Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough

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Love him or hate him, Duke is finally here. The long-anticipated shooter, now under the aegis of Gearbox, has arrived to much fanfare, and we here at GameFront assume that gamers worldwide will be playing it in the coming weeks. With that in mind, we’re preparing a comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough, ensuring that you’ll make it through the game without injuring a hair on Nukem’s gelled blond head. You won’t want to miss any instances of the game’s crude humor, either, some of which is bound to be hidden in out-of-the-way corners.

In addition, we’ve got lists of achievements, trophies, and a cheats page, which will collect useful information about the game.

Table of Contents

  1. Duke Lives
  2. Damn! It’s Late…
  3. The Duke Cave
  4. Mothership Battle
  5. The Lady Killer
  6. Vegas In Ruin
  7. The Duke Dome
  8. The Hive
  9. Queen Bitch
  10. Duke Nukem’s Titty City
  11. Crash Course
  12. The Duke Burger
  13. The Mighty Foot
  14. Ghost Town
  15. Highway Battle
  16. Dam Top
  17. The Shrunk Machine
  18. The Forkstop
  19. Generator Room
  20. Underground
  21. The Clarifier
  22. Blowin’ The Dam
  23. Final Battle

Duke Lives

  1. Urinate. When satisfied, zip up and step away from the urinal.
  2. If you want to, you can grab wet poop out of the nearby toilets and fling it at the walls for an achievement. When you’ve finished being a sick motherf*****, exit the bathroom.
  3. Approach the whiteboard and doodle to your heart’s content (we recommend drawings wangs), then exit through the doors behind the whiteboard.
  4. Turn right and approach the alien at the far end of this corridor. A soldier will be rocketed into your gut, knocking you down.
  5. Backtrack and take the path guarded by the EDF goon. Follow the path past the firefight.
  6. As you enter a second firefight and are prompted to sprint, head right, to the end of this hall and grab the Devastator.
  7. The platform will rise, taking you into battle with a Cycloid in an open football field. Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum.
  8. Strafe out of the way of the incoming rockets and refill your ammo near the smoke trails as you take this big boy down.
  9. When the Cycloid drops, approach it and climb onto it. If you wait too long, it’ll awake with a fraction of its health. Rip out its pressurize tubes, then kick its eye for a field goal.
  10. After the twins leave, take the small white door to the right. Admire yourself in the mirror for an ego boost (that’s an actual in-game thing), then head through the next door, use the toilet and listen to the answering machine message for another ego boost.
  11. Exit the bathroom, walk past your bar, the twins, your home theater system, and open the burgundy doors.
  12. Walk around the square and take the elevator.

Damn! It’s Late…

  1. Hit a random button in the elevator. After the load, leave the elevator and walk straight down the steps and through the double doors.
  2. Walk past the vending machines and round the corner.
  3. At the next intersection, turn left and enter the Employee Lounge. Open the microwave door, then open the cabinet below the microwave. Grab the rat, toss him in the microwave, and nukem to boost your ego.
  4. Exit the lounge and follow the corridor to Stage 1.
  5. Sign the kid’s book for another ego boost, then head through the curtains.
  6. Someone canceled your show. Exit stage, right.
  7. Some punk will be mouthing off to an employee — punch him out.
  8. Climb the steps and open the door. Walk down the hall and turn right at the far end. Turn left at the next intersection.
  9. Descend the steps and take the central elevator. The elevator will stop in transit; use the emergency box and climb out.
  10. Pry the doors open, walk around the corner and climb up the staircase.
  11. Someone will be sitting on your Duke Throne. Take his picture with the device to his left (your right), then sit down, yourself, to descend into the Duke Cave.

The Duke Cave

  1. Listen to the President and the General rant, then exit through the door behind you.
  2. Try to open the next door; an alien will be on the other side. Punch him in his ugly face, then pry the door open.
  3. Grab a statue on the floor and throw it at the alien ahead to knock him dizzy. Toss another statue to kill him.
  4. Open the door to the left and kill the two aliens in your workout room.
  5. Grab the basketball, stand on the dumbbell in the center of the room, and face the doorway. Sink the ball in the net for an ego boost — aiming above the net, where the wall meets the ceiling should do the trick.
  6. Grab the dumbbell and curl for another ego boost.
  7. Add the loose weights to the barbell. You’ll need to ensure both sides have equal weight — to even them out, you’ll need to grab a weight on a bench near the hatches.
  8. Bench press for an ego boost.
  9. Punch the large and small punching bags for ego boosts.
  10. Beat the high score (~280,000) on the pinball game for an ego boost. The trick is to get as many multipliers as possible — to gain a multiplier, all three of the red lights at the top need to be lit.
  11. Rip open the hatch and crouch into the vents. Turn right and follow the path to the end as it curves left. Fire will spout from a pipe.
  12. Double back to the last intersection and turn left. Follow that path around the fire and out of the vents.
  13. Drink a beer, turn left and knock out the two aliens. Like in real life, beer makes you stronger and better at kicking ass.
  14. Open the next door and take down two more aliens.
  15. Advance and turn on Duke Vision. Force open the door, jump onto the pipes to the left, advance and crouch under more pipes. Continue to jump and crouch your way through this area.
  16. Drop down to the floor and punch out the two aliens. Open the door and punch out a third.
  17. Own the door to your right and kill two more aliens.
  18. Punch open the vent near the floor and crawl in. Crouch through the crawlspace until you find the exit; you’ll see an aliens. Grab a nearby canister and hurl it at the aliens as you emerge from the crawlspace.
  19. You’ll spot two canisters standing atop each other; grab one. A pipe will fall. Climb the pipe until it seesaws, then turn around, run along it and jump onto the higher pipe.
  20. Climb the higher pipe until you see a jet of fire. Enter the nearby passage.
  21. Punch open the grate, then an alien. Grab his gun and blast the other aliens.
  22. Walk around the room until you see an energy cell (cylinder) lying atop a box; grab it and place it in the reactor in the center of the room. Repeat with another energy cell.
  23. An alien will enter the room before you can replace the third energy cell; turn off Duke Vision and shoot him.
  24. Open the door through which the alien came and kill three more aliens.
  25. Exit through the door on the right, round the bend, and grab the RC remote on the counter.
  26. Drive the car off the shelf, over to the left of the room, and up the ramp back onto the shelf. Drive it to the right until you push a small cabinet out of the way to make a second ramp drop to access the upper shelf. Drive onto the upper shelf, then up another ramp onto the highest shelf. Follow the shelf until you are driving back to the left, near the glass, and knock the third power cell off the counter. Drive the car off the shelf and bush the power cell out through the slot to the left, along the floor.
  27. Walk over, grab the cell, exit the room, and place the cell in the third slot in the power room.
  28. Grab the steroids that pop up and use them.
  29. Punch out several aliens, then kill two pig cops.
  30. Exit through the rectangular doorway that puked out the pig cops. Grab the pistol that lowers from the ceiling, open the door, and kick ass.
  31. Fight your way around the bend, then enter the room to your left at the end.
    Kill the aliens in the room, then man the big gun.

Mothership Battle

  1. After a long cutscene during which you cannot shoot at the mothership or the escaping transport, you can finally open fire.
  2. Keep shooting at the central turret, chipping away at the mothership’s health, and shoot the fighter ships as they come. When they start flying by in groups of three, only one will attack you; you’ll get a feel for which will attack and be able to shoot it down before it does.
  3. Smash open the vent and enter. Turn left and round the corner. If you spot aliens, shoot them through the floor grill.
  4. Drop down into the lower vent

The Lady Killer

  1. Punch open the grate and drop onto the elevator. As it begins to fall, pump the brake until it comes to a stop.
  2. Drop down into the elevator and force open the door.
  3. You’ll step on an alien shrink pad. Head right and push the wheeled luggage cart out of the way.
  4. Hop into the RC car and boost off the ramp ahead.
  5. Drive down the halls as women are abducted by aliens. Drive under the mostly closed “garage” door and boost over the moguls, then off the ramp. Continue down the steps and up the next flight of stairs.
  6. Boost off another ramp, then make a sharp left and drive off another ramp to cross a chasm.
  7. Keep driving along this floor, then down a stairway into the main lobby. Inch your way around the central statue and avoid falling in the crevasse.
  8. You’ll spot a ramp leading straight to a bent-over gold woman statue. Boost off the ramp, onto her behind and over the crevasse.
  9. Drive under the garage door and over two more moguls, round two corners and drive up some steps.
  10. Turn right, drive off a ramp, down the steps and turn left.
  11. Head under the garage door and around a corner; an alien will shoot at you and try to step on you. Boost by him and off the ramp.
  12. Turn left down the second path and follow it around the bend and off the ramp.
  13. Drive up the steps and turn right, by the fountain wall, then left again and boost off the ramp.
  14. Drive down the path and under the next garage door. Two aliens will fire at you. Drive around to the other end of the room and through the next garage door.
  15. At the end of this path, get out of the car and crouch under the garage door.
  16. Climb onto the luggage, ahead, and then onto the roulette table. Jump across the fallen vending machines and bounce off the stool like a jump pad, landing on the craps table.
  17. Bounce off the next stool onto the next craps table, then leap onto the sofa and land in the foliage. Fight two rats.
  18. March left, back toward the garage door, and jump into the plant pot. Push the button on the wall.
  19. Hop down and enter your car.
  20. Boost off the ramp to make it over the crevasse, turn left, and boost over another ramp, possibly knocking down the alien shooting at you.
  21. Escape under the garage door, ahead. There’s a pig cop in this area; ram his shin if he gets grabby.
  22. There will be a ramp to the left; boost off it, over the rubble and into a well-lit hallway with more charging pig cops.
  23. Dodge the cops as you barrel down this hallway and boost off a ramp over a chasm — your car will be wrecked when you land.
  24. Walk over to the luggage cart and push it all the way to the left, by the button to open the cage.
  25. Walk up the ramp, over the sofas and press the button.
  26. Step onto the particle expander, ahead, to grow back to full-size.
  27. Smash the glass case and grab your shotgun.
  28. Aliens will spawn; kill them.
  29. With the battle over (once the twins are gone), force the cage open. Walk around the edge of the chasm and leap across.
  30. As you make your way down the corridor, pig cops will come at you.
  31. Enter the casino. A hole with burst open in the ceiling and waves of enemies will drop down.
  32. Exit through the flashing garage door.
  33. Hop over the debris and exit the casino to the right.
  34. Enter the lobby with the white car on display. Fight an extended battle in this room.
  35. Once the battle is won, exit through the garage door.
  36. Walk along the ledge to the right and jump across the chasm.
  37. Fight two aliens around the corner, jump over the fallen shark, and fight two more aliens beyond the rubble.
  38. Exit into the room with the large Duke statue. You’ll need to position the statue so that you can climb up onto the balcony above.
  39. Rotate Duke so that his lowered gun hand is facing the closest building to your left, and his raised gun is pointing at the soldier. Press the Alien attack button to sink some buildings; walk onto them and hop from rooftop to rooftop until you can jump on Duke’s lowered arm. Climb up onto his head, then his left arm, and finally onto the balcony.
  40. Walk over to the exit and kill a pig cop.
  41. Climb into the vent and drop down a shaft. Bust the grill and resupply at the EDF crate if you need to.
  42. Shoot out the laser trip mines on the wall, then proceed.
  43. Duck under the next pair of lasers, then jump over the laser trio by climbing a nearby stack of boxes.
  44. Grab the rat on the floor, duck under the table, and throw him at the set of lasers around the corner. If you miss, you can try again with another nearby rat, or just shoot the damn mines.
  45. Shoot the fire extinguisher to somehow put out the nearby fire. Repeat. Repeat again. And again. Because if something is worth doing once, it’s worth doing four times.
  46. Grab the trip mines on the shelf, then exit through the door.
  47. Fight some pig cops, resupply at the locker ahead, then advance into battle with pig cops and a hovering, RPG-carrying Jabba the Hutt.
  48. With the battle won, exit through the door.

Vegas In Ruin

  1. Some yahoo makes a big show about being a badass. Grab the Ripper in the van, ahead. Don’t take the Halo armor — it’s for pussies.
  2. Follow Mr. Badass Hankerchief-Head to the left and in to a firefight.
  3. Man the turret and mow down the aliens.
  4. Head right and kill more aliens.
  5. Wait for Mr. Badass to blow a hole with his pipe bomb, then move on.
  6. A ship will fly by, kill the Private, and jettison two jetpack aliens you’ll need to kill.
  7. Drop off the edge of the broken bridge. Down the road will be a battle with several aliens. Take cover if you need to.
  8. Man a turret ahead and mow down the pig cops that jump out of the transport.
  9. Grab the RPG ahead and drop down into the pit.
  10. Speak with the EDF goons, then fight some pigs.
  11. A Battlelord will then drop. Only explosives will hurt him, so be sure to resupply your RPG at the nearby ammo lockers. Once you’ve whittled away all his health, he’ll drop to his knees. Rush up to him, climb onto his back, rip out one of his horns and jam it in his eye. Then use his nuts as a punching bag. You’ll gain 3 ego points.
  12. Sergeant Loudmouth will soon bust open a sewer and tell you to march through it into the next chapter.

The Duke Dome

  1. Follow the sewers out into a trench of wreckage.
  2. When you near the downed electric pole, wait for the electricity to cease arcing, then run to the other side.
  3. The path ahead is blocked by fire. Luckily, right by the fire is a corpse strung upside down, with a fire extinguisher strapped to his back. Shoot it, then enter the pipe.
  4. Climb the ladder at the end of the path. Approach the two construction workers and they’ll lower a crate for you.
  5. Hop in and resupply, then let them carry you away. Shoot aliens along the way. At one point, aliens in the car lot will throw explosive barrels at you — try to kill them before the barrels hit you, or shoot the barrels while they are still holding them.
  6. A pig cop will somehow manage to drive or throw a car into you. Hop over the boxes, grab the railgun, and shoot the lock off the fence.
  7. Head through the gates and kill pig cops.
  8. Walk to the opposite end of this area, where an open shipping crate dips down, too high for you to jump into.
  9. Grab the nearby red barrel, back away, and hurl it at the wooden crates holding up the shipping crate.
  10. In this lot, walk around to the back of the trailer to the right. Climb the ladder up onto the roof and drop down inside.
  11. Resupply, then flip the power switch by the door. Waves of aliens will then come at you.
  12. Pig cops will eventually tip over the trailer, allowing you to escape.
  13. Push the red button by the gate, then force the gates open. Travel down into the wreckage.
  14. Climb into the shipping crate; it’ll seesaw as you emerge from the other side.
  15. Round the corner and climb the ladder onto the blue shipping crate.
  16. Grab the barrel atop the crate, jump to the ground, and enter the red shipping crate from behind. Place the barrel next to the other barrels.
  17. Climb back atop the blue crate and shoot the explosive barrels in the orange crate. When they explode, it’ll tip over. Grab the two barrels that fall out, one at a time, and place them at the far end of the red crate to make it tip to one side.
  18. Climb atop the blue crate and jump atop the red crate, then onto the scaffolding beyond.
  19. Drop down into the next lot, walk to the far end and fight two jetpack aliens.
  20. Climb up the slope to the left and onto the crane.
  21. Climb the crane arm and drop down onto the building frame.
  22. Drop down onto the first floor’s ceiling, then shoot the barrels in the suspended crate.
  23. Leap onto the crate and jump out the other side.
  24. Climb the ladder into the first floor ceiling, then the slope onto the third floor. Hop onto the crate and then onto the next level.
  25. Enter the nearby room and grab the huge battery to power the crane. A ship will start firing at you, destroying the building.
  26. Fire rockets at the ship, taking cover from its shots and resupplying at the EDF crate when you need to.
  27. Once it’s down, return to the previous lot, exit through the downed fence, and return to the crane.
  28. Insert the battery into the crane, then man the controls.
  29. Swing the wrecking ball left and right to kill the aliens on the wall to your left. You’ll need to raise the ball.
  30. Position the crane arm near the hole you smashed into the wall, climb onto the crane and enter the Duke Dome.

The Hive

  1. Take the right path, up; skirt around the large pit and smash through the “fence.”
  2. Round the bend, smash through two more fences, and crouch into a tube.
  3. Roll the bug out of your way and hop out, then move through the toothed sphincter.
  4. Walk up to a closed sphincter and tickle it open.
  5. Take the left path for some ammo, then continue straight ahead.
  6. When the weird grabby arms stop grabbing, run past them through the lower path.
  7. Walk up to the sphincter near the floodlight and tickle it open.
  8. Smash through a fence; you’ll see an octabrain ahead. Turn right and open the next sphincter.
  9. Walk along the tentacle and shoot those pustules ahead; they explode, damaging you if you stand too close.
  10. Head through another sphincter, past the crying women.
  11. An octabrain will emerge; kill it.
  12. Open the next sphincter and walk under the pregnant women.
  13. Head right and drop down near something that looks like a closed Venus fly trap. Touch it and it’ll open into a jump pad.
  14. Jump up to the next level and use a jump pad to blast yourself up toward the octabrains you saw fly by.
  15. Open the sphincter and move up to the women. To the left is a jump pad; use it to grab the RPG, then hop back down. Beyond these two women, a triad of alien breasts hang from the wall — slap them for an ego boost.
  16. Beyond are your twins — alien babies will explode out of them. Kill the babies.
  17. Drop down into the egg-filled chamber. Two of these women will pop — kill the babies.
  18. Take the left exit, smash through a fence, walk by the sleeping octabrains, and kill the babies ahead.
  19. Punch the glow bug, then roll it back the way you came. Kill an octabrain along the way.
  20. Roll the bug back into the egg room and kill two more octabrains.
  21. Roll the bug to the sphincter to unlock it. Head through.
  22. Knock down the corpse and grab the ammo, if you need to.
  23. Resupply in this room, mindful to avoid the exploding eggs and the grabby arms.
  24. Open the sphincter. In this next room, an octabrain will throw eggs at you.
  25. Follow the path to the right and kill two more octabrains.
  26. Open the sphincter, detonate the pulsing eggs, and use the jump pads.
  27. Follow the path past the locked sphincter and open the next one.
  28. Jump onto the central cliff, then up the alien worm and onto the next cliff.
  29. Keep jumping until you pass through the open sphincter.
  30. At the end of the path is a drop to your death and a pile of explosives. Throw a pipe bomb at the jump pad ahead; it should bounce up into a passage overhead. Detonate the bomb to make a glow bug roll down.
  31. Roll the glow bug out of this room and fight an octabrain along the way. Continue rolling the bug and fighting octabrains.
  32. Open the sphincter from which you came and roll the bug to the end of the path to unlock the sphincter.
  33. Drop down onto the nearby jump pad to boost yourself up to a sphincter. Pass through.
  34. Bypass the explosive eggs or grabby arms, then open the next sphincter.
  35. Shoot the alien that comes out of the egg, then continue through the next sphincter.
  36. Drop down and fight the babies that hatch from the eggs and an octabrain.
  37. Climb up the steps and open the sphincter. Advance into the next level.

Queen Bitch

  1. Open the sphincter and exit the alien tubes back into a human building.
  2. Exit to the right, grabbing explosives, then return to the punching bag.
  3. Toss a pipe bomb into the hole to the left, on the jump pad.
  4. When the pipe bomb lands in the room beyond the double doors, detonate it to blast your way in.
  5. Walk up the steps and through the double doors into battle with the queen bitch. She will be holding her claws up as a shield.
  6. Bounce a pipe bomb off the jump pads to the right and detonate it when it hits her. She’ll take damage, then start spewing babies at you as you continue to damage her this way.
  7. When the queen is down to 1/3 health, she’ll destroy the jump pads. You’ll have to nuke her with rockets. When she’s down, tear out her tongue to finish this level with an ego boost.

Duke Nukem’s Titty City

  1. We have to go on a scavenger hunt. Exit through the curtain. Turn right to head to the restrooms, then enter the first open doorway you see.
  2. Grab a condom from the condom dispenser on the wall, then exit the bathroom.
  3. Enter the Employee Only area and grab a bag of popcorn atop the microwave. Open the microwave, insert the popcorn and nukem.
  4. Exit the employee only area and head to the main show room. From there, enter the game room. You can play slots to boost your ego. Two of a kind earns you 2 ego points, but three of a kind earns no further reward.
  5. Play poker to gain more ego, then climb the steps and play pool for yet more ego. If you keep sinking the white ball by accident, grab a basketball and use that instead.
  6. Beat the dude at air hockey for another ego boost.
  7. Play Alien Abortion (whack-a-mole) and the basketball game for more ego.
  8. Exit back to the show room. Jump on stage and head through the curtain into the dress room.
  9. Open lockers until you find the vibrator. Grab it.
  10. Return to the show room, then take the curtain to the Champagne Room.
  11. Follow the dancer. Sit down.

Crash Course

  1. Hop onto the walkway, turn right, and jump down onto the tentacle.
  2. Walk down the tentacle and shoot the pulsing eggs ahead.
  3. Leap from tentacle to tentacle, shooting eggs.
  4. When you reach the railgun, jump onto the concrete ledge and smash your way through eggs.
  5. Drop down onto the lower walkway, grab a Frisbee, and throw it at a flying alien at the other end of the walkway for an ego boost.
  6. Jump onto the debris that leads to another tentacle with grabby arms.
  7. Shoot the grabby arms to get them to retract, then run by. Shoot the pulsing eggs on the lower tentacle, drop down and use the jump pad.
  8. Climb down this tentacle onto a platform and climb the ladder.
  9. Man the turret and shoot the incoming ships and aliens.
  10. When a ship destroys your turret, head down the walkway and jump onto a tentacle.
  11. Drop onto the next walkway and use the jump pad at the end.
  12. Grab the Devastator hanging from the alien vines, ahead, and use it to gun down the ship that attacks you.
  13. After destroying the ship, a few jetpack aliens will attack. Kill them until one grabs hold of you and flies off. Escape his grip, then punch his head off and surf his body through the air into a collision course with a Duke Burger.

The Duke Burger

  1. Pass through the pulsing eggs ahead and open the door to the restroom.
  2. Step on the alien shrink pad and walk to the Employees Only door. Beside it is a slot you can crouch through.
  3. Stand on the grow pad and flip off the main breaker.
  4. Smash the boards blocking the door and exit.
  5. Shrink yourself again, then hop onto the box by the bench, then onto the bench, the next box, the trash bin, the counter, the other trash bin, and into the hole in the wall.
  6. Climb the pipe rungs like a ladder.
  7. Crouch under the pipe, walk over the boards, and pass under more pipes.
  8. The floor/ceiling ahead will give way. Drop down and un-shrink yourself on the pad ahead.
  9. Open the doors on the left. Tiny pig cops will be hiding under cups.
  10. Jump onto the table at the far end of this room and crouch through the opening into the order room of this fast food joint. You’ll fall on alien shrink pads.
  11. Kill the no-longer-relatively-tiny pig cops hiding under cups, then climb either the boxes or the pig cop statue onto the counter.
  12. Walk around the counter, over the food tray bridge and onto the drink dispenser. Knock cups out of your way.
  13. Climb the pipe rungs, jump onto the tentacle and head right.
  14. Drop down into the arcade and shoot the rats eating the corpse.
  15. Aliens will charge through the door. Lure them onto the shrink pads and kill them.
  16. Enter the room from which the aliens came and climb the boxes at the far end, to the left.
  17. Jump across to the next stack of boxes. Make your way across the counter, killing tiny pig cops across the room along the way.
  18. Climb the boxes onto the top shelf, walk to the opposite end, and leap across to the other stack of boxes.
  19. Walk to the far end of this shelf, climb the pipe rungs, walk to the other end and jump onto the boxes. Bust out of the vent.
  20. Drop to the ground and lure the rats into the mouse traps.
  21. Jump onto the trolley and climb atop the table. Jump across into the ice box.
  22. Leap onto the spatula — it acts like a jump pad. Jump on the next spatula to land near the pickle and tomato jars.
  23. Hop onto the box, then on the supper shelf. Skirt around the jars and drop down into the sink.
  24. Jump across to the next counter and press the Start button.
  25. Enter the dishwasher and force your way out the other side.
  26. Skirt around the jars and make your way to the other end of the counter. Knock over the broom.
  27. Cross the broom handle and kill the pig cops across the counter.
  28. Climb he jars and boxes onto the top shelf, then follow the shelves along the wall to reach the side where the pig cops were.
  29. Jump onto the lights suspended above the burgers. Move back and forth to get them swinging, then leap onto the machine ahead, then onto the next shelf (it’ll break).
  30. Drop to the lowest level and shoot the mouse traps out of your way as you cross to the other side. Kill a pig cop, then jump onto the box and cross the water to next shelf.
  31. Climb boxes until you’re on top shelf, facing the stovetop. Time your path over the stove to avoid the flames, then jump from burger to burger to avoid being fried.
  32. Leap on the toppled shelf, then onto the twitching body, the box, and land on the shelf.
  33. Climb boxes until you reach the higher shelf, cross over and drop onto the waffle-laden counter.
  34. Use the toaster, then jump on it. After a delay, you’ll be launched onto the upper shelf.
  35. Jump across to the next shelf and grab hold of the hook to zip-line your way across the rope.
  36. Hop across the burgers and flip the main breaker.
  37. Exit through the door the woman opened, climb the boxes, bust open the vent, and follow the vent into part 3.
  38. Bust open the vent on the floor, ahead, then un-shrink yourself on the pad.
  39. Climb the ladder onto the roof. Fight the alien hordes.
  40. Clamber into the human ship with it arrives.

The Mighty Foot

  1. Gun down the pig cops on the dam with the rocket turret, then take out the ones at the landing site, along with a dropship.
  2. Exit your dropship and enter the monster truck.
  3. Drive through the wooden fence, ahead. Follow the desert path into the cave.
  4. Keep following the path, running over aliens if you so choose. You’ll blast through a wooden blockade off a ramp, then again off another, and eventually another, landing on a highway.
  5. Continue down the highway until you run out of gas.
  6. Resupply at the ammo locker, then kill the pig cops that jump out of the 18-wheeler.
  7. Cross the narrow path and approach the Security Station.
  8. Bust the lock off the gate and enter.
  9. Jump atop the spools of cable and onto the roof. Drop down inside and grab the gas container on the wall.
  10. Break the boards off the door and exit.
  11. Return to the monster truck and fill ‘er up.
  12. Drive down the highway and eventually drop off to the ground when there are no more ramps.

Ghost Town

  1. Boost off the ramp to your 8-o-clock, then take the right path, upward and through the road blocks.
  2. Smash through the water tower and run over the pig cops rolling in the mud. Boost off the ramp at the right side of this farm, over the boulders.
  3. Boost off another ramp, pass under a wooden bridge, then cross over the bridge and off another ramp.
  4. When you land, you’ll be out of gas again. Mosey through this wild west town, gunning down aliens.
  5. When you start getting bombarded with blue rockets, climb the steps to the top floor of the saloon and grab the rocket launcher to take out the Enforcer.
  6. Eventually, pig cops and a flying Jabaa the Hutt will burst out of the barn. Take them down, then enter.
  7. Climb the ladder and pull the winch to the left to bring the makeshift platform in place for you to cross to the other side.
  8. Climb the ladder up to the next floor and pull the winch to lower the ladder.
  9. Drop down to where the ladder descended and pull the first winch to bring the platform against the wall to the right.
  10. Climb the ladder, drop down on the other side, and cross the platform to grab the gas.
  11. Shoot your way back to your truck and fill ‘er up.
  12. Drive through the barn and burst out the back doors, then boost off the ramp.
  13. Enter the next cave.

Highway Battle

  1. Burst through fences and eventually land in water beneath an overpass.
  2. Round your way up the bend and knock down the giant billboard that holds a pig cop with a rocket launcher.
  3. Use the billboard as a ramp to land on the highway.
  4. Drive down the highway, using your boost to dodge the explosive barrels thrown at you.
  5. When the aliens eventually blow up the highway, drop down and turn left.
  6. Dodge the rocks and the bombs, and blast off a ramp until you run out of gas.
  7. Exit the truck and kill the pig cops, ahead.
  8. Shoot your way to the turret, then man it to kill more pigs.
  9. When the ship returns, flee from the turret and take cover.
  10. Grab the RPG inside the nearby downed ship and destroy the alien craft.
  11. Climb up the rubble onto the higher level and smash open the mineshaft to the left.
  12. Explore the tunnels until you find the mining cart. Take the barrels out of the cart to make it lighter, then push it along the tracks.
  13. When it stops, hop inside and pull the lever.
  14. Grab the gas tank and kill the bugs that come at you.
  15. A ramp will have formed by the scaffolding — use it to climb to the top.
  16. Once at the top, bust through boards as you head down another mine tunnel.
  17. Break through more boards and free another mining cart. Push it along the tracks.
  18. When the cart stops, hop in and pull the lever.
  19. When you land, kill the pig cops and fill ‘er up.
  20. Hop in the truck and drive off two ramps into a mining tunnel.

Dam Top

  1. Drive out of the tunnel and off a ramp. Avoid the rolling boulders.
  2. Boost off a ramp and ram into a dropship in midair; when you land in the water, swim to the surface, climb a ladder up the dam and go speak with the suits.
  3. Take the left path and join the fight with Sergeant Badass.
  4. A Battlelord will emerge. Kill it with explosive weapons.
  5. When the Battlelord drops, run up to him, tear out a horn and jam it in his eye. That won’t be enough to kill him, though — he’ll rise again with full health.
  6. When you take him down a second time, rip out another one of his spines and jam it in his eye. Humiliate him by kicking him in the balls.
  7. Approach Sergeant Badass.
  8. Rappel down the rope, ahead. Talk to the EDF goon, open the door, and descend.

The Shrunk Machine

  1. Descend the steps, kick open the door, continue ahead, and turn right. Beyond the next door are some humans.
  2. Grab the Freeze Ray and proceed through the open door. Kill the pig cops. The freeze ray has regenerating ammo, so it’s a handy close-range weapon to keep with you until you reach the later, underwater segments of the game. Using the freeze ray underwater actually has a somewhat realistic effect — it freezes the water around you, trapping you in a block of ice for a few seconds.
  3. Once you kill the pig cops, Enforcers will burst through a door.
  4. With the enforcers dead, the technician will grant you access to the stairs. Descend into Part 2.
  5. Descend the steps and open the door.
  6. Avoid the liquid nitrogen pouring out of the pipes ahead.
  7. Use the valve ahead to liquefy the alien obstructions, then continue down the path.
  8. Enter through the open gate that reads: Danger / Mechanical Room / No Storage Permitted.
  9. Pull the lever on the red pipe and push it open. Do the same with the next.
  10. Pull the closest lever — you’ll need to duck under a pipe — then turn on the valve to let the nitrogen liquefy the alien obstruction.
  11. Advance beyond the pulsing eggs and into battle in the engine room.
  12. Enter the engine room and smash the board at the far end that blocks the winch. A ladder will drop.
  13. Climb the ladder, head forward and kill pig cops.
  14. Open a door and find the severed head of the cowardly EDF goon.
  15. Step on the shrink pad, then kill the rats that issue from the floor vents.
  16. Unscrew the closed vent and enter. Go for a ride down the ventilation shaft.
  17. Walk to the end of the shaft. Shoot the pulsing eggs above, then shoot the broom handle that is blocking the fan. Let the fan blow you out of the vent.
  18. Bust open the nearby vent and unscrew access panel 57.
  19. Enter the access panel and climb the pipe rungs.
  20. Walk across the spinning gear and climb the next set of pipe rungs.
  21. Travel along the next spinning gear and open the broken vent.
  22. Drop down, then jump up and smash the fuse to stop the fan.
  23. Crouch under the fan and drop down, then bust open the vent.
  24. Walk up to the spinning gear at the end of this path and use it as an escalator to hop onto the higher level.
  25. Cross through and over the large, spinning gears, until you climb onto the pipes at the other end of this room.
  26. Hop up the next set of pipes like steps, bust open the vent to the right and smash the fuse.
  27. Bust open the next nearby vent and smash another fuse.
  28. Duck under the three hammers and smash a third vent and fuse on the other side. This will start a chain reaction that will destroy the machinery in this room.
  29. Pass under the large fan that is now dead and climb into the vent within.
  30. Move over and under pipes, then scale the tool boxes onto the shelves.
  31. Climb the pipe rungs, bust the glass and shoot the alien freaks gnawing on the corpse.
  32. Walk into the next room and climb the tool boxes by the door. Jump onto the mop pail and press the button.
  33. Kill the baby octabrains that swarm you.
  34. An enforcer will come out of the elevator and stomp on you if you aren’t careful. This is the boss battle of this level — keep away from him while blasting him until he dies. If you still have the freeze ray, this gun works pretty well against him, because you never run out of ammo. Kite him around a large box — keep the box between yourself and the enforcer while your ammo regenerates, then shoot him as he lumbers close to you. Before he stamps down on you, flee around the corner of the box.
  35. Enter the elevator, kill another octababy, and climb the slanted pipe. It’ll seesaw, allowing you to jump on the horizontal pipe and walk over to the button.
  36. Press the button to close the elevator.

The Forkstop

  1. Exit the elevator, then destroy the crate blocking access to the room with the un-shrink pad.
  2. Un-shrink yourself, then exit through the double doors.
  3. Climb the steps and open the next two doors.
  4. Flip the switch, then return to flip the switch by the garage door.
  5. Open the garage door and climb the ladder outside.
  6. Time your passage along the path to avoid the electricity.
  7. Climb down the ladder on the other side — or just jump down and take the damage, like a man.
  8. At the end of the path, climb the crate and jump through the hole in the fence.
  9. Kill two octabrains, then smash your way through the boxes to the right and fight pig cops.
  10. Man the turret and fight octabrains, then the King Octabrain.
  11. Once the Octaking flees, an EDF goon will try to open the garage door to your left. He’ll fail. Open it for him and enter Part 2.
  12. Grab the button to the right to lower the forklift.
  13. Drive the forklift. Plow through the boxes ahead, then ram the pig cops.
  14. At the end of the path, exit the forklift and use the other forklift as a stepladder to climb over the fence.
  15. When you enter the large garage, open the door at the far right, with the red light above it. Continue along, opening doors until you are in a control room. Flip the switch by the red button.
  16. Retrace your steps back to the main garage and fight pig cops.
  17. With the pig cops dead, press the button by the lift near the corner. The lift will rise halfway. Jump onto the safety poles, then onto the lift, and finally onto the catwalk.
  18. Take the elevator.

Generator Room

  1. Exit the elevator and head through the double doors to the left, then through the next pair of double doors.
  2. Descend the steps and visit with General Graves.
  3. When the General finishes his speech, head through the doors, then jump off the ledge.
  4. Walk over and around tentacles until you find a ladder to climb.
  5. Use the controller on the top level to raise the two pipes and move them to the right, so that you can cross over them like a bridge to the adjacent platform.
  6. Kill some baby bugs, then climb the steps on the second generator, hop onto a tentacle and drop down onto the next generator platform.
  7. Follow the path to the right to the last generator, climb the steps, then hop onto the tentacle.
  8. Walk up the tentacle to the walkway above.
  9. Climb the steps; the technician will move this platform around. Kill the aliens.
  10. The Octaking returns. Make sure this is the last time you’ll see him.
  11. When the king dies, descend the steps.
  12. Bust the lock off the gate ahead and continue through two pairs of double doors.
  13. Hop onto the elevator through the open elevator shaft, then jump down onto the lower elevator. It’ll drop.
  14. Dive into the water below.


  1. Swim to the surface and enter the open doorway.
  2. Shoot the fire extinguisher to put out the flames, then follow the path, down the staircase, through the archway, around the turbine, and down into the second turbine’s trench.
  3. Climb the ladder out of the second turbine.
  4. Push the red toolbox into the spinning turbine blade; it’ll partially jam it. Repeat with the second red toolbox to the right.
  5. Head down the path to the right, up the steps, to locate a third toolbox. Push it off the balcony into the turbine blade to fully jam the device.
  6. Drop down onto the still blades and climb up the ladder on the other side.
  7. Take the path to the left and open the double doors.
  8. Kill the octababies, then climb the steps.
  9. Clamber into the vent, then smash the grill at your feet to drop out into Part 2.
  10. Swim underwater, using the air bubble vents to magically replenish your oxygen supply, and follow the left path until you reach a valve.
  11. Turn the valve to open a door and head through. Be wary of the spinning fan blades.
  12. Circle the room and pass through the next doorway. Gun down several octababies. If you have difficulty with this, kite the babies back to the last bubble dispenser and mow them down as they come at you in single file.
  13. Swim to the end of the path, then break to the surface and climb the ladder.
  14. Open the door, walk up the plank onto the turbine, and drop down to the floor below.
  15. After the turbine is knocked out, take the path to the right. Be careful — you could be killed very quickly. Enemies lie in ambush here and will throw pipe bombs at you.
  16. With the battle over, climb the steps to the left, where the Enforcer came from. You’ll be back in the turbine room.
  17. Take the opposite path and smash your way through crates.
  18. Descend the tunnel.

The Clarifier

  1. Descend the steps and open the double doors.
  2. Bust through the alien “fences” and fight the pig cop that charges through the door ahead.
  3. Kill another pig cop, ahead, then open the door.
  4. Open the double doors, bust down the crates, and kill pigs.
  5. Continue forward, killing aliens, then wheel the scaffold over to the far wall. You’ll need to smash crates that are blocking the path.
  6. Climb the scaffold onto the higher level and take out the pig on the crane.
  7. Drop down through the hole in the ceiling and descend the steps to the lower level.
  8. The crane is holding a curved concrete slab. Gather barrels and throw them on the slab until the crane lowers.
  9. At some point, pig cops will charge through a garage door, along with an elevator truck.
  10. After killing the pigs, mount the truck and use it to gather the barrels stacked high out of reach.
  11. Two more garage doors will bust open and spewing out aliens. A barrel can be found in one — the final barrel needed to lower the crane.
  12. When the crane lowers, you’ll need to defeat two flying Jabba’s.
  13. Descend to the lowest level, climb up two ladders and jump onto the crane arm.
  14. Follow the path to the tunnel, then down to the fence door into Part 2.
  15. Advance and kill aliens. When the area is clear, either climb the ladder or use the alien jump pad and fight another octabrain.
  16. Drop down into the next area and fight a pig cop and babies, then climb out on the far side, onto the scaffold, across the tentacle, the pipe, and into the tunnel.
  17. Follow the tunnel to its end, where a grate will fall off and reveal electrified water.
  18. Drop down and to the right, then leap across the spools of wire as though they were lily pads to cross the water.
  19. On the other side, smash an alien fence, round a corner, and open a pair of double doors.
  20. Ascend the steps and open the next door. The path before you will break, so jump across the pipes to your left to make it to the next walkway.
  21. Walk over to Sergeant Badass.
  22. Drop down through the hole onto the central platform and use the control panel.
  23. As you are rotating, octabrains will attack. When they die, keep turning the bridge.
  24. Follow the path and try to avoid the electricity. Flip the breaker on the wall.
  25. Dive under water and turn the valve.
  26. Swim down into the next level.

Blowin’ The Dam

  1. Swim forward, beyond the opened door and through the circular window. Turn the valve near the ground, in the center of this area.
  2. Swim up by the yellow pipes, toward the blinking light. Swim through the hole in the window above the light.
  3. Follow the pipe down and to the left and kill the octabrain that bursts out of the crate.
  4. Keep following the pipe, then plant the first bomb on the large, circular grate just beyond the clustered bubble vents.
  5. Keep following the yellow pipe and turn a second valve.
  6. Continue ahead and kill two octabrains.
  7. When the pipe reaches a dead end, swim down and to the left to find where it picks up.
  8. Follow this next segment of pipe to its end, turn the valve, and fight two octabrains.
  9. Continue along the pipe and open the next valve.
  10. There are a couple EDF supplies crates in this area, as well as weapons scattered around. Hint: a large battle awaits.
  11. Plant a bomb on the large circular grate ahead, and the boss will emerge — an energy leech. Blast it with the rocket launcher until its health is flashing red, then approach it, tear it open and plant a bomb in its… uh… head?
  12. Enter the passage through which the leech came. Near the end, light will be pouring through a circular hole in the ceiling. Swim through the circle and out of the water into Part 2.
  13. Take the path to the left, then follow the arrow painted on the wall, left, as the water level rises.
  14. Head through the door and up the staircase. Open the next door and follow the path, killing a pig cop along the way.
  15. As you walk onto a catwalk, an explosion will destroy the path ahead. Double back to the concrete floor and use the red pipes as a bridge.
  16. Continue left, through a door, and left again, racing as the water level rises. While you climb a staircase, an unseen pig cop at the stop of the steps will hurl barrels at you. Dodge them until you can finally kill the pig.
  17. Turn right, open the garage door and head up the steps. Kill three pig cops, then continue through the double door.
  18. When a falling rock destroys the path ahead, turn left and descend the ladder. Cross over to the far right side and ascend another ladder.
  19. Turn right, follow the path downward, and then run through the tunnel. The water will eventually jettison you out of the dam and into the final level.

Final Battle

  1. Follow your resuscitator to the president.
  2. Fortunately, the Cycloid Emperor kills the president. But instead of thanking him, you have to kill him.
  3. Unfortunately, you don’t currently have any weapons that can kill him. However, enemies carrying weapons that can kill the Emperor are conveniently delivered to the battlefield, one at a time, every time you need more ammo. Start by grabbing the shotgun dropped by one of the squashed guards and use it to get the pig cop’s RPG.
  4. Once the Emperor’s health is red and flashing, tear out a tube on his arm, then continue the fight. You’ll have to take out the tube on his other arm, then take him down one final time — you essentially have to kill the Emperor three times before winning this battle. Simply keep your distance from the Emperor, run out of his path when he charges, and sidestep his missile attacks. During the home stretch, your EDF allies will deliver a Devastator to render this battle even easier.
  5. Once the Emperor is dead, an EDF dropship will arrive — General Graves is there to pick you up, personally. Grab hold of his arm and sail off into the credits.

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39 Comments on Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough


On June 11, 2011 at 5:39 pm

well… Where is it?


On June 11, 2011 at 10:37 pm

That has to be the shortest walk-through ever.


On June 12, 2011 at 3:59 pm

it’s a premature announcement with no content


On June 15, 2011 at 4:24 am

OK, what’s the deal with part 6…that little car has to go SOMEWHERE; that’s REALLY boring.


On June 17, 2011 at 9:08 pm

OP (guy who made the video).. thanks for the assistance. However, you need to get a life as you are a looser. I wish I could portray a voice with this – as you have and failed. I imagine a serious geek and a true troglodyte that was working to get his 15 mins of fame.

Ben Dover

On June 21, 2011 at 12:05 pm

Walkthrough was nice, but you spent way too much time working on a cheesy impression of Duke that took away from the video. A description of what you were doing would have been very helpful.


On June 22, 2011 at 6:14 pm

Man guys, easy on him. Of course if you can’t stand the heat don’t publish on the internet. I do agree the cheesy Duke voice was irritating.

But I did like the lack of details. I was happpy to find a walkthrough I could reference when i was in a jamb without giving me too much info. Like the battle with the octaking at the end of underground. That one gave me fits getting through it. As tempting as it was to go to a more detailed walkthrough I kept retrying and eventually finished it.

Thanks for the work putting this together.


On June 25, 2011 at 3:15 pm

This ia a great walk thru. If you think you can do better then make your own. What a bunch of ass wipes.


On June 29, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Thanks for the walkthrough…it was a great help.


On July 30, 2011 at 12:37 pm

Thanks for the guide it sure helped out a few times when I got stuck.


On August 6, 2011 at 2:48 am

Why would anyone need a walkthrough for this crap game? Why would anyone want one? Why would anyone aim to finish this crap game? Why would anyone bother to make a walkthrough for this crap game?

…this crap game.



CJ Miozzi

On August 6, 2011 at 11:34 am

@DukeIsAWOL Why would anyone bother to navigate to and comment on a walkthrough for a crap game that they didn’t finish?

Bruce to the Tee

On August 10, 2011 at 4:18 pm


First I’d like to THANK James. The three barrels to tip that box car over? I would have NEVER had gotten that, and given up on the game. Now to business…what James said, or implied was not true on my PC version. The Octa-King NEVER completely runs out of Octa-brains. He’ll summon to infinity. After killing a sortie of 3 or 4 of them, there will be a pause. Use this pause before summoning another sortie to let him have it. He won’t summon more while you are killing him.


On August 14, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Thanks for the walk through it was very helpful. I got stuck a few times with some of the puzzles and killing some of the bosses.

And for the haters out there, DNF is a great game! Funny, whitty, varied in game play. Multipalyer is fun too! Shrink gun and Duke hologram! Bring it :)

Max the axe

On September 8, 2011 at 12:10 am

Don’t worry about what those heads said – it was good of you to put the walkthrough together. You did a good job – those lazy feckers didn’t do much did they?

Max the axe

On September 8, 2011 at 12:11 am

Don’t worry about those heads – the walkthrough was spot on for me.

Bruce to the Tee

On September 12, 2011 at 2:53 pm

Re: The Bucket-head achivement

“Detenators” football helmets…nope. Construction hard -hats? Nope. Where are these alleged 3 helmets that Duke can use?What do they look like?


On September 18, 2011 at 10:31 am

thanks, this walkthrough was a lot of help for me.


On September 25, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Just thought id also add that if you play pool in your condo after defeating the first boss and sink all the balls without sewering you get an ego boost as well.


On October 10, 2011 at 10:05 pm

It never fails. No matter what game is receiving comments/feedback there are always crap for brains air-heads that can’t say anything worthwhile… especially something positive.
I found the walk-through helpful several times and that’s the bottom line, isn’t it!
So, thanks for the fun walk-through and ignore the immature miserable bastards that that slammed your work.

Just me

On October 17, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Awesome game and awesome walk-through.
It came to the rescue in times of need, saved me terrible frustrations looking for that right thing to be done.
Thanx, You’ve really nailed it!!!

Jim Clements-Loftus

On October 23, 2011 at 7:50 am

Thanks CJ! Your walkthrough brightened my day and made me laugh! It says something for the game that I enjoyed your walkthrough more than the game itself!

Oh wow

On October 27, 2011 at 9:53 am

Awesome fight at the finish. It took me 3 days to kill the thing in normal mode Can’t wait till I go through it in Hard mode.


On October 30, 2011 at 2:47 am

An excellent walkthrough that cuts through the waffle and gets to the point. I’m surprised that some have chosen to criticize something designed to help them?! Maybe they are so aggrieved by how much money or time they have NOT had to invest?!

Keep up the good work!


Bruce to the Tee

On November 9, 2011 at 7:12 pm

re: Underground Part II. Kill the Octababies, surface, climb the ladder. Enter turbine area. Anyone figure out how to get the AT/Enforcer weapon from behind the gate?


On November 23, 2011 at 10:58 pm

worthless game….total waste of time! walkthrough is gr8,tho!


On November 30, 2011 at 8:08 pm

Good luck finding such an indepth insider for free somewhere else. Quit complaining and appreciate what help is available. I have beaten the game and believe this guide is pretty good. Better ones cost money, go buy one!


On December 13, 2011 at 9:32 am

It is very rare that I type in to forums like these after reading the negative comments listed above I had to respond to the defense of the web sight and of the game. If any of you are old enough you would know that the game used to be a side skroler on the PC way back in the day. The game has evolved greatly. I have an ASUS G74 (16 giggs RAM 3 giggs Video card and core I7 processor) That being said if you wher not playing your games on Alien Ware or some other sub par PC or Lap top You might be able to render and apriceate the game better. As far as the comments twards James… Not cool I fond it to be the best gaming advice that is free. do you know how muuch gaming stratagy books cost?? do the math and quit B#$%*in about the game and web site and play out side too some time. I do my gaming only when I cant go out side and play Good day Good times


On December 27, 2011 at 4:55 pm

I thought the game was everything Duke Nukem should be. Right down the Duke Nukem alley. For those who can do nothing but complain, you should have known what to expect before you spent your money. Its called due diligence. Look it up.

The only complaint is that 2K games is tied to Steam at the hips. Installation is a pain in the rump. Get out of our games, Steam!

As for the walk-through, I think it is an excellent piece of work. Brief enough not to give everything away but thorough enough to help out when you’re in a tight spot. Even the voice over stayed in character. Nice touch! Great work!

I am appalled at the extreme lack of manners some of you seem to exhibit. Didn’t your mother teach you that if you have nothing nice to say than say nothing. Grow up. Its just a game for the love of Pete!


On December 29, 2011 at 7:59 pm

DN Fan I conrour Steam sucks lots. It is apearant that you are a gamer and not a mouth breather like the others above


On January 5, 2012 at 9:37 pm

I too am sick and bloody tired of finding comments loaded with disparaging/negative posts written by knuckle-headed cretins hiding behind the relative obscurity of the internet.
Most people do not need a complete walk-through (after all, why do we play FPS games?) but a hint-through, for when stuck. Your time and effort in producing this guide IS appreciated (by many more people than have posted comments).
I do not have DNF yet as I’m loathe to jump through the hoops 2K and Steam provide (after other games, a Right Royal PITA). Your guide has given me an idea of what to expect, so thank you very much.

Delusional King

On January 20, 2012 at 5:56 pm

James you are a NOOB, not only did you make a walkthrough that was missing all the bouns ego activations but you failed to say when there was an acheivment chance comming up making me have to go back constantly to redo levels. also your shooting and general gameplay was house, were you useing a cheat to stop you from dying as there was many occations during your walkthrough where you should have died and you didn’t.

Also some of your info acctually made the game harder. ie the Octaboss keeps resending the octabrains you just have to kill him as fast as possible. In future leave making walkthroughs to people that are going to do the job properly.

P.S. James IS A NOOB!!!


On January 24, 2012 at 6:33 pm

somewhat helpful walkthrough. the voice in the video was just annoying. i must have said “what a douche” at least 15 times.

but thanks for the effort.

Spaz the Juggalo

On February 8, 2012 at 8:30 pm

james, you did a good job with this walk through. but honestly, you could have at least put the locations of the 3 hats. don’t think that i’m belittling you, i’m not. just giving you some advice. but on the positive side, this guide helped me get through the dome, that was the hardest part since i did not know what to do with the wrecking ball.

and to all you haters and mutha fackoos who say this is a crap game. if you think this is a crap gamem then DON’T F@#:!% PLAY IT!!!


On March 10, 2012 at 7:17 pm

Great walktrough, very good videos. The voiceover was funny. Thank you very much!


On June 22, 2012 at 7:26 pm

Quote by:


On December 13, 2011 at 9:32 am

It is very rare that I type in to forums like these after reading the negative comments listed above I had to respond to the defense of the web sight and of the game. If any of you are old enough you would know that the game used to be a side skroler on the PC way back in the day. The game has evolved greatly. I have an ASUS G74 (16 giggs RAM 3 giggs Video card and core I7 processor) That being said if you wher not playing your games on Alien Ware or some other sub par PC or Lap top You might be able to render and apriceate the game better. As far as the comments twards James… Not cool I fond it to be the best gaming advice that is free. do you know how muuch gaming stratagy books cost?? do the math and quit B#$%*in about the game and web site and play out side too some time. I do my gaming only when I cant go out side and play Good day Good times”

First off,

Dude learn to spell for god sake! Anyone can tell just by reading your post and looking at your atrocious spelling that you obviously are a young kid.


When your quoting how ‘good’ your ‘Pre-built’ gaming laptop is, learn to spell, and learn to not slander other peoples choices in pre-built computers! your ASUS G74 is about as good as an Alienware Aurora or Area 51.


I don’t know if you were too young to remember the original Duke Nukem when it was first released, but I know I wasn’t. I remember playing it on my dads old 486. Then when I was a little older the first game I ever bought myself was the Duke Nukem Killaton Collection. So don’t presume to tell anybody if they were old enough, from the sound of it you were not!

and lastly,

“Go play outside? i only do my gaming when i can’t go out and play?” WTF dude how old are you? you sound about 10!


I was hunting for a mission list, when i came across this Walkthru. I think its a simple yet satisfying piece of information. I personally don’t like a walkthru that gives a complete blow by blow account, because it takes away from my playing experience of doing it on my own. When in difficult times, for me, it’s nice to be dropped a hint or 2 and not a complete guide.

So I say, nice work with your guide, it helped me immensely. Keep up the good work, I only wish I had time to do something similar. It’s thru you good sir that guys like me can find a little help when we are stuck.



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On July 7, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Lol- Best walk through ever! If the game had used your commentary instead of the crap duke spouts it might actually of been funny.
Maxwell said: ” However, you need to get a life as you are a looser. I wish I could portray a voice with this – as you have and failed. I imagine a serious geek and a true troglodyte that was working to get his 15 mins of fame.”
James wasn’t trying to sound cool- He was making fun of duke and his voice. It adds to the humor.

And if if you felt his acting was stupid, why in the nine hells would you phrase your dislike in such a way? James has kindly taken quite a bit of time and effort to make a helpful walkthrough for us lazy scrubs, don’t criticize him for it. If you have a problem phrase it politely in a constructive manner. If you can’t do that then you should keep your mouth shut.


On November 20, 2013 at 9:27 pm

Bruce to the Tee…. You get the gun in the area where you first go into the water. If you head to the stairs to enter the water and before you enter the water look to the left and in the corner is a ladder. climb up it to get AT/Enforcer weapon.


On June 8, 2014 at 2:19 pm

james, u rock! keep up the good work!
btw, ice cold cool voice!!!