Earth Defense Force 2025 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started – Beginner’s Tips
  • Best Weapon Farming Methods
  • Missions 1-10
  • Missions 11-20
  • Missions 21-30
  • Missions 31-40
  • Missions 41-50
  • Missions 51-60
  • Missions 61-70
  • Missions 71-80
  • Missions 81-85

  • Missions 21-30

    Mission 21: Into the Depths

    Weapons: AF19 (Lv32) / Stingray M2 (Lv20)
    Enemies: Ants, Red Ants, Spiders

    Before continuing, I stopped and replayed the early stages on Hard and Hardest to beef up my weapon selection. It’s a good idea to go back to early stages to earn the biggest weapons every ten missions or so.

    Remember back to mission 6 in the underground cave? This time you’ll travel deeper into another chamber full of giant red ants. These ants are tougher but they don’t spit acid.

    Grenades, Shotguns, or anything else that’s close-range will do the job here. When you’re outnumbered, all that matters is bringing enough firepower. Especially in Mission 22.

    Mission 22: A Trap

    Weapons: AF19 (Lv32) / Stingray M2 (Lv20)
    Enemies: Ants, Spiders, Red Ants

    If you haven’t farmed for better weapons on harder difficulties yet, do it now. Here, you’ll be stuck with a small squad in a massive pit while bugs appear from above.

    This mission is dependent on how much firepower you can bring. Explosives are going to be a dangerous prospect, with spiders and dead bodies dropping down directly from above.

    Bring fast-firing weapons and try to handle the chaos.

    Mission 23: Giant Robots

    Weapons: AF19 (Lv32) / Stingray M2 (Lv20)
    Enemies: Hectors

    The giant robots are rampaging through the city. Nothing special here, just take on each Hector one at a time.

    Don’t draw multiple Hectors in and get yourself surrounded. Rocket Launchers or any weapons that can hit the walkers at a safe distance will help.

    Mission 24: Anchored

    Weapons: AF19 (Lv32) / Stingray M2 (Lv20)
    Enemies: Drones, Transports, Ants, Spiders

    For this mission, you start on a cliff above the UFOs. Drop down onto the beach and wipe out the transports.

    Drones like to swarm, but they’re a minor threat compared to the insects. If you keep weaving, they’ll almost always miss.

    Mission 25: Silver City

    Weapons: AF19 (Lv32) / Stingray M2 (Lv20)
    Enemies: Web Spiders, Spiders

    Another breather mission pits you against giant ambushers and regular jumping spiders. Just retreat and lead the spiders away, then deal with the webs. Rocket Launchers or Sniper Rifles will do the job if you’re afraid of getting caught in a web string.

    Mission 26: Crimson

    Weapons: AF19 (Lv32) / Stingray M2 (Lv20)
    Enemies: Red Ants

    This is when things get tough. This is a brutal mission, pitting the EDF troops against wave after wave of bugs. Bring explosive weapons to soften the hordes before they’re on top of you.

    Thankfully, there are plenty of allies to find. Run forward and recruit the Rangers before moving back. Snipers and Fencers will help even the red ant population. When you’re surrounded, run around to recruit the rest of the soldiers to stay close.

    Mission 27: High-Speed

    Weapons: AF19 (Lv32) / Stingray M2 (Lv20)
    Enemies: Red Drones

    This simple mission introduces the Red Flyer Drones. They’re tougher and stronger, but still easy to avoid. Make this mission easier with Missile Weapons for their lock-on capabilities.

    Mission 28: Brute Force

    Weapons: AF19 (Lv32) / Stingray M2 (Lv20)
    Enemies: Hectors, Shield Walkers, Ants, Red Ants, Drones

    This large flat field is perfect for ranged combat. Bring Rocket Launchers or Sniper Rifles with a close-range secondary.

    The first wave of Hectors is destroyed thanks to some EDF support. Hang back, then deal with the stragglers. Next, you’ll need to handle Shield Walkers protecting some of the Hectors.

    It’s a long and grueling fight. Make sure your weapons are versatile, and try to upgrade with Hard or Hardest weapon sets.

    Mission 29: Charge Phase 1

    Weapons: AF19 (Lv32) / Stingray M2 (Lv20)
    Enemies: Ants, Red Ants, Spiders

    Back into the tunnels beneath the mall. You should be pretty familiar with the area this time, and the combat is pretty much the same.

    You’ll need to go in deeper this time. Punch through the hordes with shotguns, flamethrowers, or swarms of grenades. The last underground mission ended in a large room with red ants. Jump to the bottom to keep going down.

    Clear each wave, and another will appear. Use the new red enemy markers to guide you through the level.

    Mission 30: Charge Phase 2

    Weapons: AF19 (Lv32) / Stingray M2 (Lv20)
    Enemies: Spiders, Ants, Red Ants

    You’re overwhelmed and surrounded. From the start of the level, turn right and fight down this tunnel. The fewest bugs appear here. Break through, then use the free tunnel to retreat while fighting the incoming aliens.

    This way, you won’t have bugs directly on your back while trying to fight. Avoid getting surrounded, then hunt down the remaining aliens to complete this tricky mission.

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