Earth Defense Force 2025 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started – Beginner’s Tips
  • Best Weapon Farming Methods
  • Missions 1-10
  • Missions 11-20
  • Missions 21-30
  • Missions 31-40
  • Missions 41-50
  • Missions 51-60
  • Missions 61-70
  • Missions 71-80
  • Missions 81-85

  • Missions 11-20

    Mission 11: Air Force

    Weapons: AF14 RA (Lv1) / Stingray ST (Lv0)
    Enemies: Drones

    It’s round two versus the Mothership. This time, it doesn’t attack. Instead, it just sends a swarm of Drones. Bring an Assault Rifle or Shotgun with good range paired with a Missile Launcher to handle the airborne threat.

    Mission 12: Day of the Demons

    Weapons: Fusion Blaster (Lv2) / Stingray ST (Lv0)
    Enemies: Ants, Transports

    The Transports won’t stick around for long. They strafe the map, dropping waves of ants to engage you. Bring weapons appropriate for dealing with ant swarms, and don’t worry about the transports. They’ll leave the area on their own.

    Mission 13: Takedown

    Weapons: AF14-ST (Lv2) / Stingray ST (Lv0)
    Enemies: Ants, Transports

    Bring a Sniper Rifle or Rocket Launcher because you’ll have to destroy the transports this time. When the UFO-shaped ships open to drop cargo, they’ll reveal a core. Hit it enough to bring these enemy spawners down.

    Mission 14: Preventing Landfall

    Weapons: P78 Bound Gun (Lv3) / UM1-J Grenade Launcher (Lv2)
    Enemies: Hectors, Drones

    Flying drones return with an army of Hectors. These giant walking robots come armed with two weapons – either a machine gun, or explosive energy blasts.

    Hectors are slow but exceedingly tough. Aim for the head (when it reveals itself) or the red mark on the chest for extra damage. Shoot Hectors with rapid-fire weapons to knock their aim off.

    Mission 15: Land Collapse

    Weapons: P78 Bound Gun (Lv3) / Air Tortoise 02 (Lv3)
    Enemies: Ants, Spiders, Tunnels

    Tunnel entrances spawn insect-type enemies until destroyed. Waves of ants will emerge from the underground holes faster than a Ravager Transport, so you’ll have to be aggressive.

    Grenade launchers, artillery support, or powerful one-hit weaponry like the Air Tortoise can help bring down the tunnels. Either wipe out the ants surrounding the tunnels first, or try to destroy the tunnels fast.

    Mission 16: Fortress Siege

    Weapons: P78 Bound Gun (Lv3) / Stringer (Lv4)
    Enemies: Walking Fortress, Hectors

    The massive Walking Fortress looks intimidating, but you won’t have to deal with it personally yet. Fight the Hectors it drops – eventually, air support will arrive and bring the walker down.

    Mission 17: Valley Shadows

    Weapons: P78 Bound Gun (Lv3) / Stringer (Lv4)
    Enemies: Transports, Spiders

    After defeating the first wave of spiders, drop down into the valley beneath the bridge. Two Transports will hover in the canyon.

    Mission 18: Artillery

    Weapons: P78 Bound Gun (Lv3) / Stringer (Lv4)
    Enemies: Hectors

    This tricky fight pits you against Hectors armed with heavy artillery cannons. Equip long-range weapons like Sniper Rifles or Rocket Launchers to fight these giant.

    Keep moving to avoid the artillery and pick off the walkers before they reach land.

    Mission 19: Breaking Through

    Weapons: P78 Bound Gun (Lv3) / Volcano 3A (Lv4)
    Enemies: Shield Walkers, Hectors

    The new Shield Walker complicates things with a new ability. These non-combatants protect groups of enemies from your ranged attacks. To destroy the walkers, you’ll need to run through their shield and shoot the red circular panel on their front.

    Get close to the walkers, and they’ll retreat. When moving, the walkers’ shields shrink. Try to draw the Hectors out, then defeat the squat shield enemies.

    During this mission, EDF will attempt an air raid. Watch the radar for large red areas that signify where an air strike will hit.

    Mission 20: Shining Stronghold

    Weapons: P78 Bound Gun (Lv3) / Volcano 3A (Lv4)
    Enemies: Shield Walkers, Ants, Tunnels

    The tunnels in the valley below are protected by shields. Don’t bother bringing long-range weapons, go in with Shotguns, Grenades, or whatever you prefer for a straight-up fight against swarms of ants.

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    Cody Dudash

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    I would like to use your tips and level walkthroughs in my EDF 2025 guide on As long as I specify that the tips and level guides came from this site, would I have permission to do so? I would very much appreciate the ability to be able to use your tips, as they are very good and can be very helpful to new players.

    Cody Dudash

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    Thanks for mentioning the death queen that comes during the second wave on level 84, that came as a real surprise -_-