El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Achievements

Secret Achievements

What’s Yours Is Mine (15 points):
Acquire all the Pearls from the servant beasts.

I Will Mourn You (30 points):
Obtain all entries in the Prophecies of Ishtar.

My Acrobatic Friend (30 points):
Finish Chapter 08 without dying.

Out of Control (15 points):
Break 500 destroyable objects.

Counterstrike Artist (30 points):
Execute 100 Perfect Guards.

Good Listener (15 points):
Obtain all of the Freemen’s Notes.

Escape From The Darkness (15 points):
Finish the Darkness stage.

An Unfriendly Greeting (15 points):
Finish Chapter 03.

Nephilim Party (15 points):
Finish Chapter 04.

Visitor from Beyond Time (15 points):
Finish Chapter 05.

The Journey Begins (15 points):
Finish Chapter 00.

Journey’s End (15 points):
Finish Chapter 01.

Finish Chapter 02. (15 points):
Welcome to the Tower

Welcome Back, Enoch (15 points):
Finish Chapter 09.

My Beautiful Children… (15 points):
Finish Chapter 10.

The Last Job (15 points):
Finish Chapter 11.

Unnatural Evolution (15 points):
Finish Chapter 06.

A Warm Welcome (15 points):
Finish Chapter 07.

Aren’t You Happy, Too? (15 points):
Finish Chapter 08.

Hunter-Gatherer (15 points):
Take 100 weapons from enemies.

Indomitable Soul (15 points):
Execute 50 recovers.

Pushing the Limit (15 points):
Launch an Overboost.

A Reliable Friend (15 points):
Raise your boost level to 10.

No Problem (30 points):
Finish any chapter without collecting any armor-recovery items.

Battle for Honor (15 points):
Register for the Score Leaderboard.

The armor okay? If not, I could… (15 points):
Finish Chapter 10 without taking any weapons from enemies.

Martial Arts Master (15 points):
Defeat 100 enemies with bare hands

Rest in Peace (15 points):
Defeat 50 of Souls of the Beloved

I’m Not Afraid of Watcher 1 (15 points):
Defeat Nether Sariel without executing a recover.

Show No Mercy (15 points):
Execute 100 Guard Breaks.

The name is too long (15 points):
Have your weapon destroyed.

Quite a Find (10 points):
Collect the Eyes of Truth.

Arch Master (15 points):
Defeat 300 enemies with Arch.

Veil Master (15 points):
Defeat 300 enemies with Veil.

Gale Master (15 points):
Defeat 300 enemies with Gale.

I’m Not Afraid of Watcher 2 (15 points):
Defeat Nether Ezekiel without executing a recover.

I’m Not Afraid of Watcher 3 (15 points):
Defeat Nether Azazel without executing a recover.

I’m Not Afraid of Watcher 4 (15 points):
Defeat Dark Armaros without executing a recover.

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