EA’s E3 2012 Press Conference: What We Thought

EA’s E3 press conference is in the books, and we’ve assembled our team to tell you what we thought about it. Here’s what they said:

Ron Whitaker: EA played to their strengths this year. They showed off Medal of Honor, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, and more. We saw all the games we expected to see, and not much that we didn’t.

Dead Space 3 looks a little…strange. Not sure that’s a franchise that needs co-op. The suspense and the scares were always a function of being alone, and that’s now gone, at least in the co-op we’ve seen.

SimCity will definitely get some play, but I need to see more than just a vague trailer to get overly excited. Criterion’s new Need For Speed Hot Pursuit looks interesting, but it also looks a lot like Burnout.

One thing I did like: EA focused on games. They did show SimCity Social for Facebook, but for the most part, these were core games. For better or worse, EA focused completely on 10 games. Most of them looked fairly good, althought the changes to Dead Space have me a little worried about that franchise.

Grade: B-

Matt Hughes: EA is a freight train running through the gaming landscape, with massive franchises comprising each successive car. They showed off a lot of sequels to those franchises today, though frankly I’m not overly excited by anything other than Sim City (the standalone reboot, not the Facebook variety).

It was the right move to remove multiplayer from Dead Space 3; it was the wrong move to add co-op. The gameplay demo gave off a seriously action-centric, bro-shooter vibe, complete with cover and combat rolling. I can only hope the game remains faithful to the survival horror experience.

Still, there was nothing terrible about the conference except some snooze-worthy sports presentations. But come on, EA – would it kill you to take some risks and introduce something new?

Grade: B-

Phil Hornshaw: EA kicked off their press conference by confirming everything we’d been hearing about Dead Space 3 — which is to say, all the things I was afraid were true about Dead Space 3. It’s hard not to be sad about the demo, even though it’s not fair to judge this early. But the heavy emphasis on co-op makes me fear for the future of horror in Dead Space. We saw a progression like this in Resident Evil. No one’s particularly happy about it.

The rest of EA’s conference felt very…safe. Here’s an iteration on Medal of Honor. Here’s an iteration FIFA. Here’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted, which we’ve mashed together with Burnout because people like those things. Here’s more shooters. And more shooters. And more shooters.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d sure like to see more risk-taking from EA, especially when it feels like the safe route is resulting in all the things I love about franchises like Dead Space being removed. I’ll say that Crysis 3′s open-world scenario looks interesting (although it also looked heavily buttressed by the sorts of animations that players don’t actually control), Need for Speed will likely be fun, and Sim City made me smile. But there was an awful lot of ho-hum mixed in there, too. And I’m actively worried about the future of Dead Space.

Grade: C

That’s what we thought – now you tell us what you thought!

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1 Comment on EA’s E3 2012 Press Conference: What We Thought


On June 4, 2012 at 4:26 pm

I really worry about Dead Space 3. If that co-op doesn’t use a dumb AI partner when you’re not playing with someone, it has a chance, but that was really poor in RE5. And it’s not scary to have “witty” banter. I really wish devs and publishers would figure out that horror is fun and we don’t need MP in everything.