Posted on February 14, 2008,

Editorial: Three Movies That Would Make Great Video Games

It seems like anytime they turn a movie into a video game, it’s a complete and total disaster. I sometimes wonder if it’s because they are using movies that are too mainstream. I definitely believe that the gaming industry is skipping over some great movies that would make great games.

Here’s my personal wish list:

Planet Terror


Planet Terror has “video game” written all over it. This film could certainly make a great FPS (First Person Shooter) Zombie genre game. When it comes to FPS games, I love it when they throw in over-the-top weapons and the Planet Terror has many options when it comes to great weapons. The one that comes to mind is when they replaced Cherry’s wooden leg with an obviously modified stockless-M4 carbine with a M203 grenade launcher. At one point in the film, she even sports a minigun prosthetic leg. This is exactly the kind of over-the-top weapon that current zombie genre games are missing. The story itself was cliché, yet I’d have to consider ‘Planet Terror’ one of my favorite zombie films of all-time.

Shaun Of The Dead


I suppose my second choice pretty much gives away the fact that I love zombie films. There are some mobile games available based on this film, but I’d like to see a major game produced one day. If there’s a zombie film out there, I have seen it. What really separates Shaun Of The Dead from the rest is that it’s pretty much the only quality “rom zom com” on the market. The plot of the story focuses on Shaun (Simon Pegg), who is a slacker attempting to sort out his life, get his girlfriend back, make peace with his stepfather and deal with an uprising of zombies on the apocalyptic scale. If you haven’t seen this film, I seriously suggest you check it out. It was a quality zombie flick and also one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. One thing that games are missing out on these days is good comedy. It’s been a while since a game made me laugh out loud and I’m sure Shaun Of The Dead is the kind of comedy gaming is missing out on. I also think it would make a great fighting game considering you would be using unconventional weapons such as garden tools and cricket bats.



Bumfights is an independent series of videos created by Indecline Films. I realize that this would probably be one of the most controversial games ever made, but that wouldn’t make it a bad game. The films feature various vagrants fighting each other and attempting “Jackass-like” stunts in exchange for cash, booze and other incentives I probably shouldn’t mention here. Rufus Hannah also known as “Rufus the Stunt Bum” would make the perfect starring character in an action-fighting-adventure game based on the films. Unfortunately, a game like this might be a bit too controversial at this time considering the movies are banned in numerous countries including Great Britain. Some may believe that entertainment like this “disseminates hate against the homeless and dehumanizes them”. Others may say that it’s basically taking advantage of a group of people. I’m not sure what to think, but it’s hard to find entertainment that doesn’t turn sad circumstances into something humorous.

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6 Comments on Editorial: Three Movies That Would Make Great Video Games

havoc of smeg

On February 14, 2008 at 4:53 pm

shaun of the dead was awesome!
there really should be more funny zombie games out there.
not that theres anything wrong with ones without humour, or ones with odd bits of dark humour, i’d just like to see ones with gut aching,fall-on-the-floor, burst-out-laughing humour.


On February 14, 2008 at 5:33 pm

havoc: exactly! Gaming really needs some over-the-top humor


On February 14, 2008 at 11:02 pm

Ummm… you ever played dead rising?
The one where you are battling zombies using all sorts of weapons like garden tools and cricket bats?
The one with the bizarre off the wall humour?

Guess not.


On February 15, 2008 at 1:31 am

i suck at survival horror. original house of the dead? ALWAYS got killed by the first boss. i prefer sneaking around to a straight fight, what can i say :]

havoc of smeg

On February 15, 2008 at 10:20 am

i have played dead rising, but lets face it, scalding zombies with frying pans was funny, but not gut bustingly funny.


On November 19, 2008 at 2:16 am

Unbelievable – but someone did just that in Germany:
There is a game called Pennergame which is based on the bumfight-series. “Penner” means Bum in german :shock:

So maybe you should call in for some revenues :-)