Earth Defense Force 2025 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started – Beginner’s Tips
  • Best Weapon Farming Methods
  • Missions 1-10
  • Missions 11-20
  • Missions 21-30
  • Missions 31-40
  • Missions 41-50
  • Missions 51-60
  • Missions 61-70
  • Missions 71-80
  • Missions 81-85

  • Missions 61-70

    Mission 61: Bug Tower

    Weapons: AF20 (Lv46) / Cascade 2 (Lv31)
    Enemies: Bees

    The massive bee nest might look imposing, but you don’t really need to worry about it. Fight the bees it spawns, and you’ll win this fight. Don’t worry about range, bring Missile Launchers to swat the bees.

    Mission 62: Fortress Attack

    Weapons: AF20 (Lv46) / Cascade 2 (Lv31)
    Enemies: Walking Fortress, Hectors, Ants, Drones

    Time to finally destroy the Walking Fortress. The walker will slowly circle the map, try to position yourself so that the fortress is walking towards you. It’s faster than it looks, and can easily out pace you.

    Bring a launcher and fire at the hatch on the chest when it opens. Avoid the stomping feet, and shoot the plasma cannon on the back end of its torso. Do enough damage, and new laser rifles will appear. When they do, back off and destroy them at range.

    Mission 63: Mountain Liberation

    Weapons: AF20 (Lv46) / Cascade 2 (Lv31)
    Enemies: Spiders, Ants, Red Ants, Dragons

    The groupings of insects aren’t interested in you at the start of the mission. Pick them off, one at a time. Each time one or two waves are destroyed, a swarm of dragons will descend.

    Move slowly and handle each group alone. Bring explosives to bombard the unaware bugs and you’ll clear the mission in no time.

    Mission 64: Sniper Attack

    Weapons: AF20 (Lv46) / Cascade 2 (Lv31)
    Enemies: Advanced Transports, Drones, Scout Drones, Spiders

    Time for a change of pace. Instead of hunting bugs, you’ll take a sniping position on a skyscraper. Spiders swarm the ground floor, so it’s important you don’t jump down or accidentally destroy the building.

    Bring Rocket Launchers or Sniper Rifles, just be careful with explosives. One stray hit can bring your safe zone down.

    Shoot the transports in the distance and wipe out the spawning drones. When the skies are clear, Wing Diver reinforcements will sweep the spiders below.

    Mission 65: Towering Beast

    Weapons: AF20 (Lv46) / Cascade 2 (Lv31)
    Enemies: Super Deroy, Transports, Ants, Hectors, Advanced Hectors

    The title is right. The giant Deroy is armed with 3x the firepower of a regular Deroy, and it’s massive gait makes it surprisingly fast. It’ll close in and start stomping you before long. Immediately retreat and pelt the giant with rockets. It’s big, but it isn’t invincible.

    The segmented laser cannons on its legs can be destroyed, They don’t take much damage, but they’re pretty hard to peg. Wipe out the ant waves from the transports and take note of the health drops, they might just save your life.

    Mission 66: Teeth of the Universe

    Weapons: AF20 (Lv46) / Cascade 2 (Lv31)
    Enemies: Red Ants, Tunnels, Advanced Transports,

    From the starting location, turn to face the red ant swarm and look on the hill where the canyon splits. Clear the trees, and you’ll be able to spot the tunnel. Destroy it to stop the spawning ants before the giant transport arrives.

    The UFO unloads a wave of dragons, so you don’t want to have red ants on your rear the whole time. Finish off the lizards, and this relatively simplistic mission is over.

    Mission 67: Giant Ship

    Weapons: AF20 (Lv46) / Cascade 2 (Lv31)
    Enemies: Argo, Scout Drones

    Now things get interesting. The huge warship is armed to the teeth with lasers, plasma, and artillery cannons. Just don’t stand in front of it. Keep strafing to the side and use extreme-range weapons to hit the thing. It’s a big target, you won’t miss.

    There’s no special weak-points here. Just shoot the thing. Once you’ve done enough damage, the Argo will transform into a walker. Stay far, far away. Don’t get close, and keep shooting.

    Mission 68: Spearhead

    Weapons: AF20 (Lv46) / Cascade 2 (Lv31)
    Enemies: Ants, Red Ants, Shield Walkers, Spiders, Tunnels

    To complicate the fight, you’ll have to destroy Shield Walkers to find and crush the tunnels across the mountains. Bring close-range weapons, you won’t be able to destroy the tunnels from a safe distance like usual.

    Otherwise, this is a pretty standard mission with no surprises.

    Mission 69: Tower Siege

    Weapons: AF20 (Lv46) / Cascade 2 (Lv31)
    Enemies: Bees

    Back at the bug tower, you’ll get your chance to destroy it. There’s no special trick, just unload rockets into the dark holes. You can shoot the hive anywhere to inflict damage, but focus on the dark areas to curtail the spawning bees.

    Mission 70: Den of Thieves

    Weapons: AF20 (Lv46) / Cascade 2 (Lv31)
    Enemies: Spiders,

    Back underground, you’d think arming for close-quarters combat would be a good idea. Really, the chambers in the nest are vast. Wipe out the spiders from above before jumping down, and don’t miss the flamethrower team on your map.

    Recruit the EDF Rangers, then continue into the hive. In the next chamber, sweep up the spiders to complete the mission.

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