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Shard Strategies

This section covers strategies and info that applies to the general process of conquering shards.

After completing the tutorial, you will start your conquest to become the Master of the Broken World by selecting your first shard to conquer.

Choose each shard to conquer carefully, based on the Hero class(es) you will choose to play, the shard characteristics (size, terrain, and energy), and the benefits awarded when conquered (building knowledge and benefits obtained).

If your capital province and stronghold are captured, you lose the game. Therefore, strengthen them as quickly as possible by:

  • exploring the province to 100%. Don’t bother visiting discovered locations while exploring. You can go back to them later, when your Hero is better prepared. Just keep clicking the ‘Continue exploring’ option.
  • quickly building a recruiting station to hire troops to garrison your stronghold.
  • hiring soldiers for the Hero’s Army.
Buy a backup weapon and keep it in your Inventory, for those times when you are pressed for battle and can’t get back to your capital province for repairs. If your main weapon breaks, you’ll have an extra one to switch to.
You do not have to capture every province on a shard to conquer it. You only need to be strong enough to capture the rival lord’s capital province to conquer a shard. However, capturing more provinces will increase your gold and gems income, and give you more choices of Locations to visit to increase your xp and combat skills.
Don’t immediately sell the items gathered through combat or Exploring. The stronghold Treasury has plenty of room to hold items that may be of use to another Hero, should you decide to hire another.


Exploring provinces has two main benefits:

  • Discovering Locations where enemy creatures may be fought and vanquished for xp, gold, and items. These locations make it possible for your Hero to engage in combat and gain xp without having to venture far away from your capital province.
  • Once a province is Explored 100%, the gold amount it adds to your coffers is increased by 2.

When exploring, you may encounter non-combat locations, such as a Monolith, or the Spirit of Knowledge. These and others like them give you xp, gold, and/or gems just for encountering them, so don’t skip them when in full exploration mode.

With two or more Heroes, you can combine Exploring and Visiting Locations on the same turn. Have one Hero (such as a Scout) Exploring and identifying Locations with low-level monsters, but retreating from any combat. Have another Hero Exploring in turn,visiting the low-level monster Locations and defeating them. This method allows for a speedy exploration of provinces while also quickly gaining xp, gold, and items.

Often you will discover a province shop while Exploring. These shops are the same as ones you build in your stronghold, but with slightly higher prices. However, they may come in handy when your Hero is far from the capital province and you want to buy or sell items without travelling all the way back to base.


On the battle map, terrain plays a very important part in fighting strategically. Each terrain hex on the map has a speed cost, and very often a stamina cost, to move on and through it. Hover the game cursor over a hex to see what costs it may have before moving a soldier onto it.

Terrain can also offer a bonus or penalty to a soldier’s attack, defense, and range. Try to position your troops to use terrain to your advantage, and try to lure enemy troops to positions that will give them a negative effect. Use the game cursor to see how terrain in each hex will affect troops.

  • Forest: + Ranged Defense
  • Hills: + Range, +Defense, +Counterattack
  • Swamps: – Defense, -Counterattack
  • Lakes and Mountains: Impassable terrain; place your ranged attackers behind these, flanked by strong melee defenders.

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