next to the criminal, move your SUV along the opposite side to box in the enemy truck and cause maximum damage. One of you can also drive ahead of the enemy and block his path or slow him down in general, then the other teammate can up from behind and ram the truck with maximum force.
    4. Due to the strength and durability of the police SUV, you can execute either the charged ramming maneuver or brake in front of the enemy so that he rams into you without suffering serious damage.
    5. Once the criminal’s health bar is completely drained from damaged inflicted by either you or your partner, the mission will be complete.

    Street Race Takedown

    1. In this mission, you’ll be charged with disabling a gang of four street racers before they reach their final destination by passion through a series of checkpoint arches.
    2. Your primary tool in stopping these high-speed criminals is your shifting ability and your first target is the driver leading the pack. If you are able to successfully execute the following strategy with a minimal amount of attempts, then it’s possible to take out multiple racers at once.
    3. The basic gameplan you need to follow during this mission revolves around putting other drivers down the road on a collision course with the street racers. If the criminals hit these barricades at a high enough speed, they will be eliminated from the chase almost immediately.
    4. Due to the racers’ acceleration and maneuverability advantage, it is extremely difficult to put a smaller car in a position to meet them head on without missing them entirely. These cars will also not cause the amount of damage that is sufficient in slowing their progress for long, so your target vehicles to shift into should be the biggest and heaviest ones at your disposal.
    5. Since the type of transportation you need is considerably slower in speed than the street racers, you’ll need to choose from vehicles that are too far away to even see their targets in the distance. Also for the sake of easy maneuverability, you will need to choose conveyances that are already moving in the direction of the criminals.
    6. Once you have your vehicle, move into the leftmost lane or the median if possible and turn it sideways across the opposite side of the road to create a massive full-length barrier. Try to choose sections of the road that are the exiting points of walled in areas to decrease the enemy’s chance of escape. As long as you are in position before the racers arrive, they should smash their cars to pieces against the roadblock you’ve prepared.
    7. Car transporters, vehicles being towed, oil tankers, fire trucks and U-Hauls are some acceptable options for executing this strategy, but a greyhound bus will almost always guarantee a debilitating wreckage. Once all four cars are scrap metal, the mission is over.

    Double or Quits

    1. Your goal for this mission is to overtake 4 rival drivers during the race and place in either first or second.
    2. One advantage you’ll have is that the race consists of two laps over a short distance. Use what you perceive during the initial trek, such as the locations of sudden sharp turns or straightaways that are ripe for extended boosting to refine your performance during the second half of the competition.
    3. Another thing that gives you an edge is the fact that your vehicle is far superior to that of your opponent’s, at least when it comes to acceleration and speed. Where you are at a disadvantage when compared with the rival racers is in the handling department. A sudden bump or sloppy turn can send you skidding out of control, so keep the risk of collision to a minimum and let off the gas completely on hard corners.
    4. At the beginning of the race, you will be forced onto a two-lane road with little room on either side. Rather than pushing through your competitors with force, hang back a few feet intentionally and wait for one of the lanes to open up, then boost through the gap to progress your lead.
    5. You should also boost effectively when the route extends into four lanes. Use the open area to exploit the slowness of the other vehicles and put sometime distance between yourself and them. If you are able to use any of these tactics to secure first or second place, the mission will be complete.

    Nick of Time

    1. The objectives of this mission are to first follow the police escort to the bomb site before the timer runs out, then pursue the bombing suspect and disable his vehicle.
    2. Keep the accelerator held down the minute this challenge begins and stay as close as you can to the police cars marked with blue dot icons, without colliding into them. The two cruisers will be slightly faster than the SUV you’re controlling, so use the boost as often as necessary to avoid falling behind.
    3. When the escort takes you through the alleyway, be cautious as you approach the intersecting main roads. Pedestrian cars can suddenly come flying across from the side or stop directly in front of your path, so prepare to veer around any vehicle you see ahead to be safe.
    4. If you reach the bomb site before the time limit expires, a cut scene will activate. Afterwards you will be transported a regular police cruiser in pursuit of the bombing suspect.
    5. To keep a constant assault on the suspect, utilize a combination of quick-shifting between patrol cars and taking control of pedestrian vehicles for head-on collisions. Once the bomber’s car is nearly disabled, finish him off with ramming maneuver to complete the mission.


    1. Your goal in this mission is to reach the safehouse while inciting Kevin with as little paranoia as possible throughout the journey. To keep his paranoia levels down, use the mini-map to locate access points into back roads and alleyways en route to your destination.
    2. Follow the back roads towards the yellow map marker and sprint across the sections of main road that seem unavoidable. If there seems to be no other choice then driving onto a populated street for a short while, hang back in the alley to completely drain Kevin’s paranoia before rboosting into the open.
    3. If Kevin’s paranoia meter begins to reach dangerous levels, access the nearest low-profile road in the area, even if it means driving in the opposite direction of the map icon. When you do finally see the yellow marker in the distance, boost forward without stopping, regardless of the street you’re taking to get there.
    4. When you reach the marker a cut scene will activate. Afterwards, drive towards the next yellow marker on your map, utilizing the same strategies to keep Kevin’s paranoia low. The difference in this situation is that if you don’t reach your destination before time runs out, your car will explode.
    5. Due to the constrained time limit, exposing yourself to the main roads more often than not is the quickest way to reach the yellow marker. Enter whatever side-streets you encounter to avoid Kevin’s paranoia meter from overflowing, but when the clock reaches the 20-30 second mark it’s time to take the risk of coming out in the open.
    6. As the clock runs down, stick to the main road and boost whenever possible in the hopes that you can reach the marker before Kevin’s paranoia rises to maximum capacity. Pass through the yellow marker on the back road off of the freeway complete the mission before your time is up.

    Team Colors

    1. The object of this race is to secure both members of your team in first and second place by using quick-shift as an advantage.
    2. Your vehicles will have the advantage of operating at higher than average acceleration so gaining an early lead or coming back from behind should be no problem. The single threat of this challenge is the aggressive driving tactics of the competition.
    3. Your opponents’ offensive maneuvers may not be enough to keep one team member from placing in the top two, but things can become difficult when trying to establish a lead for both. This is where your skills with quick-shifting will come into play.
    4. Guide one of the cars into first place and hold the lead for a few moments to create some distance between you and the rest of the pack. Whenever the timing seems right, quick-shift into your partner’s vehicle and guide him into second place.
    5. Continue the race within the second place car and allow your team mate to widen the gap in his advance. If an opposing racer happens to pass by, use your ramming and spin-out methods to keep him away from your partner in first. If this strategy fails or your car is momentarily disabled, quickly shift back to the other vehicle to hold the lead.
    6. If a competitor manages to pass into first place, switch to the car that’s furthest behind and guide it to your partner, then use double team offense to remove the intruding racer. When the finish line approaches, shift to the car in first to assure the victory, then enter the remaining partner’s vehicle to cinch his placing as well. If both members earn first and second place, the mission will be complete.

    Wrecked Evidence

    1. The objective of this mission is to get the prison van to the police lab as securely as possible.
    2. When the challenge begins, drive to the blue icon ahead and hook into the back of the tow truck by the gas station. Once you have control of the tow truck, drive onto the main road and head in the direction of the yellow marker.
    3. When Jericho’s associates arrive, make effective use of your brake and boost to evade or outrun their attacks. Be sure to stay in the right lanes to avoid risking damage to your vehicle. Enter the yellow marker on the corner by the police lab to begin the next part of this mission.
    4. Once you have shifted out of the prison van, head towards the red icon that represents one of Jericho’s approaching thugs. Take control of a vehicle that’s moving towards the enemy a way down the road, preferably a large vehicle, and execute a head-on collision to disable the threat.
    5. As soon as the enemy is out of commission, shift out and move on to the next threat. When multiple enemies are present at once, use the highest bird’s eye view to locate the one closest to the prison van, then eliminate each menace based on their proximity.
    6. Continue eliminating the enemies closest to the prison van in this way until help can arrive. To ensure the vehicle’s safety, it’s crucial to successfully disable each of Jericho’s associates on your first attempt. If there are two enemies approaching together, slide your offensive vehicle in a sideways drift in order to execute a double wreckage.
    7. When all of the enemies have been removed without harm coming to the prison van, a cut scene will activate and the mission will be complete.

    Handle with Care

    1. For this mission, you’ll need to get the bomb to the remote location that’s indicated by the yellow marker. If you allow the truck’s speed to drop below 60 mph, the bomb meter will rise until it explodes.
    2. When the challenge begins, hit the boost button immediately to drain the bomb meter and drive towards the yellow indicator. Use your mini-map to chart your immediate course, choosing the safest route for your current vehicle and circumstances.
    3. Stay on the right side of the road and use wide steering maneuvers from the outside lane without hitting the handbrake to keep your speed above 60 mph. Choose a route that uses as few sharp corners as possible and boost during every hairpin turn, uphill straightaway and traffic jam to further maintain a safe speed.
    4. Avoid collisions whenever you can, but especially with larger vehicles and walls as they will raise the instability of the bomb. Whenever the instability is particularly high, boost down a straightaway to drain the meter.
    5. Follow the yellow marker into the side-street and cross the series of intersections through town, then make a left at the fork to find the access point to a dirt road. Stay in the middle of the path to avoid the walls and take the turns as carefully as possible. Any speed you lose from being overly cautious can be re-earned with short boosts on straightaways.
    6. When you exit onto the main road , continue towards the marker on the left to move uphill, then make your next left to locate another dirt road. Follow this pathway to the yellow marker, then park within it to stay safe.
    7. After shifting out of the truck, move through the streets in the surrounding area to locate and enter a vehicle marked with an icon. Drive back towards the semi truck and maneuver yourself underneath it carefully.
    8. Position yourself to defuse the bomb before time runs out to complete the mission.

    Paper Money

    1. During this mission, you will need to follow a kidnapper’s instructions and orchestrate a successful rescue scenario.
    2. Start by driving towards the yellow marker, located in a back alley, to receive instructions on your next location. You will have to reach this area before the timer runs out by using alleyways and side-streets as cover from suspicion.
    3. Pass through the yellow indicator within the park to come up with your next plan, then return to the main roads and head towards the next map icon. As you travel to this location, lightly tag a cop car so that he is lured him along for the ride.
    4. Drive at a steady enough pace to have two more cruisers join the chase, but stay far enough ahead to avoid getting busted. Reach the yellow marker, located in front of the house by the water, before time runs out to complete this mission.

    The Getaway

    1. Your primary goal for this mission is to follow the trail of yellow markers up and around the mountain while attempting to lose the pursuing police officers.
    2. In the first part of the mission it’s nearly impossible to lose the cops since they barrel towards you from ahead and are already positioned in locations you need to travel through. Focus primarily on hitting each of the markers along the route, then worry about police presence.
    3. When you reach the dirt road, you will need to be prepared for cop cars appearing from all ends or creating a blockade across your escape routes. If you see a tightly clustered formation of flashing police lights, look for an alternate path to get around them. Examples include: taking the opposite side of the fork in the road and driving through the barn on your left to hit a ramp and fly over the cruisers ahead.
    4. When you return to the main road, your only priority will be losing the officers in pursuit. Execute the usual tactics to accomplish this, such as weaving through oncoming traffic or shifting into pedestrians cars to incite head-on collisions. You can also use your boost as an effective tool in eluding capture, since your acceleration seems to outmatch that of the police.
    5. Once you have lost your pursuers, drive towards the yellow marker by way of the dirt pathways within the foundry area. Approach the red vehicle in the meeting place to complete this mission.

    Bay Area Baja

    1. There are numerous factors working against you during this race, making victory difficult to come by. The primary disadvantage you’ll have is operating the steering controls of the racing buggy on the traction-less dirt road course. You may be wise to get some practice in with this vehicle before attempting this mission.
    2. Another setback you may experience is that the other racers are operating vehicles of superior strength, which will make pushing past them on the narrow roads a challenge. When attempting to take the lead, you can either wait for the competitor ahead to leave a gap wide enough to boost your buggy through or you can drive around him by using the occasional section of slanted walls.
    3. One thing you will have going for you is that your buggy is exceptionally faster than the vehicles used by the other drivers. Even if you spin out or suffer a collision, it won’t take long to catch up with the rest of the pack. Another advantage of use is the fact that your opponents will tend to stick closely together, which means it may only take one boost for you to move from last to first place.
    4. For the majority of the race, focus on maintaining control through the snaking turns and occasional obstacles so that you can at least stay within a visible distance of the other drivers ahead. As you reach the remaining checkpoints, approach the group competitors at close range and use your boost to shoot around or weave through them all at once.
    5. You can also use opportunities such as the barn connected to the ramp as a way to overcome the challengers by flying over them.
    6. Save your remaining boost energy for the straightaways in the home stretch and place first or second in the race to complete the mission.

    Racing Hearts

    1. In order to complete this mission you must place in first or second place.
    2. Navigate through the back roads using a combination of the car’s speed, maneuverability and the technique of boosting at the end of drift turns. Keep up with or ahead of the other racers to return to the main road and fall into a police ambush.
    3. Steer into oncoming traffic and weave through the cars as they come at you to divert the police cruisers for the moment. When you enter the mountain’s uphill section of the course, cut through the grassy section of the turns and boost when the opportunity is right to continue competing in the race.
    4. When you come down on the other side of the mountain and merge onto the multi-lane highway, it’s time to shift into pedestrians down the road from you. Choose elongated vehicles and park them longways across the lanes of traffic being occupied by the police and other racers.
    5. Once the police have been halted or destroyed by your barricades, shift back into the race car and continue your quest for first or second place. When you reach the last five checkpoints, use the shifting collisions to knock out any of the competitors ahead of you.
    6. Place 1st or 2nd in the race and lose the police tails, if you haven’t already, to complete this mission.

    Ticking Clock

    1. In order to complete this mission you’ll need to move your vehicle beneath the rigged trucks in motion and stay there long enough to defuse the bombs.
    2. When the mission starts, boost continuously down the the freeway towards the two trucks in question. Pull up next to the cab of the first one you reach, then gradually lay off the accelerator until you are side-by-side with the opening beneath the truck.
    3. Pump the accelerator steadily to maintain the right pace as you steer your vehicle beneath the truck. Continue tapping the gas button to stay safely underneath so that you have enough time to defuse the bomb.
    4. Once the bomb is de-activated, veer out from under the truck and pursue the other rigged transport. Repeat the previous process to defuse the second device, then shift out of your body after receiving the bomber’s next threat.
    5. Pull into the highest bird’s eye view and locate the bombs, which are indicated as yellow circles. Start with the ones that are coupled together, or at least a few blocks apart, and shift into vehicles traveling behind them that are also low enough to the ground.
    6. Execute the same bomb defusing maneuver as before, then quickly shift in the direction of the next closest rigged truck. Once all of the coupled trucks are defused, move onto the truck isolated on the private property and the one stuck between two buses.
    7. Shift into one of the buses and boost it forward to get it out of the way, then enter an eligible vehicle on one of the nearby adjacent roads and move it into position. Focus on the truck stuck atop a building within the private property and trace away from it along the dilapidated tunnel system, then continue tracing a course down one of the dirt roads until you reach a populated area.
    8. Shift into an eligible car in the area, then drive it along the dirt road, through the tunnel system and beneath the last truck to defuse the bomb and complete the mission.

    Bad Medicine

    1. In this mission, your objective is to locate and destroy the shipments of fake meeds by running them over and destroying the transport trucks.
    2. When you obtain control of the police cruiser, drive towards the yellow indicator on the map and enter the area in front of the warehouses. Drive through the trail of marked crates in the alleyway to increase your time limit and follow them across one of the main roads and into another back alley.
    3. Continue smashing through the crates in the series of connecting alleyways and avoid trucks pulling across the intersection to block you, then follow a curved line-up of marked boxes on your right to end up in front of a warehouse. Smash into the next fence in front of you to destroy the last shipment, then make a left through the barricades and drive to the yellow marker ahead.
    4. After you spot the dealers’ trucks, pull onto the main road to pursue them and shift out of your body. Use the largest of civilian vehicles down the road to take out the lead enemy truck first by also incorporating the boost and ram head-on collision method.
    5. Once the first truck is destroyed, continue down the line until all of the med transports are eliminated before reaching their destination to complete the mission.

    Drive to Survive

    1. Your objective for this mission is to reach the hospital before the spider bite victim goes into a coma. His health can be measured by the rising and falling bpm monitor in the corner of the screen.
    2. Reach the first yellow marker as quickly as possible by drifting around every turn you can. Each time you successfully execute a drift, a jump or some other stunt, the victim’s bpms will rise momentarily to buy you time.
    3. The second yellow marker is located by a stretch of highway, so use this opportunity to also raise the passenger’s bpms with speed and near misses. If you are traveling down a road without oncoming cars and traffic is too thick for speed, hold down the handbrake and steer your vehicle in a zig-zag motion to pick up drift points.
    4. Locate the third marker by the footbridge and continue down the hill while executing near-misses and drifting maneuvers. After you find the fourth and fifth marker, execute an extended drift while turning towards the hospital to sustain for the remainder of the journey.
    5. Reach the yellow marker outside of the hospital without the spider-bite victim going into a coma to complete this mission.

    It’s for Charity

    1. In this mission you’ll need to shift into four separate stolen vehicles and return each of them by driving into the back of a designated police truck before time runs out.
    2. When the challenge begins, shift out of your body and enter the red RUF that’s currently on the same side of the city as you are. Once you have control, drive towards the yellow dot icon that’s by the warehouses on the water.
    3. Smash through the gate and drive up the narrow path to enter the warehouse and drive the RUF into the back of the truck. You can now shift into the red Lambourghini on the other side of the water.
    4. The Lambourghini will already have a significant amount of it’s health drained and will need to be driven with extreme caution. Head towards the yellow icon to reach the neighborhood behind the ritzy hotel, then drive into police truck that’s located in one of the alleys.
    5. Shift into the Lancia and drive it towards the yellow icon that’s on the lakeside of a factory littered with red, white and blue shipping containers. Crash through the rear gate or use the interconnecting series of dirt roads to drive into the back of the truck parked near the building.
    6. You can now shift into the remaining vehicle, an Aston Martin. Boost out of the alleyway as soon as you shift into the vehicle and make a right at the second intersection. The last police truck will be in motion at all times so move towards the yellow dot at all times while driving through oncoming traffic to lose the pursuing criminals.
    7. You can return the stolen vehicles in any order, but as long as all four are in the trucks within five minutes, the mission will be complete.

    Best Defense

    1. In this mission you will need to protect an armored car from a wave of invading criminals.
    2. The first thing you’ll need to do is drive the van to the drop-off point with as little collision damage as possible. Enter the underground complex to park the armored van then start using your shifting abilities to locate threats.
    3. As you’ve done before with this type of mission, shift into vehicles among the oncoming traffic ahead of your target and use head-on collision to take out the threats closest to the armored car This time around the basic idea remains the same but the enemy’s will be a little more prepared and elusive during their attacks.
    4. The opposition will often take a route that requires numerous turns and lane changes so make sure that you’re prepared to hit them before they reach an intersection. You will also need an offensive vehicle that is of equal or greater speed to make sure you can keep up with their evasive maneuvers.
    5. Match the size of the larger enemy vehicles that approach or slow them down with one collision before finishing them up with a second follow up impact. For two cars traveling together, use an offensive vehicle large enough to block most of the road and slam into the lead driver to get a double wreck.
    6. If an enemy vehicle happens to reach the underground complex, shift into a car near the opposite entranceway and try to meet them in the middle before they can reach the armored van. The van can take about four or five attacks, depending on the size of the enemy’s vehicle, so hold off as many as possible until the timer runs out.
    7. After the police arrive, take out the remaining enemies on the approach to complete the mission.

    Triple Cross

    1. The object of this mission is to locate a semi truck driver named Foghorn while being pursued by the police.
    2. You’ll being this challenge surrounded by about five or six police cruisers. The semi you’re driving can be worn down over time by these cop cars but for the most part they’ll just bounce off of you or get into wrecks by getting in your way.
    3. To avoid additional collisional, aside from the police barrage, find the long snaking dirt roads and use them to avoid traffic while still moving towards the yellow icon that represents Foghorn. Within this narrow route, police will be eliminated more frequently and by the time you return to the main road almost all of them should be out of your way.
    4. Once you’re close enough to the yellow marker, Foghorn will pull out in front of you and the chase will begin. Depending on how much damage your semi has taken you can begin wearing down the opposing truck with a series of rams or by pushing into its bumper and guiding it into different obstacles.
    5. To cause the most damage, shift into the largest vehicles possible down the road from Foghorn and use head-on collisions to ensure his disablement. If you can take out Bubba without accidentally taking out the semi that Tanner was driving, the mission will be complete.

    Group B Classic

    1. You will need to secure first or second place in this competition to complete the mission.
    2. Due to the vehicle’s speed, the course’s lack of traction and the high number of sharp turns, your best bet to winning this race is by using the small windows of opportunity where you can either fly past the competition or take them out.
    3. Save your boosts for the straightaways only and allow them to charge to maximum capacity. This especially applies to the last five checkpoint areas where you can pull ahead for a last second victory by choosing the the right moment to boost forward.
    4. Another tactic is to shift out of your racer as the pack of competitors approaches one of the few main roads that intersect with the course. Take control of a civilian vehicle and try to time collisions that will severely effect your opponents’ chances of recovering quickly. Just make sure you don’t hit your own vehicle.
    5. Use these opportunities to pull out a first or second placing and the mission will be complete.


    1. You will need to elude the police in order to complete this mission.
    2. Use the standard methods to shake the cops, such as driving into oncoming traffic or executing head-on collisions through shifting. The speed of your vehicle will make it easier to boost to safety once you can find a way to slow your pursuers down.
    3. One proven method is to drive onto a four lane road and shift into a bus, then park the vehicle sideways across the lanes with a small gap on one side. Just before the chase reaches the bus, shift back into the C.I.A. car and maneuver through the gap you left, then boost forward to safety.
    4. After you’ve lost the cops, drive towards the yellow marker on your map to activate a cut scene behind one of the city’s high-rises. Afterward, evade a wreckage or an arrest as you make your way to the freeway on-ramp by following another yellow marker.
    5. Once you’ve merged onto the freeway, weave between traffic to keep the cops at a distance and continue towards the next yellow icon. When you see the truck in question, position yourself behind it without any obstacles in your way, then boost into the back to complete the mission.

    Fever Pitch

    1. To complete this mission, you will need to destroy the med stashes and disable the marked trucks before they reach their destination.
    2. Follow the yellow marker to the industrial zone and drive through the fence on your left to find the smash route. Move through the back roads and take out the series of stash crates to keep your time up, while avoiding traffic in the intersections you come to.
    3. When the first smash route ends, merge to the right on the main road ahead and make your next left through a fence to find the second route. Continue driving over the stash crates until you spot the med transporter.
    4. Pursue the transport truck through the back alleys and ram into him whenever possible to soften up his life before too much time has passed. When the truck merges onto a main road, shift into a civilian vehicle to collide with the stash truck before the clock runs down.
    5. Drive to the yellow marker that appears on your map to locate the next stash route, then follow it through the industrial area to pass through a series of yellow markers. When you locate a marker, check your map to see where the next smash route as cropped up so that you don’t lose too much time.
    6. After passing through the last marker, you’ll locate the stash truck. Shift to a new vehicle on the main road and cause a head-on collision with the target before time runs out to disable the truck and complete the mission.

    Checkered Flag

    1. You’ll need to score first or second place over the competition to complete this mission.
    2. The overall speed of the racers in this competition makes it very difficult to score a victory without making any mistakes. You’ll need to avoid the handbrake at all costs, for fear of spinning out, and take all your turns as slowly as possible.
    3. Use the grassy shoulder as the safest possible way of overtaking opponents or just plain boosting forward on the straightaways. Your best chances for getting by the other racers is on sharp turns where they are forced to slow down or in the even a collision occurs up ahead.
    4. A guaranteed way to claim ether first or second in this race is by shifting into on-coming traffic and using head-on collisions to eliminate at least six members of the competition. Due to the speed and toughness of the vehicles being driven, this will take very large vehicle to drain the sufficient health and predictive accuracy to make sure your target doesn’t evade you.
    5. Use a combination of boosting and the ramming ability for your head-on collision attack to ensure that your opponent’s car is either wrecked or to the point that any vehicle on the road could take it out. Taking out up to six cars will take a while and there some areas of the course that are divided for what seems like miles, but the course is long enough that you’ll have plenty of time to eliminate any threat of losing this race.

    Special Edition

    1. To complete this mission you’ll need to execute a string of specific stunts in front of the TV van.
    2. Shift into any vehicle when the mission starts and drive up next to the TV van ahead. Depending on what stunt needs to be performed, shift between multiple qualified vehicles throughout this challenge to maintain momentum.
    3. When your first stunt is assigned, you’ll need to execute it within the blue zone that’s laid out in front of the news team before the time limit expires. You’ll know the trick has been performed successfully when you’re view point suddenly changes to that of the cameraman’s.
    4. For the first stunt, choose a car with high drift capabilities and wait until at least one or two lanes are empty in the blue zone.
    5. For the second stunt, hang back at the edge of the blue zone in the far left lane and wait for a car to appear in the in the oncoming lane beside you. Hit the boost to enter the blue zone and swerve into the collision.
    6. For the third stunt, switch to a car with high speed capabilities that’s far behind the TV van, then push the vehicle to it’s maximum velocity and boost to 150 mph as you approach the blue zone.
    7. For the fourth stunt, execute the same maneuver that got you to 150 mph in time, but without boosting. Just as you enter the blue zone, wait for the oncoming lane to be clear and quickly swerve into it without losing speed.
    8. For the final stunt, shift out of your current vehicle and move backwards down the road to search behind the van. When you spot a cop car, choose the next closest vehicle behind it and boost forward to rear-end him and start the chase. It won’t take long for another cruiser to join the pursuit, at which point you’ll need to maneuver through traffic without losing either of them.
    9. Save your boost until you are a short distance from the TV van, then enter the blue zone with two police cars on your tail to complete the mission.



    City Hall Sprint

    1. In this challenge, you will be required to drive through each of the checkpoints using a solo route around city hall before the 2 minute time limit expires.
    2. Move against the right wall of the alley before the second checkpoint to avoid the obstacle in the middle of your path.
    3. Boost as soon as you return to the main road the first time you exit an alley.
    4. Cut across the sharp corner that follows the sixth checkpoint by smashing through the guardrails around the brick walkway.
    5. Hug the wall in the final stretch to the 14th checkpoint to avoid the obstacle in the middle of the path.
    6. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Challenger (Bronze): Beat the Target Time/Score on any Challenge.

    Dragon Smoke

    1. For this challenge, you will need to drift through the checkpoints to secure a score of at least 1000 points within the time limit.
    2. Since time is of the essence and drifting can radically degrade momentum and control capabilities, pass through the first three checkpoints without attempting the stunt to put yourself closer to the finish line ahead of time.
    3. Execute your most extended drifts in areas where the checkpoints are close enough together to link the points. This should especially be applied to the markers that are side-by-side with only a building between them for u-turn drifts, which can be held the longest while maintaining the most control.
    4. As long as you turn into the drift early enough, try using quick boost spurts down the straightaways in between corners to ensure that you cross the finish line on time.
    5. Unless you’re trying to beat the high score, focus solely on completing the challenge after earning the mandatory amount of points. If you cross the finish line with 1000 points before the clock runs down, the challenge will be complete.

    Golden Gates

    1. To complete this challenge, you will need to pass through 24 checkpoint arches located around the park within the designated time limit.
    2. As soon as the time trial begins, boost your car forward to pick up speed from the get-go. You should also boost on the straightaways and during times that your car is drifting sideways in front of the next checkpoint.
    3. If you’re afraid of drifting past one of the narrow entranceways that require taking a sharp corner, aim the front of your vehicle at an angle towards one of the opening’s inside walls before attempting the turn. You’ll still end up where you need to be, despite coming in too fast, and the impact from hitting the wall will straighten you out in the right direction. The only drawback is that it practically brings your speed down to zero.
    4. Avoid grassy or dirt-paved areas if necessary, as they will effect your speed and handling. If you do end up on either of these terrains, boost across them to reach the nearest piece of pavement.
    5. Study the mini-map every time the next checkpoint changes, just in case it’s currently out of view and you’re not sure where to go. This will specifically apply to extremely long distances, wooded areas and markers that require making u-turns to pass through them.
    6. Pass through all 24 checkpoints before the time runs out to complete the challenge.

    Danger Signs

    1. This challenge requires you to smash through a series of pink signs located around the course, which earn you additional seconds during the timed solo race. You will also need to finish the track with a specific number of additional seconds accumulated.
    2. While you normally only need to hit enough signs every now and then to keep time from expiring before you complete the course, the rules of this challenge may require you to hit as many as possible, regardless of convienence at times.
    3. Make sure to use your boosts when there are wide gaps between each sign or if you encounter a group of signs in close single file formation.
    4. The only signs in this specific challenge that should purposely be ignored are ones that will require you to drift into a possible spin-out situation or ones that will probably cause you to have a collision with walls or other obstacles.
    5. Try to have a time surplus of at least 15-17 seconds as you enter the final stretch of this course. If you manage to strike nearly every sign that’s between you and the finish line on the last straightaway, the remaining time you require should easily be provided.
    6. Make sure you hit the first sign in the group arranged like bowling pins by the finish to knock down as many as possible. If you are able to cross the line with a surplus of 30 seconds, the mission will be complete.


    1. In order to complete this mission you must win a 6-vehicle race under off-road conditions.
    2. Due to instability of the tracks, the car’s handling and the aggressive competition, you will often find yourself spinning out of controller flipped upside down. Do not restart the race unless your within four checkpoints of the finish if this happens, because all of the aforementioned factors effect the other drivers too, so it won’t be difficult to catch up to them, regardless of your situation.
    3. During the first part of the race, focus on staying in control and keeping up with other racers while taking the minimum amount of risks required to overtake them. This area is too unstable for you to maintain any type of lead for long, so bide your time until you reach the paved surfaces and take advantage of the traction to execute passing maneuvers.
    4. Boosting should only be utilized in short spurts for passing through a gap in the competition ahead or straightening out your vehicle if it goes into a skid. This will keep it at maximum capacity for dire situations, such as escaping abuse from a pursuing racer or clinching the victory on the final straightaway to the finish line.
    5. Drifting around bends should only be initiated when: the road is exceptionally wide with little room for error, using the inside lane will help you pass an opponent in your direct vicinity or your boost meter is completely full and the next section of the course is a straightaway.
    6. Only take the series of uphill ramps at full speed if you are maintaining control by pointing your vehicle straight and if no other competitor is around to push you off course.

    Speeding Tickets

    1. Your goal in this mission is to guide your vehicle through the checkpoints in under two minutes and thirty second. The catch for this challenge is that every road is swarming with the presence of heavy traffic.
    2. It may be tempting to ride the sidewalk all the way to freeway and avoid the majority of the traffic, but due to the time constraint, there is to much accuracy required to navigate the narrow pathway at the necessary speeds. Also, the vehicle they provide for you handles well enough to be guided through the lanes of traffic with quick taps of the control stick while maintaining the maximum acceleration.
    3. When you enter the downtown area, briefly let off the gas as you approach each peak of the uphill section to avoid colliding with vehicles you are unable to see at the time. Also, hug the right concrete wall when approaching the freeway entrance to ensure you pass safely through the narrow opening.
    4. As you merge onto the freeway, you’ll notice that the vehicles in transit have grown in size and number to tighten the gaps between them increase the amount of damage caused by collisions. To overcome this new disadvantage, steer your transport into the leftmost lane on the right side of the road, then boost and maneuver between your location and oncoming traffic when the coast is clear.
    5. Move onto the designated off-ramp when you have a clear shot to return to street level, then cross the finish line with time remaining to complete the mission.


    1. Since you are driving one of the slowest and least-protected vehicles in the game, you’ll need to move through this course as carefully as possible while maintaining enough momentum to beat the clock.
    2. The lack of drifting ability will make it easier to take sharp turns in a controlled and safe manner, so stay closer to the inside walls as you make them to shave seconds off your time. You should also make these turns with a decent amount of a handbrake-use and while keeping the accelerator held down at all times.
    3. Boost after every drift and on every straightaway to maximize your speed at any opportunity available on the course. You should also boost across the intersections to get through traffic as quickly as possible and stick to the shoulders of the busy road to further avoid collisions.
    4. Save your boosting ability so that it reaches maximum capacity past the eleventh checkpoint and you can use use for the final stretch to ensure you make the time limit. By crossing the finish line in under two and a half minutes, you will complete this challenge.

    Freeway Face-Off

    1. To complete this challenge, you’ll need to win a one-on-one race against a super-car within the confines of the freeway setting.
    2. Boost from the starting point and move into the rightmost lane to keep up with the super-car until it passes you. Since it will be able to stay ahead for most of the race, follow along behind it and mime the lane changes it makes to find the safest way through traffic.
    3. Your best strategy against the souped-up racer is to move through this course as carefully as possible while making the best use of your boosts on straightaways and when the lane ahead of you has opened up. If you are able to complete an almost perfect run, then you should be able to take advantage of all the mistakes your competitor makes.
    4. Boost past your opponent whenever he suffers a collision or is slowed down by an obtrusive traffic pattern. Once you are ahead, it is likely that the hypercar will pass you again, but continuing this pattern until the end should allow you to get into a position that will result in passing him before reaching the finish line.
    5. If you are feeling confident, you can also ram or push the ultra car into oncoming obstacles to damage his car. However, because the car you’re driving is made more for speed than strength, this can also significantly damage your vehicle to the point that a single impact can take you out of the race with a wreck.


    1. In this challenge, you will need to maneuver your car beneath 20 different trucks within a three minute time span.
    2. Merge onto the highway ahead of you in the very beginning of challenge and stay on the right side of the road for its remainder. If you run out of eligible semi trucks in the immediate vicinity, choose to sprint further ahead rather than making a u-turn into the opposite lanes.
    3. Completing this challenge quickly requires vehicle control and timing so that you can move between all 20 of the trucks in one fluid advancement up the highway. Unless the next available truck is a few feet in front of you, it is always advisable to boost after every successful underpass.
    4. You can either maintain the same speed as the raised semi and carefully slide your vehicle in a sideways motion beneath the trailer. This requires patience and preparation in putting your vehicle in just the right spot, but it also avoids getting caught between the wheels or missing the mark entirely.
    5. The other technique is to approach the semi from behind at high speeds and swing out into the adjacent lane. You can now point the front of your car towards the space underneath the trailer and accelerate or boost right through as quickly as possible.
    6. This method is more likely to get the stunts executed within the time limit but it’s also likely you’ll have to restart a few times after shooting into a wall on the other side, getting run over by numerous tires or having to take multiple attempts on a single semi.
    7. If you are able to smoothly move in and out of 20 semi truck’s undersides within the three minutes, the challenge will be completed.

    School’s Out

    1. The goal of this challenge is to get a school bus rigged with explosives to a safe area within five minutes.
    2. When the school bus is set in motion, execute a quick u-turn and boost to regain speed, then stay on the right side of the road and gently guide the vehicle around the other cars to avoid collisions. If the bus takes one too many impacts the bomb’s instability will max out and cause it to explode.
    3. The bomb will also explode if the bus drops below 70 MPH for too long, so use your boosts to regain stability after being slowed down, while avoiding sharp turns or high-traffic areas if possible.
    4. Make a right at the fork, then boost to get back up to 70 MPH and continue down the rightmost street towards the yellow map marker. Turn left at the Ubisoft billboard behind the guard rail and drive forward past the area construction cranes.
    5. Turn right in the wide open intersection to cross the bridge, then continue following the road forward when you reach the other side. You’ll eventually have to climb an enormous hill, so keep your boost meter filled until then and keep moving towards the yellow indicator.
    6. After passing beneath two pairs of Ubisoft signs, the central divider in the road on your will suddenly have a gap in it. Turn through this gap into the oncoming lane and merge onto the dirt road in the corner of the surrounding barricade.
    7. Follow this road downhill and onto some train tracks to steer the school bus into the yellow indicator and complete the mission.

    Adrenaline Junkie

    1. In this mission you’ll have to keep your driver’s heart rate above thirty by performing stunts for as long as possible before wrecking your car.
    2. The best ways to earn the maximum amount of stunt points are executing rare misses while maintaining a high speed, jumping off the back of car transport trucks and drifting for as long as possible.
    3. If you see a long straightaway ahead of you, position your car in the middle of the road and boost forward between traffic going in either direction to acquire near-miss points and speed points. At this velocity, you should barely be tapping the steering stick to avoid spinning out of control into a collision.
    4. Whenever you see a car transporter, you should hang behind the maximum distance necessary to use all of your boost meter and hit the ramp as straight on as possible to avoid flipping over or landing out of control. If you see a transporter moving in the opposite direction, use this opportunity to drift into a u-turn for additional points.
    5. Look for dirt roads and grassy medians when trying to execute drifts as effectively and safely as possible. Rather than drifting in a circle or certain direction, your best bet is to simply hold down the handbrake while driving straight forward and let the momentum carry you into a full 180 degree turn.

    Special Delivery

    1. For this challenge you will need to transport four stolen cars to four different different semi trunks and load them into the back before time runs out.
    2. On your first delivery, make a right down the road that’s in front of the bridge from where you start and follow it forward until you driving down a man road again. Make a left when you see the Ubisoft billboard and take the next side-street to your right to find the first semi.
    3. On your second delivery, drive forward down the hill and follow the road you’re on towards the yellow icon. Turn into the first alleyway on your right, then boost across the grassy median that’s in front of you when you exit. Veer the vehicle slightly to the right when you see another alleyway ahead past the intersection and follow it into the back of the truck.
    4. On your third delivery, drive forward onto the trail that’s represented as snaky and orange, then follow it around for a ways to pass through a barn and break a metal fence. Continue following the dirt trail ahead to across two main roads and locate the semi.
    5. On the fourth delivery, drive the van onto the freeway ahead and boost through traffic continuously as an evasive maneuver against your pursuers. Continue following the freeway ahead until the last transport vehicle is ahead of you, then enter the lane it’s in and boost up the ramp to enter the back of the police truck.



    1. During this challenge you will be unable to use your shifting or boosting abilities.
    2. Accelerate the second this level begins to stay ahead of the numerous police in pursuit of you. The primary focus of this challenge should be get to each yellow marker as quickly as possible without accidental collision and playing defense against the relentless swarm of cop cars.
    3. By the time you take on this mission, your ability to drift around turns without incident needs to be almost flawless. If your vehicle is stalled by crashing into a wall or spinning out of control, the police will be upon you instantly to make your escape as difficult as possible.
    4. The two police maneuvers that are especially effective against your vehicle in this challenge are being boxed in between two cop cars or against a wall and being struck with head-on collisions. When one or more police cruisers pull up next to you, go on the offensive before they do and ram your vehicle into their sides. This may not throw them off course, but it will offset any impact they attempt to use against you.
    5. To evade an on-coming collision, always be aware of the red icons that pop up in front of you to anticipate the sudden appearance of a cop car ahead. Watch the angle of the cruiser as it directs itself towards you, then choose the moment to either veer your car to the side in a dodging maneuver or put enough pressure on the brakes so that the lawman sails right by in front of you. You can also lead him into heavier traffic areas when he first appears and use the other vehicles as cover.
    6. Try to stay in the right lanes as much as you can and weave through the cars around you. Although not guaranteed, this will help towards keeping a general police presence at a comfortable enough distance that your primary concern can be reaching the next marker without a collision.
    7. Pass through each of the yellow markers on the route in front of you, without wrecking the vehicle or being arrested, to reach the Golden Gate Bridge and complete the challenge.

    White Stripes

    1. The object of this challenge is to disable the vehicle of a known stoolie, within the time limit, by ramming into it as often as possible without using special abilities.
    2. When the challenge begins, immediately make a hard right around the corner to be on top of the stoolie from the moment he puts his car in motion. If you are successful in keeping up, the first offensive strike can be made when the target reaches the intersection ahead.
    3. The most effective way to damage the stoolie’s car is by colliding head-on into it’s side as he makes one of his slow turning maneuvers. You can either strike when he pauses to re-direct his vehicle or you can predict the stoolie’s path by aiming a few feet ahead of him and making contact as he moves onto the next street or alley. Either of these methods are sufficient, but the second one has the potential to sandwich the vehicle into the wall for additional damage.
    4. You can also damage the stoolie’s car with the traditional methods of rear-ending or pulling up alongside the vehicle in a narrow alley and veering into it repeatedly. However you choose to launch the attack, your own car will need to be traveling near its top speed to make any significant difference and you will need to stay close to him at all times.
    5. If it takes you a little longer than the first three or four opportunities to put the stoolie out of commission, be wary of when and how he decides to turn into the next area. He will often pull into alleyways and side-streets just as much as main roads and he has a habit of faking his turning choices or changing their direction altogether midway through the motion.
    6. Without the luxury of boosts or shifting, the stoolie putting distance between you two can be seriously detrimental if not dealt with immediately. In these occurrences, put yourself on path with the stoolie as soon as you can and keep the accelerator held down. Use the straightaways to gain the necessary speed and take the corners more meticulously to avoid delays as a result of a collision or spin-out.
    7. Disable the stoolie’s car within three minutes and thirty seconds to complete this challenge.

    Bite the Bullet

    1. To complete this mission, you’ll need to disable the getaway car without dropping outside the heat zone.
    2. When the challenge begins, drive left around the inside corner ahead and stay on the sidewalk to avoid the oncoming traffic. Continue following the getaway driver without collision to keep up with him.
    3. After your target makes the right turn at this top of the hill, stay towards the oncoming lane and ram into his side when he makes his next left. Recover as quickly as you can from this collision to stay within the heat zone.
    4. Stay behind the getaway car as closely as possible when you drive down the series of downhill sections of roads. When you reach the bottom of this area, you will gain enough speed to catch up, so make sure you take the opportunity to rear end the target.
    5. Continue following the target, making the right into the alleyway after climbing the next incline and rear end him again at the bottom of the next hill. Use these tactics to continuously deal damage until the other driver’s car is wrecked to complete the challenge.

    L.A. Connexion

    1. To complete this challenge, you’ll need to make it through each of the checkpoints within the time limit.
    2. Without the ability to boost, your best bet to finishing this challenge quickly is by using the most efficient means of turning your car and charting a course as possible. Most of the track takes you through back alleys and side roads, so your biggest threat are walls and sharp corners.
    3. Make a distinction for each turn as to which of them requires the handbrake and which of them requires the normal braking method. Normally, the entrances to back alleys and side streets will be on a 90 degree angle, so reserve your handbrake turns primarily for these situations.
    4. Instead of following the exact curve and limitations of the road laid out for you, look for street corners or medians you can cut across to save time by reaching your next destination as directly as possible. You should also always aim your vehicle towards the tip of the neon arrow signs that appear, since they are closest to the turn or checkpoint you need to reach next.
    5. If you are able to cross the eighteenth checkpoint before time runs out or without running out of the time provided, the challenge will be complete.

    Black and Blue

    1. In this challenge, you’ll need to complete the course by following the series of checkpoints while evading the pursuing police.
    2. Due to the time constraint, you’ll be unable to use some of the usual evasive maneuvers that can normally be applied to the chase scenario. The primary tools that are effective in this challenge are speed and driving accuracy.
    3. Stay out of oncoming traffic as an elusive tactic, as it raises the risk of collision delays, and stay in the direction of your next checkpoint rather than trying to lose the police with spontaneous turns. You may also want to avoid the ramp in the alleyway you encounter to save time as well.
    4. Keep an eye out for police cars coming at you head in the opposite direction and veer onto the sidewalks to ensure the dodging tactic. You should also use handbrake turns often in an attempt to keep the cops skidding off sideways behind your vehicle.
    5. Reach the last checkpoint before time runs out to complete this challenge. You don’t need to lose the police in order to accomplish this task successfully, but it will make things easier for getting through the course quickly.


    1. When the race begins, stay on the wide sidewalk ahead until you make your first turn and maintain a collision free course on the straightaway to keep ahead of the competition. Even if a racer passes you, you’ll still be in an advantageous position for the remainder of the challenge.
    2. Stay in the leftmost lanes on the right side of the road to eventually pass any racer who’s ahead of you and watch out for any cops car coming towards you. Change lanes early when avoiding vehicles in your path to ensure that you miss them and predict gaps that will appear when you reach intersections.
    3. Use the sidewalks and street corners to your advantage when passing any remaining competitors and avoid hitting the ramps in the final stretch to maintain control at all times. If you encounter an enemy at closes range, try to slip by them rather than run them off the road since your car cannot compete in a physical match-up with most opponents.
    4. Cross the finish line in first place to complete this challenge.


    1. To complete this challenge, you’ll need to follow the series of checkpoints throughout the course and reach the finish line within the time limit.
    2. Since the entire course takes place on dirt roads, you should only resort to handbraking and drifting when you’re coming into a sharp turn at high speeds. Other than that, it’s advisable to let off the gas and maneuver around the walls when taking corners.
    3. For the numerous bumps and hills on this track, keep your car pointed straight forward to avoid losing control on the landing. You should try to hit these ramping sections in the middle, rather near the sides adjacent to the walls.
    4. If a cop car move up beside you at any point, be sure to strike him before he strikes you to continue maintaining control of your driving situation. Just be sure that you only allow the impact to last for a second or so, because grinding into another vehicle for a prolonged period of time will slow your speed.
    5. Avoid unnecessary obstacles such as crates or barrels and stay out of riskier areas like the pathway that cuts through the barn to keep your vehicle’s velocity at its maximum potential.
    6. Pass through the finish line within the time limit to complete this challenge. You don’t have to lose the pursing police in order to achieve success, but it will make gameplay easier on this course.

    The Vanishing Chance

    1. This challenge relies mostly on avoiding collisions and finding the designated route to your next checkpoint.
    2. Stay out of oncoming traffic, but be willing to narrowly pass through the gaps between two vehicles in order continue down the road at a decent pace while evading the cops. You should also use the sidewalks and middle of the road to your advantage.
    3. This course also takes a lot of sudden turns down back roads, aside from taking place primarily on busy streets. Whenever the neon arrows appear, look for dirt surfaces ahead or off to the side so that you don’t miss the next turn.
    4. Pass through the finish line within the time limit to complete this challenge. You don’t have to lose the pursing police in order to achieve success, but it will make gameplay easier on this course.


    1. Since your vehicle will be unmatched in speed against the getaway driver, you’ll need to rely on preemptive maneuvering and collision evasion to complete this challenge.
    2. The getaway vehicle will slow dramatically at every turn it makes, so use this opportunity to slam into its side to cause the most damage possible. When you see the target start to change direction, aim your car towards the entrance of the street it’s pointing towards to meet it there in a collision.
    3. When chasing the getaway driver, mime its lane changes throughout the course to weave in and out of traffic patterns in the same manner that he does. You should also either ease off the accelerator or use the regular brake for make sharp turns to avoiding skidding out of control.
    4. Repeatedly smash into the getaway driver’s vehicle until it’s health bar is drained and a wreck is caused to complete this challenge.

    Not in Stockholm Anymore

    1. You’ll need to drive through this time challenge in first person perspective in order to complete the challenge.
    2. Stick primarily to driving continuously in one lane until the pathway ahead is blocked. Anticipate these lane changes early to avoid sudden veering that can cause spin outs.
    3. When you do encounter a gap that needs to be squeezed through, let off the gas to make sure you have enough control to thread the needle. If you get into an accident, immediately consult your help so your sense of direction doesn’t become disoriented for too long.
    4. When making the sharper turns, stick to the outer lanes for more room on the sides of your vehicle, but do your best to avoid walls and oncoming traffic. When entering the tunnel, watch the the size and location of the silhouettes and change lanes as little as possible.
    5. If you can make it to the finish line within the required time limit, the mission will be complete.

    Smokie Trail

    1. The bet strategy for completing this challenge is by cutting every corner laid out for you without letting off the gas or worrying about the presence of police in pursuit.
    2. Watch for blinking icons to avoid the police coming at you head on, but for the most part if keep the accelerator down and make it through the race without collisions, you should have no problem losing your pursuers.
    3. Unless the road is especially curved in u-turn fashion, stay straight to cut across the bends in the course and save time you. You should also point your vehicle in a diagonal direction when crossing the main roads to either reach the next side street ahead or merge into the traffic that’s moving along with you.
    4. If you are able to reach the finish line by the docks before time runs out, the challenge will be complete.


    1. Use the traffic-free highway scenario to your advantage in completing this course before the time limit expires.
    2. Stay to the inside lanes, whether they be in the lanes on the left or right sides of road, when taking turns to maximum your efficiency while driving on this course.
    3. Handbrake generously, without fear of colliding into other vehicles, to take the sharper curves without having to reduce your speed.
    4. If you are able to cross the finish line within the time frame provided, the challenge will be complete.

    Bel Viaggio

    1. Using the shortcuts and small amount of traffic in this challenge will help you complete it with utmost efficiency.
    2. Drive across or on the dirt shoulders when overtaking other vehicles and making the sharper turns. While you may think this will slow your speed, it’s actually useful in finding the best way through the track and avoiding collisions.
    3. Due to thinner than usual traffic patterns, you will be able to drive along the oncoming traffic lanes to take the inside corners. You will also be able to utilize all four lanes of traffic on the right side of the road for maneuvering around other vehicles without having to hit the brake.
    4. If you are able to cross the finish line before the time limit expires, the challenge will be complete.

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    jorge, southern france


    On November 19, 2011 at 10:22 am

    is there anyone who can help me with this game, mission is car baiting


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    ok i understand the part of this but the its for charity mission is too hard anyone know how to lose the crimamals AND get to the poleice truck in time?


    On January 14, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    For the charity mission – just get to the van, don’t worry about losing the guys chasing you


    On January 22, 2012 at 4:55 am

    rubbish website


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    alright,chapter 1… i go inside garage,buy car
    do some dar and i cant een do side mission..when i go out from my car,theres only “no entry” symbol ,acn enter other public car…how to do other side mission like chasing,stunt and racing….


    On March 26, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    i need chapter 7