Dude Thinks “Traditional Single-Player” Will Be Gone in Three Years

I seriously hate the connectedness of today’s world; I’m almost a shut-in, and I hate people. And so I love single-player games. That’s my s–t right there. But there’s somebody out there who thinks my s–t is going away.

“I believe the traditional single-player game experience will be gone in three years. Right now you sit in your living room and you’re playing a game by yourself – we call it the sp mission or the single-player campaign. In a world with Facebook I just don’t think that’s going to last,” said games consultant Mark Cerny at a secret Sony panel attended by Eurogamer.

So, yeah, the fact that Facebook exists will alters games that in no way involve Facebook. OK, good talk. Oh, wait, he’s not done.

“We’re already seeing the wall starting to crumble a bit,” he said. “Demon’s Souls, even though on one level it’s a single-player game, as you’re walking through the world you’re seeing the ghosts of everybody who died in that world via the internet. You can leave messages for them. They can leave messages for you. There’s actually a boss you fight in that game which is controlled by another player.

“We’re talking five, 10 years out. I believe three years from now, if you aren’t doing that, you are being criticised in your reviews for your lack of innovation.”

Yep, if in three years from now you don’t do what everyone else is doing, your games won’t be innovating. Because the definition of “innovative” is “doing what everyone else does.” Good thought.

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5 Comments on Dude Thinks “Traditional Single-Player” Will Be Gone in Three Years


On August 17, 2011 at 9:44 am

“I believe the traditional single-player game experience will be gone in three years.”

…yea right!


On August 17, 2011 at 10:21 am

Cerny is a f*ckin assclown. There are still people who prefer a good SP game over MMORPGS or Multiplayer shooters, and I’m one of them. Maybe mister Eurogamer doesn’t realize that there are still thousands of people who live all over the f*ckin world that live in remote areas that don’t have high speed internet. In my opinion, SP games usually offer a tighter narrative and give players a deeper connection to the game world & character. I do like the fact that SP games are evolving by offering features like online achievements & downloadable content, but smart Developers know that abondoning SP gameplay & offline fuctionality for their games would be a big mistake. If Facebook & Cerny single-handedly bring down bring down the SP gaming market in the next 3 years, than I’m hanging up my gamepad for good. Belive that.



On August 17, 2011 at 12:31 pm

I wonder if this guy was laughed off the stage at this conference.Because if I was there I would have laughed my ass off when he said that.


On August 17, 2011 at 5:06 pm

Yeah considering how a lot of games are being lampooned for having crappy 3 hour singleplayer or NO singleplayer now, I think if anything we’ll be seeing more substantial singleplayer components for games… Not everyone has, or wants, to be interconnected at all times


On August 17, 2011 at 5:56 pm

I don’t play multiplayer at all these days. I always buy legit copies of my games and I don’t think I’m alone. I don’t like to be tied to a bunch of gaming geeks. What kind of messages would I read in Demon’s Souls that are left by other players? “LOL pwned newb!”

Yah, my gaming experience wouldn’t be complete unless I could read this sort of thing.

I think I’ll stick with single player, thanks.