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Commanders can lead large armies and their skills are focused on improving the attributes of their soldiers. Commanders can use medium armor and shields.

Commanders should first focus on building up the Military and Craftsmen Quarters in their strongholds. This will open up the buildings and services of most use to them, including access to medium weapons and armor. This also quickly unlocks troops to hire for your Hero’s Army and to garrison the stronghold.

Commander Skills

Logistics is the ability to supply troops with provisions and to arrange the sieges efficiently.

Level 1: Army Upkeep -10%, Siege +5
Level 2: Army Upkeep -10%, Siege +5
Level 3: Army Upkeep -10%, Siege +5
Level 4: Army Upkeep -10%, Siege +10
Level 5: Army Upkeep -10%, Siege +10

The ability to maneuver not only increases the initiative of the army, but favorably affects the stamina of the troops and speeds up the global map movement as well.

Level 1: Initiative +1, Stamina +1
Level 2: Initiative +1, Stamina +1
Level 3: Initiative +1, Stamina +1, Mobility +1
Level 4: Initiative +1, Stamina +2
Level 5: Initiative +1, Stamina +2, Mobility +1

Offensive Tactics
Proper offensive tactics improve the attack and counterattack attributes of units.

Level 1: Attack +1
Level 2: Counterattack +1
Level 3: Attack +1
Level 4: Counterattack +1
Level 5: Attack +1, Counterattack +1

The skill of discipline increases the vitality of units and raises their magic resistance.

Level 1: Hit Points +1, Resistance +1
Level 2: Hit Points +1
Level 3: Hit Points +1, Resistance +1
Level 4: Hit Points +2
Level 5: Hit Points +1, Resistance +1

The troops under a competent leader train faster in their skills, and possess higher morale, as well.

Level 1: Experience Gained +5%, Morale +1
Level 2: Experience Gained +5%, Morale +1
Level 3: Experience Gained +5%, Morale +1
Level 4: Experience Gained +5%, Morale +2
Level 5: Experience Gained +5%, Morale +2

Ranged Tactics
Knowledge of ranged tactics improves the combat efficiency of missile troops. This does not affect healers or units using Magic Shot. Does not affect the ammo capacity of barbarians and spearmen, either.

Level 1: Ranged Attack +1
Level 2: Ammo +1
Level 3: Ranged Attack +1
Level 4: Ammo +1
Level 5: Range +1

Defensive Tactics
Skillful defensive tactics decrease the damage taken by units.

Level 1: Ranged Defense +1
Level 2: Defense +1
Level 3: Ranged Defense +1
Level 4: Defense +1
Level 5: Defense +1, Ranged Defense +1

Level 10 Commander Classes

Once the path of the Commander is completed, the hero becomes a General and gains the ability to increase the attack of his units.

A Commander who has mastered the art of fighting becomes a Warlord and gains the ability to efficiently increase the defense of his units.

A Commander who has mastered scouting skills becomes a Tactician, gaining higher initiative and the ability to increase the ranged attack of his missile troops.

A Commander who has mastered the secrets of magic becomes a Priest and gains the ability to increase the morale and resistance of his units.

Sample Shard Conquer

Shard: Guernsecon
Size: Tiny
Terrain: Mixed
Energy: +1

Building Knowledge Obtained:
Drivers Guild
Gem Reserve: +2

Benefits Obtained:
Item in Treasury: Hand Crossbow

Stronghold Buildings (in order)

Recruiting Station
Swordsman School
Pikeman School
Crossbowman School
Stonemasons Guild
Practice Halls
Farmers Market
Weapons Store
Chain Mail Armory
Diggers Guild
Jewelry Store
Carpenters Guild
Carpenters Shop

Provinces Captured (in order)

Crop Fields
Rat Field
Outer Lands
Steppe Country
Clear Valley
Cloudy Hills
Mermaid Rocks
Ganut Mud
Seagull Valley
Rain Coast
Flat Hills
Rainbow Valley (enemy capital province)

Conquering Heroes

Level 15
Level 10 Class: General

Level 8

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