El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Walkthrough

A great flood is coming — but we don’t have Noah to save us this time. It’s up to you and a dazzling array of weapons to stop the destruction of humanity in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. From the designer behind Devil May Cry and Okami comes another visual feast for the eyes in this strangely unique third-person action / platformer. Take on heavenly creatures or something else entirely while trying to convince the angels to give up on their whole flood kick. It won’t be easy, but with Game Front’s walkthrough, you’ll make it through this.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 00: The Journey Begins
  • Chapter 01: At World’s End
  • Chapter 02: The Tower
  • Chapter 03: The Mercy of Ezekiel
  • Chapter 04: Sariel’s Deception
  • Chapter 05: The Tragedy of Baraqel
  • Chapter 06: Azazel’s Zeal
  • Chapter 07: The Cry of Armaros
  • Chapter 08: Belial’s Temptation
  • Chapter 09: Enoch’s Indecision
  • Chapter 10: The Grave of Arakiel
  • Chapter 11: Semyaza’s Dream


    1. After the intro, you’ll face off against one mean monster – the Watcher Azazel. You won’t beat him, let him hit you a few times.
    2. You’ll die, don’t feel bad. As the screen goes black, you’ll be shown how to pull off Rapid-Fire Recovery. Time will rewind, it’ll rewind back to the start menu!
    3. Another cutscene will play, and you’ll land somewhere strange.

    Chapter 00: The Journey Begins

    1. The chapter begins in a dark vacuum, where several white figures are silhouetted against the white light. Walk towards the figures, as they distance themselves, you’ll start to run. Lucifel will tell you to move forward, so oblige the guy!
    2. Lucifel will suggest Enoch jump towards the figures. Jump and you’ll warp near them, and learn about the Fruits of Wisdom. You’ll be shown some basic controls, so use your new knowledge to smack the black figures.
    3. Next, Lucifel will bestow upon Enoch a special weapon. Give the Arch a try by smacking away the black figures as they approach the fruit of wisdom. Practice for a moment, and the scene will end in a cutscene.
    4. Enoch will appear in a very large, statuesque hand. Each of the seven fingers represents one of the Archangels Enoch is hunting down.

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Journey Begins (15G) – Finish Chapter 00.

    Chapter 01: At World’s End

    1. Start the chapter by smashing all seven of Michael’s Ring, with one attached to each of the seven fingers. Lucifel will talk a little about each of the Archangels. Once all seven rings are broken, the chapter will continue.
    2. With all seven rings broken, an enemy will drop onto the hand and attack. These black creatures are called Noktos, they’re slow to move and attack. They’re unarmed, so they make a perfect practice target.
    3. For starter’s, El Shaddai’s combat system is all about rhythmic button presses. Either pound on the button quickly for fast attacks, or slow down your presses and measure yourself to launch more powerful strikes. Hold down the attack button to launch another special attack.
    4. Guard by holding down the right shoulder button. After defeating the first Nokto, you’ll collect red energy balls called Flame of Power. Collecting these raises Enoch’s abilities. You’ll always collect Flame of Power from defeated enemies, but anything destructible will also drop Flame of Power.
    5. Keep destroying the Nokto creatures, more will show up. Once you’ve destroyed enough of the things, the statue hand you’ve been riding will finally reach Earch.
    6. Ahead you’ll see a fissure in the blue hued hills ahead. Run towards the path, smashing the strange pods in your path to collect more Flames of Power.
    7. Follow the land bridge to a pool of water, where two impish creatures called Ramps. They’re faster than the Nokto, but take less damage. Swipe at the Ramps, there’s really nothing to beating these guys. That’ll change soon.
    8. Jump down into the pools ahead to find two more Nokto critters. They’re completely unarmed, so they’re not much of a threat. They’ll move at Enoch and try to swat at him, keep yourself oriented and change directions if you need to – one attack will fight them off.
    9. Instead of continuing forward, jump into the pools to Enoch’s right. Destroy the two vases at the bottom of the platform to find an Fruit of Wisdom.
    10. Return to the upper level and follow the land bridge. The screen changes, and leads into another arena. Groups of Ramps will attack, and they’ll just keep coming until the image pops up teaching the player about Purification.
    11. Purify your weapon, and you’ll be able to take out the Ramps. All of Enoch’s weapons will deteriorate after extended use, requiring Enoch to purify the weapon to improve its strength.
    12. Destroying the Ramps will teach you another new ability. While holding down guard, you can jump to evade, or attack to launch enemies into the air.
    13. Press forward along the ramp deeper into the psychedelic landscape. You’ll learn the special attack officially, this time. Destroy the three Ramps and continue beyond the white vases. Smash those vases if you want on your way out.
    14. Continue through the cavern, and you’ll run into Lucifel talking to God, presumably. Lucifel serves as your save point, so you’ll want to stop and save whenever you hear his gravely voice in the distance.
    15. The path forks here. The left path will take you around the area and back to the start. The right path, into the pools of water, will take you down to the valley below. Down in the water pools, the world will turn black and white. Continue towards the waterfall, and you’ll face off against a Watcher in a cutscene.
    16. Once the cutscene ends, platforms will rise up to allow Enoch to cross the pit leading to the cave below a waterfall.
    17. Jumping from platform to platform, you can hold down the jump bottom to hang in the air while Enoch has the Arch equipped. Don’t worry if you fall, it only does a sliver of damage and sticks you back onto the ground where you started.
    18. Over the platforms, you’ll discover a Light of Blessing, which restores your armor. As Enoch takes damage, he’ll lose armor, making armor Enoch’s “life bar” in-game.
    19. Exiting the chapter, you’ll be able to fight your way forward while the introduction plays behind Enoch. Fight through the Ramps, pushing forward, until the presentation ends.
    20. Surprise! You’re back in the introduction, facing off against the Watcher Azazel. He’s a tough cookie, but you’re equipped with a weapon and armor. You’ll still die. As you die, pound on the attack buttons with the shoulder buttons to revive before the screen’s eye shuts. Try to fight him, but the scene ends once Enoch is defeated.
    21. Back on Earth, run onto the land bridge until you encounter a Freeman. Meeting Freeman gives you a note, which are nice if you want to better understand this game’s crazy story, but otherwise are not required. Think of them as a bonus. The first Freeman is in an alcove to the right of the main path.
    22. Following the path, you’ll run into a new enemy. The Martyr is armed with an Arch, while you’re totally unarmed. The Martyrs are tougher, they’ll back away, dive to attack, and block. Deliver a few punches to the Martyr, and you’ll get your chance to steal his weapon.
    23. Stealing weapons doesn’t just give Enoch a new weapon, it also deprives your enemies of a weapon. Finish off the Martyr and run to the cave at the end of yet another land bridge.
    24. As you appear in the darkness, run towards the light. No, you aren’t dead, just keep running.
    25. Eventually you’ll appear in an enormous valley. Follow the path towards the massive structure in the distance.
    26. On the path, you’ll face off against Ramps. After the first group, you’ll reach Lucifel, so save if you need to. The path is mostly uneventful, despite a few Ramps in your way. Keep running, and you’ll slam into a cutscene.

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Journey’s End (15G) – Finish Chapter 01.

    Chapter 02: The Tower

    1. Welcome to the city! The tower is in the distance, with the massive city below, while fireworks are popping in the sky. People are singing and everyone is happy, but Enoch has a job to do. Run down the black onyx path.
    2. On the path, you’ll find some Ramps, and on the first large circular arena, a Nokto and a Martyr will ambush armed with Arches. Continue forward and follow the bridge left. At the left end, attack the switch to lower some platforms, allowing you to continue forward.
    3. Return to the circular platform, where two Martyrs with Arches will appear. Deal with the Martyrs and jump up the platforms to reach the teleporter pad. The Martyrs will start blocking, forcing Enoch to stagger his attacks, charge attack, or guard attack to deal out damage.
    4. Another benefit to stealing the weapons off enemies is that the weapon will always be purified. Grabbing enemy weapons means you don’t need to spend precious seconds purifying your weapon.
    5. Into the next area, run until you reach a fork. Turn right, and run into the circular arena. Martyrs and Nokto will attack, take them out, and continue on to find Lucifel and a save point.
    6. Right of Lucifel, you’ll find a vase with an armor pickup. Left of Lucifel, you’ll find a switch, strike it to lower the three platforms back at the first fork.
    7. Backtrack to the fork, where Ramps will try and stop you. They won’t, so use the lowered platforms to cross the previously un-jump-able gap.
    8. Up the platforms, you’ll face off against two Martyrs with Arches and learn about counterattacks. The text explains that enemies pause a moment after attacking.
    9. Continuing on, you’ll find more circular floating platforms. Jump up, smashing each vase for more energy pellets and an armor pickup. At the top, step onto the teleporter pad.
    10. Another step up, continue along the winding bridge to find another fork in the path. Turn left and hit the switch, then return to the fork, continuing right. Jump up the three lowered platforms and follow the single path right.
    11. Following the path right leads to another fork. The left fork leads to a vase with a large armor pickup. The right fork is the switch. Attack the switch, then return to the platforms to climb the remaining way up.
    12. At the top of the six platforms, run to yet another fork. Turn left to find a Freeman, or continue right. Ahead, you’ll reach a large black arena where three Martyrs will attack. Destroy the enemies and you can press on towards a meaningless fork. Take left or right, they both lead to the same place.
    13. Jump up the platforms into the teleporter pad. In the next area, you’ll have to jump up another series of platforms hanging in the sky. Keep running and jumping until you reach Lucifel. To the left of Lucifel, you’ll find another Freeman.
    14. To push toward the tower, follow the path right of Lucifel. Down the path, you’ll headbutt into a cutscene as two new enemies appear with an all new weapon – the Gale.
    15. The new flying enemies will menace you as you run through the gauntlet ahead. Don’t try to fight the silver and gold creatures, just keep running and try to block as they fire nails at you. Just keep running.
    16. The enemies will follow you up and around the zig-zagging path. Time your jumps to avoid taking a face full of Gale nails. Both things will leave you alone once you reach a fork. Jump up the platforms until you use the teleporter pad at the end of the road.
    17. On another level, jump the platforms to find Lucifel hanging out on a forked platform. Save your game, and jump the platforms ahead to face a larger arena. This will be your chance for revenge against those sniping creatures.
    18. Step onto the lit up red arena, where Silversarge and Goldsarge will attack. They fly around, spraying nails in your direction. Focus Silversarge until it’s stunned, then steal its weapon, the Gale.
    19. Silversarge is slow to attack, circle around it as it stands still and attack from behind. Whip it into the air and deal damage, once it’s stunned, grab the weapon.
    20. The Gale is a long-range weapon that allows you to quickly evade and strike from afar. Pound attack fast to shoot nails forward, or measure your presses to shoot nails up into the air and lands on the ground. Experiment with the Gale, and try using the Gale’s charge attack combined with some extra attacks to create a nice combo.
    21. Finish off Silversarge, and Goldsarge will jump into the battle. Goldsarge isn’t any more difficult than Silversarge, but it will take you time to get used to the Gale. Stay away, dodge when Goldsarge launches nails or guard, and try to learn the pattern of the Gale’s moves.
    22. Moving on, destroy the spined fixtures on the floating platforms to find armor pickups as you make your way upwards. At the top of the series of platforms is a teleporter pad.
    23. Appearing in a new area, Lucifel is waiting just ahead. Smash the shields to the left and right, the fork leads to the same arena. In the arena, you’ll be ambushed by the Nokto.
    24. Ahead, you’ll face a new enemy. The wisps are floating balls of fire that only hurt if you touch them. Just blast them with the Gale before jumping onto the circling platforms. Ride a platform around to continue, or jump to the tiny platform at the center to grab a Fruit of Wisdom.
    25. More platforms! Jump up to the teleporter pad and continue forward to a fork. Turn left to find a tricky jump, you’ll need to double jump and follow-up with a Gale evade to cross the last bit of space. Over the jump, you’ll find a Freeman.
    26. Return to the fork and follow the right path. Onward, you’ll reach an arena where Nokto and Martyrs attack armed with Arches and Gales. Ahead, you’ll find a weird spinning platform. Jump on and ride it to the other side.
    27. Reaching another fork, turn left to find an Fruit of Wisdom inside a vase. Right continues towards the Tower. At the fork to the right, take the right fork again and hit the switch before continuing on the left fork towards the second spinning platform.
    28. Ride the platform, to the right you’ll find a secret. Double jump and evade with the Gale equipped and you’ll find a ghost. She’ll lead you into a dark portal, so follow her.
    29. Through the portal, you’ll enter the Darkness. Inside, jump to footholds and avoid the darkness while searching for Fragments of Ishtar’s Bones.
    30. Continue searching until you discover a ghost that will take you out of the Darkness, and return you to the stage. Jump back to the spinning platform and ride it until you’re on the platform leading closer to the Tower.
    31. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Escape From The Darkness (15G) – Finish the Darkness stage.

    32. Follow the narrow pathway to a dark arena. Two Martyrs, one is armed with a Gale and the other with an Arch, will attack. Destroy all four in total to reach a fork, take the left or right, it doesn’t matter.
    33. Both paths lead to a teleporter pad. Now Enoch is really getting close. Push on, Lucifel is waiting ahead of a large arena. Save your game, and smash the three fixtures surrounding him, you’ll find a large armor pickup inside one.
    34. Entering the arena, you’ll meet the Watcher Sariel. After a short scene, he’ll attack. Sariel launches energy balls and throws them forward just as the battle begins. You won’t want to touch those, evade around him and look out for his forward lunging uppercut – you can’t block it.
    35. He’ll also summon a tornado of energy, but none of this explanation matters, because he’ll win. After you’re defeated, Enoch will awaken back outside the Tower.
    36. When Enoch is awake, run towards the Tower’s eye while the Archangels watch. Jump the last two gaps to find a teleporter pad.
    37. Enoch appears in the middle of many bridges leading in eight directions. None of the directions matters except toward the Tower. You will find an Fruit of Wisdom on the first bridge just left of the central bridge leading forward.
    38. After a cutscene, you’ll enter a side-scrolling section. Just follow the path left, up, right, up, etcetera until you reach the end. Enjoy the view, soak in the images, take your time for once!

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Welcome to the Tower (15G) – Finish Chapter 02.

    Chapter 03: The Mercy of Ezekiel

    1. Welcome to the first level of the Tower. Appearing in a ghostly forest, you’ll discover a new enemy just ahead. The Souls of the Beloved aren’t particularly dangerous, but if they touch Enoch, you’ll need to move around to shake them off.
    2. Nearing the ethereal steps, two ghosts and a Nokto will appear to slow your progress. You know how to handle the Nokto now, so clean up.
    3. Continue up the steps to appear above a white mountain range. Run down to the land covered by pools of water, and you’ll find another new enemy. The Ezek As are dangerous opponents. They’re similar to Martyrs, but faster and tougher. They don’t whip out any special new abilities, not counting their pesky spin attack, they’re just tough humanoids armed with Arches than know how to fight.
    4. Disarm them when you can, and look out for, they’ll charge you every chance they get. When both of the Ezeks are destroyed, follow the path down, and look out for the two large gaps just as you jump.
    5. At the end of the black path, platforms will drop down over the chasm to allow Enoch to jump across. Reaching another arena, another new enemy will appear. The Ezek Gs come equipped with Gales, and float off the ground for good measure. They’re deft with the Gale, and you’ll need to jump to reach them. Use launch attacks to knock them on the ground, or use the Gale yourself to blast them out of the sky.
    6. Hop down another black path leading to another chasm. More platforms will appear, letting Enoch use them like stepping-stones to reach the other side.
    7. As you jump over the platforms, wisps will appear. Either avoid them or shoot them with the Gale. On the next blackened piece of Earth, you’ll meet Lucifel.
    8. Past Lucifel, you’ll face the Watcher Azazel again. This black armored, one-eyed fighter will kick your butt a second time. Enjoy! Every Watcher fight can be won with enough patience, but you won’t lose if you’re defeated.
    9. Jump down the black path towards another large gap where rock platforms will drop down to let you cross. Keep jumping over to the next floating black landmass.
    10. On the mass of land, instead of an arena, the area will change colors from black to white-brown. There are some careful jumps ahead while you’re menaced by groups of Ramps. Hang onto the Gale, it makes the Ramps and Wisps easy to deal with.
    11. Through the landmass, you’ll reach another clear set of stairs. Climb up to reach an arena where you’ll have to fight off Martyrs and Ezeks. Destroy the Martyr and two Ezeks to continue.
    12. Leaving the arena, Enoch appears in a side-scrolling section. Run right, jumping onto the rock pillar as they appear. Hop to the pads arching over the bottomless pit below. On the other side, you’ll find a weapon pickup. Choose the Gale – the Gale is green, and the Arch is blue.
    13. After grabbing a weapon, you’ll see large clouds rise up and sweep forward. These rounded, wave-like clouds are solid. Jump on and ride, jumping to the second cloud to reach the trees beyond. Jump over the pads to find another gap where two clouds will help you cross.
    14. Jump from the two clouds to the rock platform to find another Fruit of Wisdom. Hop down to the surreal tree, and to another rock platform. Stop as you see Ezekiel’s face appear and change the sun’s position. Rocks will lower over the screen, and you’ll take damage if you ride a rock off-screen. Jump to the first rock with a double jump, then quickly jump to the next two before they move down too low.
    15. If you move fast enough, keep the Gale equipped, and you can double jump to a very high platform with an Fruit of Wisdom. Jump down to get a note from a Freeman directly below. The sun will rise again, and you’ll need to jump five clouds in a row. Those lead, finally, to the exit.
    16. Enoch finds himself in another arena with Ezek A and Ezek G, with a Martyr joining in once one is defeated. Appearing back on a white mass of land, quickly run and jump over the gaps. The narrow sections of land will turn red and fall as Enoch touches down, so you’ll have to keep moving.
    17. Landing in an arena, you’ll face a new enemy armed with a new weapon. The Ezek V has the Veil, a powerful but slow weapon that provides superior defense. As an extension, the giant Ezek V creature has a tough guard to break, and will charge forward with slow but hard-hitting attack.
    18. One of Ezek V’s more annoying moves is a ground pound that will stun Enoch and hurt him if he’s standing on the ground. You won’t have much indication, so just jump whenever the Ezek V pounds the ground with both hands.
    19. When you can, steal the Veil from the stunned Ezek V. Without a weapon, the Ezek is easier to deal with, especially with the Veil equipped. After defeating the Ezek, you’ll learn how to move and guard at the same time with the Veil.
    20. The Veil can also break certain objects, like the weird circular mirror blocking your path forward. Punch it a few times with the Veil to shatter the thing. Down the land bridge, don’t let the cracked sections of bridge surprise you when they break away.
    21. In the following arena, get in some practice with the Veil against some Martyrs and Ezeks. Defeat them and continue forward to find Lucifel. Through the tunnel, you’ll appear inside another arena against Martyrs and Ezek G.
    22. Defeating the Ezek G will drop a new pickup called the Eyes of Truth. They show when you have an advantage, and when you don’t. Blue indicates your weapon will work well, red when it won’t work, and purple when you’re equal to your enemy.
    23. After that arena, you’ll appear in a hellish landscape of fire. Smash the stalactites blocking your way with whatever weapon you have. Take a Gale, making this section slightly easier as you’ll be able to destroy the stalactites from a far.
    24. One of the platforms will turn red and take Enoch through a gauntlet of stalactites. Blast the stalactites as you’re moved forward with the Gale. Ahead you’ll have to deal with a spinning platform, but nothing you can’t deal with.
    25. On the path right, Lucifel will tell you to jump down. Each of the platforms will turn red and fall, forcing Enoch to jump to a new platform. At the bottom, you’ll reach the exit, leading into another ethereal arena against Ezeks.
    26. This arena can be tough, the Ezek A and G won’t be as much of a problem as the next two Vs that show up. Grab a Veil from one of the Ezek Vs to help fight them off with ease.
    27. Appearing outside another large landmass of white and black water, run up the translucent steps. Navigate the gaps, looking out for Ramps and ghosts. Ahead, smash the fixtures and jump from white platform to white platform, dodging the floating Wisps. Arriving in another arena, you’ll face the Watcher Sariel. This fight is just like before.
    28. The Watcher Sariel seems vulnerable to attacks from the Veil. Defeat Sariel or take enough damage to leave. After the fight is over, you’ll have more floating platforms and wisps to navigate.
    29. On the next floating mass of land, Ramps and ghosts will menace Enoch as he tries to cross the many gaps. If you’re fast, you can just run right by these enemies.
    30. At the end of the mass, you’ll run into a little girl with a Nephilim. Follow her path, she’ll only jump on the larger rock platforms, so avoid the small ones. The rocks not on her path will immediately drop as you try to jump to them.
    31. Landing on the land mass, make two more jumps across the gaps. You’re almost at your goal. Ezeks of all three types will attack as you cross the arena, when they’re through, exit with the translucent stairs.
    32. Enjoy the scene as it plays in the background. Get a snack, have a breather, the boss is coming soon.
    33. Appearing inside a swirling tunnel, run deeper inside while jumping through the rings of fire. You’ll find Lucifel near the end. Jump through a few more rings of fire to find a large armor pickup and the exit to this crazy tunnel.
    34. After the cutscene, Enoch will be facing off against two giant pigs – Foola and Woola. The creatures will run around the outskirts of the arena and charge at Enoch, aiming at him when they stop to wind up.
    35. You can only hurt Foola and Woola when they’re stunned after a charge. Wait for them to charge and dodge. Try to stand in the center of the arena, and they two pigs will hit each other. Attack their exposed bellies until you see that they’re shielded again.
    36. As the pigs stand up, they’ll yell and knock Enoch back. Weapon Wisps will appear, of all three colors. For now, stick with the Veil.
    37. Don’t bother attacking Foola and Woola while they’re standing, their armor will protect them from all of your attacks.
    38. When you start knocking armor off the pigs, they’ll get more aggressive. They’ll start charging in a swirling pattern around the arena. To avoid getting hit, just stand in the dead center of the arena, they won’t touch you there.
    39. The best weapon against Foola and Woola is the Arch, grab it when you have the chance and attack while the pigs are stunned after a charge.
    40. After some time, a short scene will play indicated the pigs will charge in unison. Dodge or jump over them and attack their exposed behinds while they’re stunned.
    41. Once one of the pigs is defeated, the second will just constantly charge you every time it gets up. Destroy them both to complete the chapter.

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: An Unfriendly Greeting (15G) – Finish Chapter 03.

    Chapter 04: Sariel’s Deception

    1. Sariel’s realm starts out fairly empty. Run up to the odd platform holding Lucifel to save your game.
    2. You’ll find a weird black triangle to the right of the screen. Jump in! The portal will take you into a weird Nephilim side-scrolling section. Run left, making a few jumps, and grabbing a Gale on your way.
    3. Hop from narrow platform to narrow platform, these jumps are tricky, take your time and wait for the jumping Nephilim to lower off-screen before continuing. Beyond the section filled with perky jumping Nephilim, take Enoch through white floating platform – be fast, they’ll fall as you jump.
    4. As you progress, you’ll reach one of Sariel’s Beloved, swat the ghost away with your Gale and continue past the Nephilim pushing beach balls. Yeah, this game is weird.
    5. Next, navigate the Nephilim balancing leaves, and trees on their heads. The balancing act means that your only flat surfaces are craning left and right. Not a huge problem, just take your time and don’t rush through these jumps.
    6. Climb the tall blue surface where you’ll find more weapons. Grab the Gale if you don’t have it already. Jump past the swarm of Nephilim, and prepare to jump again as two Nephilim with beach balls will try to push you into the bottomless pit. Leap over them both, they won’t hurt, they can only push.
    7. Moving on, ghosts will appear to slow you down as you climb the pink and purple platforms higher. If these ghosts possess Enoch, he’ll have to shake them out and destroy them. They just keep appearing, so keep running until you reach a Nephilim jumping on a seesaw.
    8. Stand on the yellow brick as it’s launch to reach the platforms above. Do it again and you’ll find some Nephilim with hula-hoops. The hula-hoops won’t hurt, jump on or around them, to find more white floating platforms. Ahead, a giant Nephilim will eat you!
    9. Then a fight with the Watcher Sariel. You should know his moves by now, but just as a refresher, he likes to charge, summon fireballs that slowly move around the arena, and create a giant tornado of purple energy that’s tricky to escape without the Gale equipped.
    10. Damage Sariel enough, or let him damage you enough, and the fight will end. Enoch will reappear on the black symbol where he started. Stepping onto the round emblem will summon a new enemy – the Sari As. Like the Ezek As, only a touch more difficult, these guys have Arches and aren’t afraid to use them.
    11. After the Sari As are defeated, Martyrs with Gales and Veils will attack, followed by more Sari As. Not exactly easy, but keep fighting and stealing weapons when you get the chance, and you’ll pull through. Lucifel will reappear after the fight near a vase, smash it for an Fruit of Wisdom and save your game.
    12. When you’re ready, step into another black portal to find another side-scrolling section. Climb the black inky blots, knocking out ghosts until reaching another set of weapons. Take the Gale, you’ll need it to easily take out the ghosts as they appear.
    13. As you climb, take note that the green inky blots will slowly lower while you stand on them. Reaching three hamster wheels, jump just as you land or else you’ll be pushed left or right, depending on their spin.
    14. Further above, you’ll run into red seesaws, standing on either end will tip the platform over and you’ll begin to slide off. Past the seesaws, you’ll find a floating maze. Attack the red balloons to turn the entire maze clockwise. With the Gale equipped, you’ll be able to hit switches wherever you are.
    15. The solution is a little tricky, but the basic path you want to take is: start by turning the entire thing twice, so Enoch can jump down towards the bottom, before turning it again, climbing up, and turning it one last time while near an opening.
    16. Jump more platforms, on the large black ink blot, ghosts will appear, but they’re just a nuisance. At the top, you’ll find a large red ink blot with Nephilim inside pushing yellow squares. Time your jumps to climb – the Arch might be helpful here, holding down the jump button will give Enoch more air-time.
    17. Halfway up the blot, you’ll find a Freeman tucked away in a corner with no Nephilim. At the top, you’ll find most ghosts as you move right, stopping at the spinning apparatus where Nephilim are raining from the sky.
    18. At the center of both, you’ll find Fruits of Wisdom. Climb the blots until you land on a long black blot where plenty of ghosts will appear to slow Enoch down. Beyond, more jumps, where you’ll find red ink blots. The red platforms will drop down after you jump onto them, so don’t stand there for long. Or at all, jump off as soon as you land. Jump to the last black blot to complete the section.
    19. Returning to the starting point again, step onto the arena for another big fight. Remember Goldsarge and Silversarge? Say hello to regular Sarge, he fights just like his counterparts, but flying around, moving quickly, spinning, and using the Gale to knock Enoch away.
    20. After the first Sarge, two Martyrs will appear, followed by another Sarge. As always, steal your favorite weapon and mash on the attack/shoulder buttons if you die. When the battle is done, talk to Lucifel and smash the nearby vase for a Fruit of Wisdom.
    21. When you’re ready, step into the third black portal. Except the Watcher Ezekiel will stop you. She’s a close range fighter, that summons storms of electricity and shoots lightning from her fingertips. If you knock her down, prepare to guard as she stands up, blasting Enoch with a wave of energy before hovering and launching an area-attack lightning storm.
    22. As always, fight the Watcher until you take too much damage or you win. Then step into the black portal, leading into another side-scrolling stage. Run left and deal with the ghosts before jumping. At the next surface, a Nephilim is launching colored blocks. Jump over them or you’ll be thrown over the side.
    23. Bypassing the Nephilim, you’ll find a Gale. Grab it, they’re very helpful against the many ghosts you’ll be dealing with later. Climb the tiny platforms to the top, looking out for the black platforms that fall away as you jump on.
    24. Continuing left, you’ll reach a Nephilim on a swing. Jump over it, if it touches Enoch, he’ll take damage. Beyond the swing, you’ll find a break-away bridge, each of the links will fall as you walk over them. Be quick and jump if you have to.
    25. Entering the black craggy cave, grab a Gale and start taking out ghosts. Keep shooting, you’ll be bound to take out ghosts that are waiting off-screen. Exiting the tunnel, you’ll reach another jumping section – you can bypass these jumps by jumping onto the flying Nephilim’s beach ball and riding it to the top.
    26. At the second jumping section, you can ride the beach balls again, but you’ll find it trickier this time. On the right side, on a cliff below two spinning Nephilim, you’ll find another Freeman. Jump above the Freeman and move left to find another Fruit of Wisdom.
    27. To continue, you’ll have to right the beach ball up. Stay near the center to avoid falling off. At your destination, a group of ghosts will appear near two large armor pick-ups. At the top, another swinging Nephilim, followed by more of the things climbing steps. Continue your path left.
    28. Finding Nephilim with balloons, you’ll have to use the balloons as stepping-stones. Jump onto each balloon and wait for the next to lower enough that Enoch can double-jump to it. Keep it up to reach more black platforms. At the end, you’ll find a Nephilim with it’s mouth wide open. Jump in, what could go wrong?
    29. Back at the center platform, you’ll fight Sari, Sarge, and Martyrs. Deal with them, and grab the Fruit of Wisdom inside both vases. Lucifel is on the left side, so save that game.
    30. A huge partially invisible staircase has appeared, climb it to face off against the Watcher Sariel. You have to win this time. Sariel has all the usual attacks, he just fights harder as you do damage to him. Eventually, he’ll drop weapons – grab the Veil to really pummel Sariel. Look out for Sariel’s charge, block just as he tries to attack and you’ll stun him a second, enough to really lay into him with the Veil.
    31. As you damage Sariel, he’ll get more aggressive, and start moving faster around the arena. He’ll attack with a kick combo from behind, so keep your finger on the guard button. Especially watch out when Sariel prepares a purple beam attack that shoots forward – if you take the hit, you’ll lose your weapon.
    32. When Sariel is defeated, you’ll move onto the next stage of the battle.
    33. Nether Sariel appears in grand fashion. The huge bat monster summons tornadoes and flies forward. As you fight, Lucifel will stop to have a cutscene with Enoch. As the scene ends, you’ll learn a new ability, the Overboost. Gathering Flames of Power will increase the duration of the the Overboost, which strengthens your attack.
    34. Activate your Overboost and lay into the Nether Sariel. When weapons appear, grab the Veil – you’ll notice that Sariel’s wings are blue, the color of the crystals on his wings indicates his health level. When Sariel flies up and glows purple, he’ll summon three energy pillars. Don’t try to block these, just run. When Sariel tries to follow you, he’ll use an aerial combo that’ll smack Enoch into the air. Just hold down guard and you’ll be fine.
    35. At stage two of the fight, Sariel will summon fire around the corners of the arena. As Sariel flies forward, block and attack him from behind to knock him out of the sky, giving you time to really pummel him.
    36. At Stage 3 of the battle, his crystals turn red, and he really picks up the fight, usually following his single attack with a second. Block his lunges and charges, just keep your distance and only attack after he attacks.

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Nephilim Party (15G) – Finish Chapter 04.

    Chapter 05: The Tragedy of Baraqel

    1. To another level, you’ll start the chapter looking directly at one of the monstrous Fire Nephilim in the distance. Run forward to face a new enemy, the Dorugas. They fight like the Ezeks, Sari, and Martyrs.
    2. Take out the enemies and move on to some standing pillars of Earth. Be careful as you cross, the fire rocks from afar will crash down and break parts off. Don’t move too quickly, and don’t forget to break the cylindrical objects to gather extra armor and fire pellets.
    3. Beyond some wisps, you’ll have more Dorugas to fight. Destroy both of them, and either continue left, or jump to the platforms in the background for more pellets and some extra armor.
    4. More wisps and falling land bridges will slow down your progress, but just keep moving and don’t rush and you won’t fall for any of these traps.
    5. Entering the next area, you’ll find Lucifel before making any more dangerous jumps. Reaching another flat surface, expect to fight more Dorugas. Any large flat surface will always signify a fight. Moving on, make the treacherous jump and look out for wisps and Ramps as they appear down this narrow path.
    6. Jumping into a new arena, fight the Dorugas as they appear. You’ll have to fight them in groups of two, with all three weapons. Use the guard+attack to swing them into the air and do some damage while safely out of the other Dorugas’ range.
    7. With the enemies defeated, a new path will open up. Jump from pillar to pillar, they’ll begin to break and move as you run across them. As you reach one pillar that’s out of reach, wait for it to lower before making your jump.
    8. Jump up three more pillars to a large rock surface with three cylinders. Break them for extra armor and a Fruit of Wisdom. Continue jumping pillars until you’re stopped by Ezekiel.
    9. The Watcher Ezekiel uses the same moves as before, like most Watchers. She has a long-range attack, a sprinting charge to deliver a close-range combo, and an area-effect attack that she’ll charge up. Look out when she flies into the air, she’ll meteor drop onto Enoch’s head. Win or lose, you’ll continue.
    10. Climb the cliff until you see cylinders to the left. Break them for armor and continue to the right before jumping higher, around the corner you’ll find a portal into The Darkness. Collect the Fragment of Ishtar, and find the exit. Jump up and run into the tower.
    11. Inside the tower, you’ll have to deal with more Dorugas before Lucifel appears. Save and move to the next large platform. Break the cylinders surrounding the center for some goodies and a Fruit of Wisdom. When you’re ready, step into the center of the platform.
    12. Riding the elevator up, you’ll be taken into an arena. Fight off the Dorugas, this time attacking in groups of three. That makes the fight hard, so work on separating and conquering the enemies.
    13. Entering a side-scrolling area next, run left and jump over the shining spikes in your path. Jump to the floating platform and ride to more floating platforms. Jump until you reach a bridge in sections that fall apart.
    14. Beyond the bridge, take the Gale to use against the floating wisps. Use the break-away platforms, jumping up then running down them. Ahead you’ll find two sets of spikes. Jump once, then double-jump while falling to avoid the spikes above. Now free of spikes, use the moving platform to reach the break-away platforms above it.
    15. Continue, jumping and running on the break-aways until you find another cylinder in an alcove above with a moving platform below. Ride the moving platform through and jump over the spikes to another surface. Wait on the surface until another moving platform enters your view, then ride that one left, jumping to another platform and letting it take Enoch the rest of the way over the chasm.
    16. Use the zig-zagging flat surfaces to climb higher and find another elevator. Step off to meet the Watcher Azazel again. He was the first Watcher you faced, either defeat him or take enough damage to lose.
    17. Break more of the cylinders to find another Fruit of Wisdom, then ride the elevator up, leading to another fight with Dorugas. After the fight, you’ll enter another side-scrolling section.
    18. Above you’ll find a cylinder with a large armor pick-up. Jump to the elevator at the end of the path to ride higher up. Look out for wisps, jumping to a second elevator, then a third that takes you to a new platform. At the end, over more large spikes, grab the Gale. Jump the spikes and continue left into an alcove to find an extra little armor inside a cylinder before riding the moving platforms.
    19. Jump to the second moving platform, then jump right, using the Gale’s guard-jump ability to cover the rest of the distance. On the higher ledge you’ll find more goodies and a Fruit of Wisdom inside one of the cylinders.
    20. Jump back down and ride the moving platforms left to another elevator. Run right and use the break-away platform ramps to continue until you find another weapon pick-up. Grab whichever you need, but the Gale is always the most useful for finding secrets.
    21. Ride the moving platform right and continue upwards, moving across a new set of break-away platforms, navigating spikes and wisps while you’re at it. At the end of this path, you’ll find another elevator, taking you higher.
    22. Climb up the ledges, jumping from left to right to get higher. You’ll see another Fruit of Wisdom behind a block that can only be broken with the Veil. Climb to the top and grab the Veil from a weapon power-up. Jump down if you want that Fruit of Wisdom, or break the wall on the left at the top of the climb with the Veil equipped. Run all the way down to find another Fruit of Wisdom.
    23. Continue right, using the break-away platforms to jump as the tower breaks apart behind you. Ride the elevator to reach new floor, where a very narrow path will lead you one direction.
    24. Following the path, you’ll run into another encounter with three Dorugas at once. Fight them off and talk to Lucifel down the bridge. Break the cylinders for armor and pellets, the third cylinder leaving behind a Fruit of Wisdom. Ride the elevator up to the boss.
    25. The Fire Nephilim is one big bad monster. The first thing it does is slam one arm down on the platform with you. Attack it to weaken the monster. Jump as it slams an arm down to avoid being stunned. After it raises an arm, the Fire Nephilim will shoot a series of fireballs down, run away and don’t stand under any of the red lights.
    26. After it takes some damage, the Fire Nephilim will bend backwards and slam its head on your platform. Jump as it strikes and stay away from the center. After the attack, smack the monster’s head a little bit before it backs off.
    27. The Fire Nephilim will also spin while swinging its arms in circles. Stand in the center and jump as the lower arm whips by, it will slow down slightly before it crosses the platform, giving you some reaction time.
    28. After breaking one of its four arms, the Fire Nephilim will lay be stunned while providing you with extra weapons. If the Fire Nephilim lowers off-screen, it’s about to raise up and fire lasers from its five eyes. Jump over or block the lasers.
    29. When the Fire Nephilim’s eyes are red, it’ll pull out a new attack – laser eyes. It will bend over, looming over the foreground, and blast fire lasers at once over a wide area. Run away, wait near where the lasers pass by, then run over the area it just sweeped.
    30. Next, the Fire Nephilim will lower itself to your level and sweep one eye laser at a time across the field. Stand in the center and jump over each laser as it passes.
    31. Just keep breaking the giant Fire Nephilim’s arms, attacking the head when you can, and eventually the monster will be defeated. Of course, that isn’t the end. The Baraquel Nephilim will eat Enoch in one bite – well, until you’re saved. Just watch the scene to find out. Baraqel Nephilim and something called Ceta is involved.

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Visitor from Beyond Time (15G): Finish Chapter 05.

    Chapter 06: Azazel’s Zeal

    1. Welcome to the future! Azazel has been busy, run forward and stick to the left to find a pathway up and off the highway to find an alcove where a Freeman is waiting with a note.
    2. Return to the highway to meet Lucifel. You’ll learn to use a motorcycle – remember the controls, things are about to get a little intense. Attack the enemies as you move, and slide to get underneath the purple forcefields.
    3. Entering a tunnel a few minutes in, you’ll run into fly bots, from range they’ll fire missiles and try to attack up-close. Knock them out with whatever weapon you can.
    4. Follow the strings of armor, and always try to slide underneath the purple forcefields, goodies are usually hidden behind the field. Further in, you’ll have to deal with large robots that smash the ground with double fists. Stay off to the side and hit them from the left or right.
    5. Next you’ll face a new motorcycle with an Arch. Slide under its attacks, and look out for more fly bots. After defeating it, you’ll land in a large tunnel, where another huge robot will fire missiles at you from a distance. Follow the armor pick-ups, grab a Veil, and smack the little motorcycles into the larger robot to stun it, where it will slow down enough to attack.
    6. With that last robot defeated, you’ve completed the motorcycle section. Landing on a roof somewhere, talk to Lucifel. Run forward to find the boss, Battorile, that Arch Motorcycle you had to deal with before.
    7. Take the Angels’ advice and grab the Veil. It’s different forms are vulnerable to different weapons. In its first form, it launches missiles. Your Veil will protect you from the explosions.
    8. When the boss switches to its second form on wheels, grab the Arch. In the second form, it will drive forward, launch a missile, and try to punch you up close. Block the punches and just combo the robot with your Arch.
    9. Take the Gale as it takes a third form, as a large motorcycle. The third form features a spinning blade wheelie and another single missile. Dodge both and throw nails at the boss until it changes forms again.
    10. As the fight continues, the boss will continue to switch forms, so grab the appropriate weapon as it does. Veil while the boss is on two feet, the Arch while on one wheel, and the Gale on two wheels.
    11. The boss will start to show signs of wear and tear, breaking apart as you fight it. With each level of breakage, the boss will fight harder, so stay on guard and use Overcharge when it’s available.
    12. Keep fighting, and the giant robot will fall, completing the chapter.

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Unnatural Evolution (15G): Finish Chapter 06.

    Chapter 07: The Cry of Armaros

    1. Out of the city, and into a cold cave. Climb the ledges and jump the gap to water-covered surface. Jumping into an arena, you’ll face Martyrs and a new enemy, the Arma A. The Armas are similar to the previous Watchers’ minions you’ve faced, just a touch tougher to defeat.
    2. Keep moving down the path, you’ll find more breakables on the way. Don’t fall for the breaking rocks, if you see cracked stone, stay away.
    3. Jumping to a new location, you’ll see the little girl with her Nephilim. Instead of continuing, break the shells to the left and jump to a circular ledge. Climb the watery ledges to the top to find a portal to The Darkness. Find the Fragment of Ishtar’s Bones and get out.
    4. Return to the main path. In this large area, you’ll face Arma As and Martyrs. The Arma As should look familiar, and they fight just like the Ezak As before them. Smash the shells in the area to top up on armor.
    5. Instead of following the pillars to the left, run down the slope to the frozen tree. Fight the Arma As and Arma Gs, then jump to the water on the right cliff-face. Run against the water to find a Freeman.
    6. Return to the pillars and jump up them to find Lucifel waiting by a frozen tree. Break the shells to get a Fruit of Wisdom and some red pellets before saving with Lucifel.
    7. Jump the pillars onto another landing, where the Watcher Azazel will face you. Like always, fight him until he beats you or you beat him. In the area, you’ll find shells and a cracked wall breakable with the Veil equipped.
    8. Follow the land bridge up into a cave, inside you’ll face an Arma V with other Arma enemy types. The Arma V is a toughened up version of the Ezek V, with new armor plating and a hardened look. Further into the cave, near a Freeman to get his note and break the shells along the back wall.
    9. Continue running right to face the Watcher Ezekiel – she’s just like she was before. Carefully fight her to defeat her, or just take some damage to continue if you’re feeling lazy. She’s actually quite easy to defeat, a few hits will do it.
    10. Moving on, you’ll enter a side-scrolling section. Jump the platforms and grab a Gale. Use your double jump and the Gale guard-jump to cross the long gap between platforms ahead. If you can stay on the top-level, you’ll find a Freeman ahead. Jump off the ledge with the Freeman to continue on your way.
    11. Ride the cracked part of the ledge down, and jump right as you see platforms to find a Fruit of Wisdom. Take it and continue hopping down platform to platform. Jump down when you’re ordered to, and you’ll exit the side-scrolling area.
    12. Back in a normal free-roaming mode, run ahead and break the shells. Use the flowing platforms in the water to cross, using the Gale to shoot down any wisps. Using the Gale, jump to a moving platform as it appears on the left of the area to reach a little spot of dry land. Break the shells to find another Fruit of Wisdom.
    13. Continue down the path into the background, jumping from platform to dry surface. Halfway across, Lucifel is waiting near a string of moving platforms in the water. You’ll have to jump from each platform quickly to keep up with the current.
    14. The Gale makes these jumps easier with its forward lunge ability. On dry land, run up the pathways to face another encounter with all three Arma enemy types. Grab a new weapon when you can, as early as you can!
    15. Enter the huge door when you’re done to enter a hallway lined with pictures where Lucifel is waiting for Enoch. Walk into the huge stage for… a show? Armaros will dance in the center of the stage while his back-up dancers will attack Enoch. The dancers are easy to defeat, slow, and only attack with a belly flop, so defeating them with any weapon isn’t a problem. Armaros will get in your way sometimes, his dancing obscuring the screen.
    16. Fight long enough, and the lights go off. The the real fight against the Watcher Armaros will begin. Like other Watchers, he’ll fly around, charge, and generally be light on his toes. His close-range melee combo is three-hits, wait for him to complete, then attack right afterwards to knock him down.
    17. When down, like all Watchers, he’ll float back onto his feet and blast the area with an energy pulse that knocks Enoch back. The Watchter Armaros will stand in the center of the field and spin, generating a series of energy balls that do minor damager. Guard and keep moving to avoid them.
    18. Armaros will also sink into the ground, when he does just keep running and jump if he’s underneath Enoch, when he raises up he’ll hit Enoch and take away his weapon. Grab a new weapon like the Veil when this happens and continue fighting.
    19. Like previous Watchers, the best wait to fight is to keep running until the Watcher completes a move, then moving it to deliver a combo while they pause. Take your time, and the Watcher will fall.

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: A Warm Welcome (15G) – Finish Chapter 07.

    Chapter 08: Belial’s Temptation

    1. A cutscene will play out, dropping Enoch into The Darkness, with Armaros following. There are no weapons in The Darkness, but Armaros can still jump high.
    2. Follow the path of rocks down, avoiding a new enemy, the Lost Head. A goose without a head, they act like wisps, except they’ll dive right into you if you’re nearby. Just follow the rocks, you’ll go in the right direction.
    3. Continue until you reach a dead-end, where Armaros will be ordered to jump down. You don’t have much choice, jump into the emptiness below.
    4. Enter a new area, look out for the white balls. Some will go red when touched and explode, other break like anything else and leave goodies. If you hit one and it flashes red, just run away.
    5. Down below, with Armaros, you’ll have some spinning blades to dodge as well. Continue down the steps to find Lucifel, who will save even Armaros’ game for him.
    6. Jump from flying spinning rock to flying spinning rock, wisps will appear, but just keep going and they won’t bother you. On the large surface, you’ll have dangerous shapes spinning in your path. Just time it right. The spinning circles are bombs, so get near them and run away if you want them gone while trying to cross the stars.
    7. Running into a spinning device with fins, run on the circle counter-clockwise and jump the fins to reach another stretch of land. Dodge the bombs, and run through another spinning finned device. On the next set of platforms, they’ll drop away as you jump to them. Press through the familiar traps until you’re stopped by something new.
    8. That new thing is a weird turning surface. Wait for it to stop flat, and use it to jump across to the platform. The bombs might be set off after jumping over them, so just keep moving. Next you’ll have two of these white pillars to jump onto. Start you jump just before the first of the pillars comes to a stop, and you’ll have enough time to jump onto both.
    9. Next up are raising and lowering platforms combined with wisps. Take your time and this peril is no problem. Ahead you’ll find four slippery surfaces pointed inward, jump to the high-end of each one, giving yourself time to slide and jump off to the next slippery surface.
    10. Ahead, you’ll find a spinning device with fins, with several bombs covering the surface. You’ll find three of these in a row, moving up and down. Move to the far end and wait for the next to lower into view. There’s no good way to escape the bombs other than very precise jumps.
    11. Using the three finned devices, you’ll reach the end much faster. Nanna is laying near Lucifel, and you’ll get a cutscene for your troubles.
    12. Save with Lucifel before running towards the huge white towers made up of spinning sections. Do as you’re told and climb the spinning fins. Armaros will ride each of the sections, so just wait for the next to pass before jumping to it. It may take a few times, but have patience. At the top, jump to a spiral staircase floating above.
    13. Climb the staircase to find another tower made up of spinning fins. This time, bring your A-game and be very careful not to fall off. Stay near the center to give yourself more room to land, and more room to catch yourself if you do fall. Jump to the circle on top, then to the floating dirt nearby.
    14. Break the white sphere for an armor-pickup before continuing up the path. At the end of the path, jump onto the giant mechanical sphere below. In an arena, Ramps will appear and attack, but they’re no problem Armaros’ melee combos. Jump into the red sphere when the enemies are defeated.
    15. Touching the red sphere will take Amaros to a new section. This time, Ramps and Wisps will attack. Jump into the red sphere again, this time you’ll face Ramps, Wisps, and Lost Heads. The only tricky part here is, you may need Armaros’ jumping ability to even reach and attack the Lost Heads flying around above. More enemies defeated, and another red sphere to touch.
    16. Appearing in a new area, jump onto the floating rock path and follow. The main path features several side paths off to the left. The first leads to some Ramps and armor pickups inside breakable white spheres.
    17. The second, jump down and follow the path to a broken tree for a Fruit of Wisdom, or jump up the falling rocks for a shortcut up. On the main path, fight the many Ramps to stop spinning blades to continue on your way.
    18. Chat with Lucifel, and run towards the dead-end overlooking the nothingness of the swirling sky. Jump down for a cutscene.
    19. Back in control of Armaros, you’ve got Dark Enoch to fight. He’s like the Watchers, the difficult part is Armaros’ lack of weapons. Get to know his moves. The regular combo is obvious, but stagger your attacks and Armaros will disappear and reappear below his enemy. Guard-attack to launch a series of energy balls that hurt anything nearby, and don’t forget his charge attacks both on land and in the air.
    20. First Enoch will simply attack with short combos. Wait for him to finish before moving in and attacking, or executing a perfect guard to stun Enoch.
    21. Do enough damage and Enoch will summon wisps while executing a powerful energy sweep attack that shoots a blade of purple energy forward. When Enoch spins and throws out one arm, dodge left or right and stay back.
    22. Enoch will start pulling out new moves, as well. His helmet’s wings will pop out and point upward, indicating Enoch will use a powerful forward lunge attack that’ll do serious damage. Just run away or dodge, if you only attack after Enoch finishes an attack, you’ll never be caught off guard.
    23. When the wings point down, Enoch will either shoot projectiles straight at you, or surround you with projectiles. Guard-jump to roll and avoid the damaging dark energy spikes.
    24. Keep attacking while breaking off chunks off his armor until Enoch is defeated. When he’s a stage three, with his face showing due to the lack of armor, he’ll start to glow with dark energy. You’ll have a hard time stunning him with normal attacks now, he won’t even be phased, and his attacks grow in strength and size.
    25. Knock all of Enoch’s armor off, and you’ll win. Enoch is saved! But what about Armaros…?

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Aren’t You Happy, Too? (15G) – Finish Chapter 08.

    Chapter 09: Enoch’s Indecision

    1. Appearing still as Dark Enoch, admire yourself for a minute before running up the translucent steps. It’s a long staircase, but keep going, the top is within reach.
    2. At the top, walk into the light in the darkness. Back to where you started, some black figures are surrounding the Fruits of Wisdom. Smack them off until the screen turns white.
    3. Walk towards the light again, this time Enoch enters an arena against three Martyrs. Cue another cutscene.
    4. Light, walk into it! Next, you’ll face the Watcher Sariel. You know the deal, wait for him to attack and follow-up with your own melee combo. You’ll have to fight careful, Sariel is just as fast, and you’re much weaker without a weapon.
    5. The fight will eventually end, giving you a chance to save your game before continuing. After that, you’re back in the light, you know what to do.
    6. The Watcher Armaros is your next opponent. This battle should be fresh in your mind, but without a Veil to protect you, suddenly the fight is much more difficult. One strategy that helps, when Armaros launches energy balls, wait for him to nearly finish, then jump in the air and charge-attack to dish out some real damage.
    7. Fight Armaros until the screen turns white. A scene will play out before control is returned to the player. Back in the darkness, so walk into the light. A ghost will keep you company on the way.
    8. Inside the light, you’ll fight Dark Enoch. Enoch is purified now, so he has access to all three of God’s weapons this time. Grab the Gale, while Dark Enoch’s helmet fins are folded back he’s weak to the Gale.
    9. When Dark Enoch’s helmet fins are pointed up, use the Arch. When they’re pointed down, use the Veil. Otherwise, the fight plays out exactly like it did the first time you fought him with Armaros.
    10. Purified of the vileness, you’ll appear outside another path of light. Get your butt into that funnel of light, and Enoch will finally escape his prison.

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Welcome Back, Enoch (15G) – Finish Chapter 09.

    Chapter 10: The Grave of Arakiel

    1. You’re on the top floor now, run forward to reach a series of large rectangular shapes. Find Lucifel further in, and jump towards a large gap between you and more gray blocks in the distance. More platforms will swing into view, creating a bridge to cross the chasm.
    2. Keep climbing until you reach an arena. The Acutmartyrs guard this floor, armed with various weapons like the regular Martyrs. These guys are tougher, faster, have better combos, and aren’t easily stunned by your attacks.
    3. Destroy the three Acutmartyrs, and continue running deeper into the tower. Cross more of the platforms as they move into view, then step on the switch shaped like a small box. A bridge will lower made of geometric patterns. It doesn’t look very sturdy, but you’ll be fine crossing it.
    4. Enter a side-scrolling section, run forward while fighting the Ramps, you’ll get a show in the background.
    5. It won’t last forever, and you’ll step into a giant hall filled with huge shapes. Pointing in four directions, step in the center of each edge to activate an unseen elevator that’ll move you from one shape to the next. Follow the right path to find a Freeman, you’ll have to knock down a wall to reach him.
    6. Move straight forward to find a Fruit of Wisdom inside a breakable object. At the first of the three squares leading straight to the green switch, ride the lift right, forward twice, then left twice to reach it.
    7. The green switch turns out to be a jump pad. Jump as the floor reaches the bottom of the spring to reach great height. At the third of the jump pads, use the jump pad along the right wall to find a Fruit of Wisdom. Continue up another level to find Lucifel.
    8. Save at Lucifel, then use the jump pad to the right of him. You’ll have to deal with spinning pegs to jump through, meaning you have to time your jumps with the spinning platforms to make it through. This takes time and practice, but you never have to jump through more than one hole at a time.
    9. Jump down instead of climbing up as you move right to find some collectibles. There’s a Freeman one step below, with a Fruit of Wisdom further down. Use the jump pads to get back up.
    10. Use the super-high jump pad and squeeze through the tiny hole on top. Fight the two Arma Gs and another super-Martyr to the left, or one super-Martyr and two Ezek Vs to the right. Use the right jump pad for an armor boost, at the top you’ll find even more super-Martyrs, Ezek Vs, and Arma Gs.
    11. Step on the switch and quickly run up the stairs before the drop. The stairs lead into a side-scrolling section, just run forward, watching the scene in the background as you slice through wisps.
    12. Ending the side-scrolling, you’ll ride an elevator to a black set of stairs. Nowhere else to go but up. At the top, you’ll find a shrine. Strike the switches to the left and right of the center, and stand near the spinning cube to ride an elevator up. Continue onward and upward.
    13. Nearing the top, you’ll face Boola. Remember the giant pigs, this fight is similar to the fight from Ezekiel’s realm. Wait for it to charge, dodge out of the way, and attack when the pig crashed into a wall and lies on its side. Use the Arch, Boola is weak against the Arch. The Veil is also a good weapon, as you can guard against its charge.
    14. The fight is different than the old. Boola will charge you every chance it gets. Make sure you stay with you back against a wall, and make sure it is a wall and not empty space. Empty space won’t stun Boola. Also, Boola needs to slam into two walls before being stunned. When it is stunned, follow the same strategy of beating on the exposed skin to break off its armor.
    15. When all of Boola’s armor is broken off, you’ve won the fight. Ride the elevator to the top of the tower, enjoy the show, and look out for wisps.
    16. Back in control, make some tricky jumps and hit the box touch pad, stand on it until the platforms are aligned in the center. For the second touch pad, stand on it until the platforms are roughly aligned, sloped upward slightly.
    17. Cross the narrow bridge to find Lucifel. Jump down the cubes in the foreground, jumping into the alcove under the steps to find a breakable containing a Fruit of Wisdom.
    18. Continue forward until you find more weapons. Grab the Gale and continue down the path towards swinging pendulums. Before nearing the giant pendulums, look left for two blue platforms. As you jump on them, they’ll quickly sink. Jump off to the opposite platform to climb up to the top, where you’ll find a touch pad. Stand on it until all the platforms around the pendulums are aligned.
    19. Jump down and cross the pendulums, using the newly aligned cubes to cross over. Through the first set of pendulums, look left for more sinking platforms. Climb them to the top and align the cubes again, then cross.
    20. Halfway across the second set of pendulums, you’ll reach a dead-end. Step onto the touch pad and align the cubes again to cross the remainder of the way. Step into the bright square to teleport somewhere new.
    21. Ahead, you’ll notice you’re at the top of the swinging pendulums now. Follow the left path to run into some familiar enemies. Lots, and lots of familiar enemies. Step on the touch pad to lower the cubes you need to cross over.
    22. If you don’t want to fight the enemies, you can just jump on the pendulums themselves. It’s very tricky though. Crossing the second set requires the same thing, jumping on the pendulums or hitting the touch pad after fighting a large group of enemies. It’s your choice.
    23. Through both pendulums, you’ll find Lucifel. Ahead, you’ll find some strange caterpillar cubes that move over the chasm by stacking over one another. Watch which direction the last cube goes and follow it, sometimes it moves forwards, sometimes left or right, or even back. Halfway across, you’ll even find a platform, jump onto it to use it as a halfway mark in the case that you fall.
    24. On the platform to the left, you’ll find breakables, and a portal into The Darkness. Jump into the portal and take the Fragment of the Ishtar’s Bones. Inside the breakables surrounding the portal, you’ll find armor, red pellets, and a Fruit of Wisdom.
    25. Ride the caterpillar cubes into the background, and climb the sinking platforms by jumping from one platform to the opposite, forcing them to rise higher after each jump. At the top, break the fixtures flanking another shaft, you’ll find armor and another Fruit of Wisdom.
    26. Climb the second shaft, jumping from one platform to the other quickly. At the top, rush towards the wall marked with a circular red pattern. Nanna and her Nephilim are waiting.
    27. Another fight with the Watcher Ezekiel. She fights like she always does, except this time you need to win. Look out for her meteor-drop, she’ll leap up and fall down, knocking your weapon out.
    28. Otherwise, she has a melee combo that’s easy to avoid, just attack her after she’s done. Roll away before she stands up, she’ll knock you away like all Watchers. When she glows purple, she’s about to launch a lightning attack that shoots straight for you.
    29. Ezekiel is weak to the Arch, use that against her. Just keep fighting, she’ll eventually go down. With her defeated, she’ll transform into a monstrous version of herself.
    30. Nether Ezekiel isn’t going down without a fight. Nether Ezekiel waits in the center of the field, electricity zig-zagging around the circle with a ring of electricity covering the perimeter.
    31. Start by taking an Arch, it’s Ezekiel’s weakness. When Ezekiel’s top half separates from the bottom half, stay away as it slams into the ground. Attack while it waits on the ground with the Arch, but look out for its follow-up melee attack.
    32. Nether Ezekiel is a very powerful opponent, try to avoid taking damage while fighting. Ezekiel changes elements between separating halves; starting with zig-zagging lightning, it switches to fire balls that announce their presence surrounding Ezekiel with glowing red light, with fire shooting forward in a star pattern around Ezekiel.
    33. The third elemental attack Ezekiel offers is an ice shield. It doesn’t do much but block your directions of attack on her.
    34. Watch Ezekiel’s eyes, starting green, turning yellow when she’s hurt, and finally turning red when she’s badly hurt. She fights harder as her eyes change colors, like previous bosses.
    35. While Ezekiel is floating, beat on the bottom half and move it around to make it an easy target. The Veil won’t hurt the boss as much as the Arc, but the protection the guard provides is very helpful.

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: My Beautiful Children… (15G) – Finish Chapter 10.

    Chapter 11: Semyaza’s Dream

    1. This is it, the final floor. Run forward towards the red light ahead. Smash the red translucent breakables, and save with Lucifel.
    2. Continue climbing the ledges until you reach a fork. Left will take you further into the chapter, right you’ll find more red pellets inside breakables. Moving higher, you’ll find a weapon picker, and beyond that, another fork. Right is more breakables, left is the path deeper into the tower.
    3. As you climb higher, the world will turn gray. Run across the land bridge to ram into a cutscene. After the scene ends, you’ll be up against the Watcher Azazel. You remember Azazel, right? The first guy you fought.
    4. Enoch needs to defeat the Watcher Azazel this time. Choose the Gale, that’s Azazel’s weakness. Like before, Azazel has a two-punch combo he’ll use to charge, a swarm of flies that slowly moves around the arena, and a long-range beam attack.
    5. One new move Azazel uses it the meteor-drop, just like Ezekiel. It’s powerful, and it knocks Enoch’s weapon out of his hand. Avoid it at all costs.
    6. As you damage Azazel, he’ll start fighting harder with new expanded abilities. Instead of summoning a series of swarms one at a time, he’ll summon a ring of swarms surrounding his body. His melee combos will attack in series, one after another. He’ll also perform his meteor-drop in a series of three, so keep moving.
    7. Pummel Azazel enough, and he’ll transform into Nether Azazel. Once again, the Gale is your most powerful weapon against Nether Azazel.
    8. As the fight starts, Nether Azazel will teleport around the arena. He starts by trying to kick you with a slow attack, just dodge out of the way and attack. Nether Azazel will teleport away and launch a wave of fireballs forward, so dodge left or right to escape the sweep.
    9. The Gale doesn’t seem powerful at first, Nether Azazel will guard against all of your attacks. Keep dodging, and stagger your button presses to launch powerful overhead nails at Nether Azazel to break his guard and really deal some damage.
    10. At stage two of the fight, Nether Azazel gains speed and adds new combos to his attacks. At this stage, there isn’t much of a difference, and with the Gale’s speedy guard-jump dodge, you’ll be able to distance yourself.
    11. At stage three, Nether Azazel will fire a volley of fireballs instead of just one spread, jump and try to stand at his left or right to dodge the attack. Otherwise, he’s simply a faster and more vicious version, teleporting and trying to melee several times in a row.
    12. Another new attack Nether Azazel uses in his third form is his flame charge. He’ll power-up and chase Enoch around the arena, just run and don’t let him touch you until the flames extinguish.
    13. Do enough damage with the Gale and Nether Azazel will fall and be replaced by another boss.
    14. Dark Armaros appears in grand fashion. The Darkness has taken Armaros, and turned him into a giant monster. At different points, different weapons will be ineffective against Dark Armaros, but don’t worry about that yet.
    15. Dark Armaros will jump head first into the darkness of the floor and swim around. Run, don’t let him jump out and bite, it’ll really hurt. After a series of leaps, it will give up and lay on its side. Attack now with any weapon but the Gale, the Gale is ineffective for now.
    16. Grab a Veil and smack Dark Armaros when he’s back on his feet. He’ll stomp around, and aim one of two laser guns at his left or right. One shoots a beam, while the other shoots a volley of energy balls. The energy balls are easier to block, while the beam is easier to dodge.
    17. Do enough damage and the Veil will be useless again. Dark Armaros will points its head/mouth forward and fire a giant beam of energy while spinning it around the arena to cover the entire area. Double-jump over the beam, don’t even try to guard against it.
    18. After Dark Armaros fires a giant beam, it will dive into the darkness again and summon giant pillars of energy underneath Enoch. Keep running and don’t stop, even for the weapons that appear in the arena.
    19. Shooting a few pillars, Dark Armaros will jump out of the darkness like a shark again, three times before resting. Grab a Gale after it rests, it’s the only weapon that’ll hurt him now.
    20. Do more damage, and the Gale will be useless too. Grab an Arch after dealing with Dark Armaros’ giant energy beam, light pillars, and shark biting. The third form will stomp with one foot and use both guns at once, but otherwise won’t fight back too hard against your relentless attacks. Try jumping and attacking while mid-air to avoid those beams.
    21. At the last stage of the battle, when you can see Dark Armaros’ face, he’ll fire a giant beam directly at Enoch. There’s no way to dodge this beam. You’ll lose your only weapon. Dark Armaros will stand in place, hit it with your fists uselessly a few times, until Nanna appears as Ishtar and throws you an Arch.
    22. As you take the Arch, Overboost and use your Overboost attack by pressing down both shoulder buttons while in Overboost mode. That will finish the battle.
    23. Appearing in a new area dotted with intense blue light, holding Nanna in your hands, approach the blue triangle in the distance. Walk towards it. Thanks for playing, everyone!

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Last Job (15G): Finish Chapter 11.

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Principalities (15G) – Finish all chapters at the NORMAL difficulty level.

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