El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Darkness Portal Locations

Within El Shaddai’s narrative, our hero Enoch will hear many references to a character named Ishtar. The people of Earth hope for her resurrection, but her bones are trapped in the inky Darkness of the Tower built by the Fallen Angels. Discover all the portal scattered throughout the game to unlock a very special bonus costume. Look below to find where those pesky portals are hidden, and truly ascend as the Metatron.

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With all six bones of Ishtar, you’ll unlock the Special armor for use with Enoch. The armor grants invincibility, but won’t let you earn the highest rank in any chapter.

Darkness Portal Locations

  1. Chapter 02: After recieving the Gale, you’ll reach a series of spinning platforms. At the second spinning platform, you’ll see a floating platform off to the right. Double-jump and use the Gale’s Guard-Jump to cross the last part of the gap to find a Darkness Portal.
  2. Chapter 03: Soon after your battle with the Watcher Sariel, hop to the roof of the path and follow it. Eventually you’ll reach a Darkness Portal.
  3. Chapter 04: Check the lower end of the platform with Lucifel’s last save point in the chapter to discover a Darkness Portal.
  4. Chapter 05: Right after your fight with the Watcher Ezekiel, move around the stone structure to find a Darkness Portal.
  5. Chapter 07: After the cutscene where Enoch first meets the little girl and her Nephilim, navigate the cliffs to the left of the area to find a Darkness Portal on top.
  6. Chapter 10: Before the boss arena, Enoch must cross a gap using a moving bridge. Jump and follow the platforms that moves closer to the left side of the screen. Eventually the caterpillar platform will reach a floating island to the left. Jump to it to find another Darkness Portal.

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