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Cliffy B: Gears of War Movie “in development hell”


But he hopes Gears of War 3 will get it jump started.

GameFront’s Best of E3 2011


You’ve seen our coverage. Now find out what we thought the best games of E3 were.

E3 2011 – BioShock Infinite Looks Great, But Also Like It’s On Rails

bioshock infinite vox 2 thumb

After seeing Irrational Games’ live demo at E3, I can’t wait to get my hands on the new BioShock — even if it does look like the game will be more watching than playing.

E3 2011: The X-Men Destiny Demo’s Mutant Power Is Boredom


Come on guys. The game comes out in September. Why couldn’t we play the dang thing?

E3 2011 – See Assassin’s Creed Revelations in Action with Commentary (VIDEO)

assassin's creed revelations thumb

Six minutes of Ezio stabbin’ dudes.

E3 2011 – Hands-on Playing OnLive on the iPad

onlive app 1 thumb

Finally, a damn good reason to buy an iPad.

Survival Horror on Kinect with Rise of Nightmares (TRAILER)

rise of nightmares thumb

Imagine being tied up and attacked by monsters!

E3 2011 – Gearbox Loves Aliens, But Is That Enough to Make Colonial Marines Good?

colonial marines 1 thumb

Gearbox’s upcoming sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens has a lot to get right. After checking out the E3 demo, they seem like the guys for the job, but I’m still a bit worried.

E3 2011 Said Look, But Don’t Touch


Exclusivity and hands-off demos, the apparent future of E3.

E3 2011 – Magicka PvP Hands-On Preview


All those times you “accidently” killed your friends in co-op is about to pay off.

E3 2011 – PSVita In-Depth Preview


The handheld everyone’s been waiting for? Find out what we thought as we got hands on with the next-generation portable and three games.

E3 2011 – Of Orcs and Men Preview


Guide an Orc and Goblin on their quest for revenge against the genocidal humans… dark.

E3 2011 – IndieCade In-Depth


Get a look at the international festival and three of its featured games.

E3 2011 — Hitman: Absolution Demo Shows Player Choice, Detail in NPCs

hitman 1 thumb

Six years on and Agent 47 has some cool new tricks, along with smarter opponents to hunt and kill.

A Trio of Trios of Ghost Recon Future Soldier E3 Leftovers (SCREENSHOTS)


I never get tired of looking at these.

That’s a Whole Lot of Dead Bugs in Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (TRAILER)

edf insect armageddon thumb

AGH! Kill it! Kill it!

You Are the Sword that Brutally Kills the Enemies of Rome in Ryse (TRAILER)

ryse thumb

Ancient Rome was a rough place, as the dog in this trailer will surely tell you.

Squash Things as a Rancor in Star Wars Kinect (TRAILER)

star wars kinect thumb

It’s amazing what a John Williams score can do for a trailer.

E3 2011: The Darkness 2 Interview With Lead Designer Tom Galt


Get ready to dig down deep into the even more comic-booky sequel.

E3 2011: Dead Island Interview With Developer Sebastian Reichert


Get the scoop on Deep Silver’s upcoming tropical-paradise-overrun-by-zombies game here.

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