EA Inexplicably Thinks Kinect Will Broaden Mass Effect 3′s Appeal

When I read some of Satoru Iwata’s totally insane comments about the public’s reaction to the Wii U, I didn’t think I’d find a funnier quote in the near future from anywhere else. And I didn’t, but this one is close. Here’s EA boss Frank Gibeau (in Eurogamer)talking about the addition of Kinect-enabled voice commands to Mass Effect 3:

Mass Effect has a fairly complicated combat system. You’ve got story and choice. For some fans that don’t buy 12 games a year and maybe buy two or three, some of those things can be intimidating. We wanted to open up the accessibility without hurting the depth or the quality. Kinect is a fantastic technology that allows us to do that.

For core gamers, they just liked the fact they could even be more powerful with it. With new gamers they felt they could get into it much easier.

I can kinda half believe this, if I thought that new gamers would actually use the voice commands or that the voice commands will work as intended. Have you ever played Tom Clancy’s EndWar?

In my experience, the only time people use squad commands is on the higher difficulty levels, and it’s not like the non-core Mass Effect player is gonna go there.

This is really about selling Kinect to the core audience that has so far scoffed at it. They attach a fairly worthless extra feature to a game they know you’ll buy and hope you’ll spend $150 to be able to make use of it. Whatever.

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2 Comments on EA Inexplicably Thinks Kinect Will Broaden Mass Effect 3′s Appeal


On June 11, 2011 at 6:05 am

They try to sell more Kincets and EA probably got a whole lot of money stuffed up their ass from Microsoft to include this feature. It’s not like it would change anything ingame. It can’t actually because then other platforms would be at a disadvantage and that’s not something you can easily justify as a developer. And Bioware really has to get this one right after the DA2 fail. And you are right about squad commands… usually you only use them at Insanity difficulty anyways so your squads doesn’t wander off the whole time and gets killed constantly. But the true hardcore gamers play on PC anyways because you can do a lot of modding (at least in ME2 you can) and get rid of annoying stuff like the heavy weapons so you can actually switch between weapons faster and play solo without squadmates and all, mod textures and much more. And those people, myself included, don’t need Kinect – we destroy Insanity mode pretty hard even without squadmates anyways. And picking dialogue options is also not something you would need Kinect for.


On June 11, 2011 at 10:34 pm

The Kinect support is there to add more fun to the game, sure you don’t need it to beat it :) , but in the end its about the journey, if it makes the game more interesting and fun then I’m glad there trying to be creative with the tools available to them.