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Warriors shine when it comes to trading blows. They have the strongest health among all heroes and are able to wield the heaviest armor and weapons.

Warrior Skills

Blacksmithing slows down the degredation of the hero’s equipment and also increases gold income.

Level 1: Item Wear -10%, Income +5
Level 2: Item Wear -10%, Income +5
Level 3: Item Wear -10%, Income +10
Level 4: Item Wear -10%, Income +20
Level 5: Item Wear -10%, Income +30

Constitution increases the hero’s hit points and stamina.

Level 1: Hit Points +2, Stamina +1
Level 2: Hit Points +2, Stamina +1
Level 3: Hit Points +3, Stamina +1, Regeneration +1
Level 4: Hit Points +4, Stamina +2
Level 5: Hit Points +5, Stamina +2, Regeneration +1

Athletics increases the hero’s intitiative and his movement speed in battle.

Level 1: Initiative +1, Forced March +3
Level 2: Initiative +1, Recuperation +3
Level 3: Initiative +1, Speed +1
Level 4: Initiative +1, Charge
Level 5: Initiative +1, Speed +1

Weapon Master
A Weapon Master inflicts greater damage on the enemy.

Level 1: Attack +1, Counterattack +1
Level 2: Attack +2, Counterattack +1
Level 3: Attack +1, Counterattack +2
Level 4: Attack +2, Counterattack +2
Level 5: Attack +2, Counterattack +2

Willpower increases the hero’s morale and magic resistance.

Level 1: Resistance +1, Morale +1
Level 2: Resistance +1, Morale +1
Level 3: Resistance +1, Morale +1
Level 4: Resistance +1, Morale +2
Level 5: Resistance +1, Morale +2

Armor Master
An Armor Master increases his defense against physical damage.

Level 1: Defense +1, Ranged Defense +1
Level 2: Defense +1, Ranged Defense +1
Level 3: Defense +1, Ranged Defense +1
Level 4: Defense +1, Ranged Defense +2
Level 5: Defense +2, Ranged Defense +1

This skill improves the hero’s attack accuracy and parry rating.

Level 1: Precise Strike +1, Parry +1
Level 2: Precise Strike +1, Parry +1
Level 3: Precise Strike +1, Parry +1
Level 4: Precise Strike +2, Parry +2
Level 5: Precise Strike +2, Round Attack

Level 10 Warrior Classes

Having completed the path of the Warrior, the hero becomes a Beerserker and gains the ability to fall into battlerage and become immune to wounds while gaining increased attack strength.

A Warrior who has mastered scouting skills becomes a Slayer and gains the ability to poison his weapons with deadly venom and strike his enemy’s most vulnerable spots.

Holy Knight
A Warrior who has mastered the art of command becomes a Holy Knight and gains the ability to crush the forces of darkness with his blows and also to heal wounds.

Dark Knight
A Warrior who has mastered the basics of dark magic becomes a Dark Knight and gains the ability to drink the souls of the enemies he defeats.

Sample Shard Conquer

Shard: Feron
Size: Tiny
Terrain: Forests
Energy: +2

Building Knowledge Obtained:
Drivers Guild Warriors Guild
Merchant Court

Benefits Obtained:
Building in Stronghold: Altar

Stronghold Buildings (in order)

Farmers Market
Weapon Store
Plate Armory
Practice Halls
Recruiting Station
Spearman School
Brotherhood of Light
Diggers Guild
Stonemasons Guild
Jewelry Store
Show Booth
Sorcerer’s Workshop
Sorcery Store
School of Wizardry
Carpenters Guild
School of Sorcery
Sphere of Winds
Lizardmen Quarter
Bone Totem

Provinces Captured (in order)

Gray Cliffs
Creaking Wilds
Howling Wilds
Druid Thicket
Forbidden Shore
Dawn Coast
Enchanted Forest
Mermaid Shore
Great Mud
Scarab Valley (enemy capital)

Conquering Heroes

Level 19
Level 10 Class: Holy Knight

Level 12
Level 10 Class: Mage

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