EA Shows Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield Hardline, BioWare Stuff at E3 2014

Electronic Arts shows lots of trailers for its upcoming game lineup at its E3 2014 presser, although just about all of them were pretty empty when it comes to details about how those games will play.

Except, that is, for a lengthy multiplayer video for Battlefield Hardline to go with the newly announced closed beta on PC and Playstation 4.

Here’s a quick rundown of the things EA showed off and the tidbits of information that went with them.

  • We didn’t get much on Star Wars: Battlefront, except that DICE has spent some time with the original movie props at LucasFilm and gone out to filming locations to get authentic vehicles and landscapes into the upcoming game. In all, EA’s presser had entirely too little Star Wars.
  • BioWare showed a new trailer from Dragon Age: Inquisition that includes a new major feature that was included in Dragon Age: Origins and not in Dragon Age II: the tactical view. The top-down viewpoint lets players control their party with an eye toward strategy over action. We were also treated to a behind-the-scenes video from BioWare’s studios in Montreal and Edmonton — Montreal is working on the new entry into the Mass Effect series, about which we learned nothing, and Edmonton (and Casey Hudson and co. of the original Mass Effect trilogy) are working on new intellectual property, about which we learned nothing. Expect some open world gameplay it sounds like, however.
  • Sims 4 will drop on Sept. 4 and Maxis showed off new details about customization players can bring to their Sims, going beyond just looks to include personality. Traits players choose for their characters influences their emotional states and how they interact with others in the game world, creating unfolding stories.
  • We watched Bruce Lee kick some ass in EA Sports UFC.
  • For NHL 2015, EA noted players will see the most detailed arenas the series has ever attempted, and that physics has been added to all 12 players as well as the puck for more realistic motion throughout the game.
  • Criterion Games, the maker of the Burnout series, is working on some kind of extreme racer-type title that includes all sorts of vehicles, including helicopters, ATVs, wing suits, planes, boats and a ton of other stuff. We don’t know what it’s called or what it’ll be like, but it’s definitely bursting with machines you can drive.
  • EA Sports PGA Tour won’t have load times between holes, and more importantly, you can play on crazy fantasy courses like the one in the trailer where a battleship crashes into the course.
  • Madden 15, launching on Aug. 26, will focus on defense, new camera angles, new animations and player emotions.
  • DICE showed some early footage of the upcoming Mirror’s Edge reboot, with some details about how the studio worked with parkour artists to refine protagonist Faith’s movement and capabilities. They also made brief mention of what we can expect from this game’s story, which will feature more characterization for Faith and the Runners, the free-running rebel group of which she is a part.
  • The big thrust in the discussion of FIFA 15 concerned bringing more emotion to players as they play. They’ll have memories that mean they’ll remember their failures and their triumphs from earlier in the game, and that’ll show in their faces (and their play).
  • Finally, we got a huge look at Battlefield Hardline’s multiplayer mode, in which cops and criminals ravage a city by destroying bridges, helicopters, cars, cranes and buildings through the course of battle. Developer Visceral Games also announced a Hardline closed beta on PC and Playstation 4 that’s live right now, ahead of the game’s October release.

For all the trailers that EA showed, they mostly included behind-the-scenes info and little or nothing about EA’s actual games. There was a lot of emotional-sounding music, and one giant multiplayer demo for Hardline, but as pressers go, Electronic Arts’ was pretty thin on new tidbits. It did have pyrotechnics, though.

Stay tuned for more press conference coverage out of E3 2014 today, with Ubisoft’s presser starting at 3 p.m. PDT.

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1 Comment on EA Shows Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield Hardline, BioWare Stuff at E3 2014


On June 9, 2014 at 4:07 pm

Ok I really, really like what I saw with Battlefront. That is looking good. Only to tease with some video or the next ME game. Plus DA:I which looks awesome.

Damn you EA for teasing me like this.