Earth Defense Force 2025 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started – Beginner’s Tips
  • Best Weapon Farming Methods
  • Missions 1-10
  • Missions 11-20
  • Missions 21-30
  • Missions 31-40
  • Missions 41-50
  • Missions 51-60
  • Missions 61-70
  • Missions 71-80
  • Missions 81-85

  • Missions 1-10

    Mission 1: Reconvene

    Weapons: AF14 (Lv0) / Stingray M1 (Lv0)
    Enemies: Ants

    The first mission should give you an idea of how every level in EDF will go. Don’t worry about civilian casualties – soften up the ant hordes with the Rocket Launcher, then pick off the rest with the Assault Rifle.

    Keep your distance and move backwards once the large group of ants start coming for you. Make sure your secondary weapon is always reloaded. Instead of waiting for your current weapon to reload, you can quickly switch.

    Follow the team of EDF soldiers. They’ll lead you to every group of red dots on the radar. Clear them out, and you’ll have this mission done.

    Mission 2: Spreading Disaster

    Weapons: AF14 (Lv0) / Stingray M1 (Lv0)
    Enemies: Ants

    The ants gain a new ability in this stage. They’ll start spraying blasts of acid / poison in your direction. Keep moving to avoid getting hit. The acid attack is only dangerous if you’re dealing with a very large swarm.

    The civilians provide a nice distraction. Clear the ants down the street, then continue to the next hot spot. New groups of ants will appear in a different section of the city. Use the radar to find them.

    Mission 3: Winged War Goddess

    Weapons: AF14 (Lv0) / UM1 Grenade Launcher (Lv0)
    Enemies: Ants

    The Wing Divers join your squad for this mission, providing a little extra firepower against the ants. Otherwise, nothing new appears here. It’s just another standard level.

    Grab as many Armor Crates and Weapon Crates as you can. A new creature will appear in the next mission.

    Mission 4: Setting Sun

    Weapons: AF14 (Lv0) / Stingray ST (Lv0)
    Enemies: Web Spiders

    Giant spiders have built enormous webs across the city. These guys are incredibly deadly, but only if you get close.

    Web Spiders never leave their web. If it’s destroyed, they’ll come after you. Target the spider first, then destroy the web. Bring a weapon, like a Rocket Launcher or Sniper Rifle, with plenty of range so you don’t have to get close.

    At close range, the Web Spider will launch a series of giant strings. If you’re caught, it’ll pull you in. Kill the spider quickly before you’re forced into the web. If you’re caught on the web itself, destroy the web with a bullet-based based.

    Mission 5: Wind Break

    Weapons: AF14 (Lv0) / Stingray ST (Lv0)
    Enemies: Ants, Web Spiders

    This time, you’ll have to deal with Ants and Web Spiders together. Keep far away from the spiders while you deal with the ants. When they’re finished, pummel the giant spiders with rockets to bring them down.

    The web spiders won’t chase you. Retreat if you’re overwhelmed, and you’ll have this mission in the bag.

    Mission 6: Underground Cave

    Weapons: AF14 (Lv0) / Stingray ST (Lv0)
    Enemies: Ants, Spiders

    The nest is located in the tunnel at the far end of the mall. Wipe out the ants before jumping in, then follow the tracks to a cave entrance on the right.

    Stay outside and wait for the ants to come to you. Hold your ground, then move into the giant chamber below. This is where things get tricky. Defeating the wave of ants will cause two waves of giant spiders to appear.

    Back up and return to the tracks, or the cave entrance, so you aren’t surrounded. Keep the spiders funneled down narrow paths. They move very slowly while walking when they can’t jump.

    Mission 7: Eruption

    Weapons: AF14 RA (Lv1) / Stingray ST (Lv0)
    Enemies: Spiders

    The spiders are out of the nest, where they have plenty of room to jump around. Shoot the spiders where they land – they move very slowly when they’re not jumping.

    Giant spiders shoot strings of web at mid-range. When you’re stuck with a web, you’ll slowly drain a small amount of health and your movement speed will decrease. Try not to get stuck in too many webs at once.

    Mission 8: Retaliation

    Weapons: AF14 RA (Lv1) / Stingray ST (Lv0)
    Enemies: Spiders

    Another simple job. You’re up against giant spiders. Watch out in the suburban neighborhood, the wave of spiders will shoot down at you from the roofs. Even the playing field and destroy houses to give yourself more room to strafe.

    Later, you’ll need to deal with spiders under a bridge. Soften them up from the ridge looking down over the water.

    Mission 9: Beach Fear

    Weapons: AF14 RA (Lv1) / Stingray ST (Lv0)
    Enemies: Ants, Spiders, Web Spiders

    Web Spiders “Retiarius” make a return appearance at the docks. This time, it’s just a straightforward shot down the road. Clear the infestation; deal with the hopping spiders and ants first.

    Mission 10: The Return

    Weapons: AF14 RA (Lv1) / Stingray ST (Lv0)
    Enemies: Mothership, Transports, Drones, Ants

    The Mothership is back. In an explosive display, it fires one shot of it’s main beam, tearing a hole in the city. Don’t worry, you won’t need to fight this behemoth just yet. After it fires, the weapon will retract.

    Deal with the waves of ants first. When the Mothership fires, the UFO-like Transports will drop new waves of ants. Back away to avoid being surrounded. Don’t worry about destroying the Transports either, after they drop their cargo, they’ll leave the area.

    Finally, a last wave of flying Drones will appear. These clumsy fliers will swarm overhead and rain down laser blasts. They’re very inaccurate and unstable, Assault Rifles with lots of bullets are effective once they fly in close. A single shot will knock off their aim.

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    Cody Dudash

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