E3 2011 – Kirby Wii Hands-On

Kirby sucks again!

Ok, bad joke, but it’s true in the literal sense as “Kirby Wii” is a return to the classic Kirby style platforming that Nintendo fans have grown to know and love.

Kirby moves from left to right, inhaling enemies, absorbing their powers, using those powers to access secret doors that lead to bonus rooms with lots of collectable goodies, etc. It’s a tried and true formula that has gotten much love from Nintendo’s handhelds, but surprisingly little from the Wii.

Kirby’s last adventure on the console, “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” was a pretty large departure from what Nintendo fans have come to expect out of the franchise, with Kirby being unable to suck in enemies and copy their powers.

Kirby Wii on the other hand is all about the powers, and many of the classics, like ice, sword, and cutter, are all accounted for.

Perhaps inspired by the success of “New Super Mario Brothers,” the big change this time around is the addition of four player drop-in/drop-out cooperative play. Playable characters for the other players to use include Meta-Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee.

Obviously the assisting characters don’t have Kirby’s unique ability to copy an enemy’s ability, but they do make up for it somewhat by each having their own set of unique weapons and abilities. Meta Knight’s has his short sword and can charge up his attack to use a tornado that clears out any weak enemies in front of him, Dedede has his trademark hammer, and Waddle Dee has a long range spear that he can jab out and poke things from a distance.

“Kirby Wii” also obviously takes some inspiration from “New Super Mario Brothers Wii” by subtly adding in ways for friendships to be tested with some of its “cooperative” mechanics. Kirby is able to use a powered up inhale to suck up and spit out partners, while the partner characters are able to kill an empowered enemy that Kirby is looking to absorb, effectively making the poor pink puff ball powerless.

Overall, there’s not much to say about “Kirby Wii” other than: It’s classic Kirby, with 4 player coop. If that sounds like something that interests you, you’ll be happy to know that the game is due out this fall.

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