E3 2008: Fable II – Details, More Screens and a Trailer

Here are the other screens I promised you earlier for Fable II as well as the trailer that was shown at E3.

Included in the gameplay footage, you get to see a short bit where your character will meet your canine companion. You see the dog walk up and lick your hand – ok everyone together now – awwwwwww. I am always worried about keeping my animal alive when they include them in games. You cannot not believe the times I reloaded playing Fallout II just because Dogmeat died. I am such a girl.

According to the Microsoft press conference, in which Peter Molyneaux showed the audience how to bring a friend on XBL over to meet his wife in the game, it was revealed that the game is set 500 years after the original took place. Peter also went on to reiterate the innovative real-time gameplay, the massive amount of freedom and choice to explore a vast collection of dungeons, and the catacombs and taverns in the world of Albion.

Therefore, in short, here is what to expect from Fable II when it hits shelves for the Xbox 360 in October:

  • Choices, consequences. The innovative gameplay pioneered in the original “Fable” provided gamers with a never-before-seen level of immersion in a truly interactive world. “Fable II” expands upon the scope and depth of the Xbox classic by adding incredible new features and creating a wider, more complex kingdom of limitless choices and consequences. Players will have the option to play as a man or woman, get married, have children, and live a life of their own design — all leading to different destinies.
  • A land far, far away. Gamers will revisit the newly expanded world of Albion more than 500 years after the events of the original “Fable,” where they are free to explore the landscape and openly roam the countryside. For the right price, every house, hut, dungeon and castle is for sale. Players can witness how the world grows and changes in response to their decisions in incredible and unique ways as they rediscover Albion as if for the first time.
  • Fight with ease. “Fable II” pioneers a new combat system designed to allow players to truly master hand weapons such as swords and maces, ranged combat weapons such as crossbows and guns, and an entirely new magic system. These three disciplines, while very accessible, are also amazingly deep, and allow players to mix combat styles and become everything from master swordsman to skilled ranger to evil magic wielder, each using a different single button on the Xbox 360 Controller.
  • A hero’s best friend. This groundbreaking addition to the game is integral to the theme of unconditional love in “Fable II.” A player’s canine companion will act as friend, compass and protector. Players must merely feed their pooch and he will love unconditionally, creating a bond that sets up emotion-filled journeys throughout this magical world.
  • Experience the world together. For the first time in the “Fable” series, gamers can experience the expansive and immersive world of “Fable II” with friends, either on the same couch or over Xbox LIVE together in co-operative mode.2 “Fable II” embodies the new Xbox experience and will extend the Xbox LIVE service further with the introduction of orbs. Orbs allow for seamless LIVE co-op play and interaction with other “Fable II” players.
  • Xbox LIVE Arcade “Fable II” Pub Games earn major gold. Lionhead Studios is providing an unparalleled experience to gamers through Xbox LIVE Arcade. Gamers can start earning in-game currency for the “Fable II” world in August 2008, before the game’s release to retail, by downloading and playing an Xbox LIVE Arcade title, which contains three casino-style minigames titled “Fortune’s Tower,” “Keystone” and “Spinnerbox.” Gamers can win items such as dog tricks, potions and chocolates; unlock 15 pieces of concept art; and use the gold earned to purchase weapons, armor and more in “Fable II.” This is a first-of-its-kind experience for gamers that can only be found on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

For more screens, hit the jump.

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2 Comments on E3 2008: Fable II – Details, More Screens and a Trailer


On July 15, 2008 at 11:47 am

last time i played this game as the good guy, always wanted to play it again after that as the true evil devil i am … but never found the time. And since i saved all the little girls in bioshock … i will be EVIL this time in Fable II. And that means killing the dog the first time i get the chance, dirty little flea bag. :mrgreen:


On July 15, 2008 at 12:28 pm

LMAO @ runemaster :lol: :lol: