E3 2007: EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark Screens

E3 2007: EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark ScreensThis morning at E3, Sony Online Entertainment released some new screenshots and artwork for EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark. This is the fourth expansion pack for the EverQuest II franchise. With the introduction of the new playable race, the Sarnak, and new starting area, Timorous Deep, Rise of Kunark provides a full range of content for new player’s levels 1-20 as well as advanced, high level players whom can now achieve up to level 80 in high level zones, both increasing their Adventure and Tradeskill classes. Rise of Kunark includes many highly-detailed areas that players may recall from EverQuest as well as some new areas with extra content. Hundreds of new quests, dozens of new NPCs, brand new Epic Weapon quests for each class, and new armor sets await those who dare set foot on this fabled continent. EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark will be available for purchase on November 13, 2007, visit the official site for more details; and as always, check back with us often because we should be getting some more screens and possibly a trailer very soon.

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Centuries of war have left their mark on the continent of Kunark. Explore this massive region as your existing character or as the new playable race â$” The Sarnak â$” and discover a world full of intrigue and danger. Engage in all-new adventures as you embark on a crusade to reveal the truth of the wars between the reborn Iksar Empire, Sarnaks, and Dragons and uncover artifacts long since thought lost to history. The lush, nostalgic continent of Kunark begins your courageous path from the new starting city in Timorous Deep.


  • All-New Player Race â$” Start up a brand new Sarnak â$” the classic dragon-like humanoid creature that now inhabits Timorous Deep. Exiled from your homeland and magically altered, discover how your new breed came to be, and eventually return home to help your race triumph over the evil Iksar.
  • New Starting Area â$” Begin your adventure from the new starting area in the islands of Timorous Deep. Conclude your day of epic quests and retire to new housing within the Village of Gorowyn.
  • Level Cap Raised â$” Continue your adventures on your existing character in Kunark, expanding on your achievements as Adventure, Tradeskill and Guild levels all increase to 80.
  • More Unique Zones â$” Advance your way through new massive regions, containing many zones filled with nostalgia and danger, such as the Emerald Jungle and the Skyfire Mountains
  • Hundreds of New Quests â$” The tale of Kunark is told through hundreds of new quests, aimed at gameplay of all types: solo, group, and raid.
  • More Weapons & Armor â$” New Epic Weapon quests for all 24 classes, with new weapons for both those who raid and those who choose not to. Battle through the opposition and acquire additional fabled and legendary armor sets as well.
  • New Mount â$” Explore the world on the shoulders of a new rampaging beast – The Kunarkian Rhinoceros.
  • New Deities â$” Recent activities on Norrath have again attracted the attention of the gods. Bertoxxulous the Plaguebringer, Karana the Rain Keeper, and the mysterious Tribunal return to exert their influences on planet. As with the existing gods of Norrath, players may pledge to these new deities to gain access to their Blessings and Miracles.
  • Dozens of New NPCs â$” Encounter and engage a wide variety of new enemies that inhabit the menacing lands of Kunark.

E3 2007: EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark ScreensE3 2007: EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark ScreensE3 2007: EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark ScreensE3 2007: EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark Screens

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