Beyond: Two Souls Is David Cage’s “Most Ambitious Game Yet”


Jodie eventually locks herself in a bathroom and, with some help from Aiden, manages to break the ceiling hatch and climb to the top of the train. The rain is pouring down and Jodie’s flannel jacket flutters dynamically in the wind as she continues heading forward. Suddenly, after being cornered by her pursuers, Jodie desperately leaps off the train and becomes surrounded by a protective blue aura, which saves her from the fall.

In the next scene, Jodie has to quickly navigate through the forest to escape before her pursuers can catch up to her. Too late — the hounds are released and the sounds of their barks continues to get closer and closer. It was unclear if it was because the player made too many mistakes as he guided Jodie through the forest, but eventually the dogs catch up and Jodie must fight for her life.

A variety of button prompts appear while fighting off the dogs, all of which are familiar to those who played Heavy Rain. The player has to hold down certain buttons and press more without letting go of the others, rapidly mash a specific button, and perform gestures with the joystick to make it out of the battle alive.

Once out of the forest, a new puzzle presented itself. A couple of cops are barricading the road, but one of them left his motorcycle unattended. Jodie points out that the motorcycle is just what she needs and then tells Aiden to go to work.

Again, Cage assures us that there are multiple ways to solve this problem. The one that we were showed involved Aiden possessing a cop with an orange aura, and then causing him to ram his car into a railing repeatedly while Jodie snuck around to grab the bike.

In the final scene of the demo, Jodie arrives at a small town that the police have completely surrounded. They’re not playing around. Multiple snipers of the rooftops, lots of police cars, and helicopters all have their weapons pointed at Jodie who is desperately hiding behind some cover.

“Take care of them, Aiden,” says Jodie. And with those words, the true scope of Aidens power is unveiled.

This next part was described as a sandbox, giving the player several options for eliminating Jodie’s enemies. Those snipers a problem? Not when you possess one of them, causing a friendly fire rampage that results in him getting killed by his own buddies. Need a distraction? Possess the guy in the car and have him drive it straight through a convenience store. Aiden could even bring down a clock tower and have the debris crush those poor souls standing underneath.

As the police close in on Jodie, she starts to retreat to an old theater. Finally, Aiden had enough and decides to possess the helicopter driver and force him to crash the bird into the ground. A huge explosion follows and a battered Jodie walks out of the flames to pick up the leader of the police force by the collar.

“Tell them to leave me the f**k alone because next time, I’ll kill everyone.” Badass.

Beyond isn’t likely to win over any new fans who weren’t impressed by Quantic Dream’s previous two titles. But for those who enjoyed Heavy Rain — and there must be a lot of you or this game wouldn’t exist — Beyond is shaping up to be a worthy follow-up with some intriguing gameplay possibilities thanks to Aiden. Now let’s just hope that they can avoid some of those plot holes that plagued Heavy Rain.

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