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Scouts are professional marksmen. They can use all kinds of ranged weapons. However, they can only use light armor and cannot carry shields. Scouts have the greatest selection of various non-combat skills.

The Scouting skill is a very handy one to learn, as it can help the Hero gauge enemy strength before engaging in combat, and also helps explore provinces quickly, leading to more gold income faster.

Scout Skills

Marksmanship increases the power and range of the hero’s ranged attacks.

Level 1: Ranged Attack +1
Level 2: Ranged Attack +1
Level 3: Ranged Attack +1, Range +1
Level 4: Ranged Attack +2
Level 5: Ranged Attack +2, Range +1

Pathfinding gives the hero and his army knowledge of the countryside. Speeds up the global map movement of the army.

Level 1: Forest Knowledge +1
Level 2: Hills Knowledge +1
Level 3: Swamp Knowledge +1, Mobility +1
Level 4: Terrain Knowledge +3
Level 5: Terrain Knowledge +4, Mobility +1

Scouting increases the speed of province exploration and allows the hero to spy on enemy forces and perform acts of sabotage before attacking.

Level 1: Exploration +5, Enables Scouting
Level 2: Exploration +5, Allows to raise a false alarm
Level 3: Exploration +5, Allows to poison water supplies
Level 4: Exploration +10, Allows to create panic
Level 5: Exploration +10, Scouting and Sabotage 50% cheaper

Reaction increases the hero’s initiative, speed and defense.

Level 1: Intiative +1, Ranged Defense +1, Resistance +1
Level 2: Intiative +1, Ranged Defense +1, Resistance +1
Level 3: Intiative +1, Speed +1, Resistance +1
Level 4: Intiative +1, Ranged Defense +1, Resistance +1
Level 5: Intiative +1, Speed +1, Resistance +1

Diplomacy increases the rewards for completing quests and winning arena battles. It also decreases the prices in province stores and the cost of bribing guards. Opens additional opportunities during negotiations.

Level 1: Rewards +10%, Prices -10%
Level 2: Rewards +10%, Prices -10%
Level 3: Rewards +20%, Prices -10%
Level 4: Rewards +30%, Prices -10%
Level 5: Rewards +30%, Prices -10%

The Looting skill increases the number of battle trophies and increases the chance of acquiring items from fallen enemies.

Level 1: Spoils +10%
Level 2: Spoils +10%
Level 3: Spoils +10%
Level 4: Spoils +20%
Level 5: Spoils +20%

Archery increases the hero’s shooting accuracy and spare ammo. It also helps him bypass some of the enemy’s defense while shooting.

Level 1: Precise Shot +1, Ammo +1
Level 2: Precise Shot +1, Ammo +1
Level 3: Precise Shot +1, Ammo +1
Level 4: Precise Shot +2, Ammo +1
Level 5: Precise Shot +2, Ammo +1

Level 10 Scout Classes

Once the path of the Scout is completed, the hero becomes an Archer and gains the ability to take two shots per turn.

A Scout who has mastered the art of fighting becomes an Adventurer and gains the ability to instantly change weapons in battle and obtain better rewards while searching special locations and performing quests.

A Scout who has mastered the skills of command becomes a Ringleader and gains the ability to loot more trophies after battles and receive more riches while plundering. Troops under the Ringleader possess increased mobility.

A Scout who has mastered the secrets of conjuring becomes a Ranger and gains the ability to explore provinces faster and sabotage enemies more efficiently.

Sample Shard Conquer

Shard: Tanterge
Size: Small
Terrain: Hills
Energy: +2

Building Knowledge Obtained:
Warriors Guild
Foresters Guild
Sages Guild
Temple of Chaos
Chieftain’s Tent
Crystal of Force

Benefits Obtained:
Item in Treasury: Simple Chainmail

Stronghold Buildings (in order)

Recruiting Station
Shooting Ground
Farmers Market
Carpenters Guild
Carpenters Shop
Show Booth
Tanner Store
Diggers Guild
Jewelry Store
Pikeman School
Practice Halls
Sphere of Winds
Stonemasons Guild
School of Sorcery
School of Wizardry
Foresters Guild

Provinces Captured (in order)

Capital Province
Tor’s Ridge
Iron Hills
Deadly Bogs
Hilly Sideland
Clear Valley
Bloody Swamps
Nidack Valley
Shores of Hope
Abandoned Lands
Ragoon Balyr
Seagull Valley
Mermaid Rocks
Scorpio Wasteland
Bone Ridge
Toothy Ridge (enemy #1 capital province)
Crab Shore
Twilight Wood
Bald Mountain
Rain Coast
Valley of the Winds
Hazelnut Thicket (enemy #2 capital province)

Conquering Heroes

Level 30
Class at Level 10: Archer

Level 17
Class at Level 10: Slayer

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