Earth Defense Force 2025 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started – Beginner’s Tips
  • Best Weapon Farming Methods
  • Missions 1-10
  • Missions 11-20
  • Missions 21-30
  • Missions 31-40
  • Missions 41-50
  • Missions 51-60
  • Missions 61-70
  • Missions 71-80
  • Missions 81-85

  • Getting Started – Beginner’s Tips

    The Basics

    EDF2025 is a cooperative third-person action game where you take on the role of a heavily-armed soldier fighting swarms of alien creatures.

    This guide recommends you start with the Ranger class. It’s versatile, strong, and perfect for completing the Normal campaign solo.

    A good class is just the beginning, to defeat the extraterrestrial hordes you’ll need to upgrade your arsenal.

    Weapons & Armor

    In each mission, dead enemies will randomly drop crates. There are Small Health Crates, Large Health Crates, Armor Crates, and Weapon Crates.

    Before completing every mission, you’ll want to collect every Armor and Weapon crate available. Collecting a weapon crate gifts your soldier with a random new weapon.

    Sometimes you’ll get weapons you already own, but every once in awhile you’ll find something new. If you’re ever having trouble during a particular mission, it probably means you need to go back to earlier stages and farm for Weapon Crates.

    What about Armor? These crates provide your soldier with a +1 bonus to your maximum health. The more Armor Crates you collect, the higher your health bar will go. Grab as many as possible, as often as possible.

    Always watch out for RED Armor Crates and GREEN Weapon Crates. Grabbing those is the only way to upgrade your soldier!

    Recommended Loadouts

    For each mission, I’ll include my personal loadout. Because weapons are dropped randomly, you may not have access to the particular weapons I have. You might even have better weapons! My choices aren’t set in stone, and most missions can be completed with a wide variety of guns equipped.

    To keep yourself safe, never bring two explosive weapons at once. That’s just asking for trouble. If you’re ever caught in a web, only use non-explosive weapons.

    In general, it’s wise to always bring at least one accurate, long-range weapon. When dealing with Transports, Drones, or other enemies that fly in the sky or stay far away, you’ll always need a weapon to deal with them. Sniper Rifles or Rocket Launchers are key.

    To handle giant waves of enemies, try to bring one weapon for mass destruction, and another for clean-up. Try to use weapons that compliment each other to give yourself the most flexibility in a fight.

    Sometimes the generalized approach won’t work. Check out my mission-specific recommendations if you’re having trouble with a particularly tough level.

    Explosives & You

    Without proper technique with explosives, you’re just as likely to kill yourself as the aliens. Grenades, Missiles, Rockets – later in the game, one mistake can end a hard mission.

    Any obstruction will cause a bomb to blow-up in your face. Explosives will combust the moment they touch the ground, a wall, an ally, or an enemy. Dead bodies count, too.

    Take note: you can safely shoot through crumbling buildings. Giant chunks of concrete won’t stop you from firing rockets. Crates also pose no danger.

    But, if you’re caught in a spider web, make sure to switch to a bullet weapon. Explosives will instantly blow if you try to shoot while stuck in a web.

    Later in the game, watch out while entering or standing near shields. Shields have a nasty tendency to shrink or expand. Make sure you’re safely away from the shield’s edge before firing.

    Mission Objectives

    The objective for every mission is the same. Red dots will appear on the radar. Your goal is to hunt down and destroy every red dot until there’s nothing left.

    If you’re ever lost or confused, stick near your EDF buddies. They’re a good distraction for hungry enemies, and they’ll always move where ever the mission requires you to be.

    Check back soon for new updates.

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    Cody Dudash

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    I would like to use your tips and level walkthroughs in my EDF 2025 guide on As long as I specify that the tips and level guides came from this site, would I have permission to do so? I would very much appreciate the ability to be able to use your tips, as they are very good and can be very helpful to new players.

    Cody Dudash

    On November 2, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    Thanks for mentioning the death queen that comes during the second wave on level 84, that came as a real surprise -_-